Why can heart work a lot longer?
17.5 million people die from heart diseases annually.

The leading cause of death is a heart attack.

The major cause of the heart attack is a gradual death of cardiac muscle cells due to insufficient oxygen supply. The medical term for it is ischemization. Cardiac muscle cells die because the capillaries that feed them become clogged. The capillaries are clogged because red blood cells (cells that carry oxygen) stick together and clog the capillary. It is called "thick blood". High cholesterol level can also play a significant role in the development of heart disease and having a heart attack. Cholesterol plaques easily clog not only capillaries, but also the arteries.
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How to deal with it? What is effective in preventing heart attacks?
The modern market for stroke prevention is very rich in offers. Remedies, dietary supplements, physiotherapeutic procedures to every taste and budget, but the number of heart attacks is steadily increasing. Many medicines that thin the blood and lower cholesterol level cause negative side effects, physiotherapy has a stiff price to pay and the effectiveness of dietary supplements and herbs is often doubtful. They say, 'the one who seeks finds', and people search, try, spend a lot of money, if not in vain, then often with harm to their health.

The modern market for stroke prevention is very rich in offers. Against the backdrop of all market offers, our innovation of 2019 stands out - Synthesit. Synthesit is absolutely not toxic and it does not cause side effects. It effectively thins blood and contributes to the reduction of "harmful" cholesterol. It has been proven that 30 minutes after taking this product, due to the blood thinning effect the blood restores its normal fluidity. Capillaries easily carry blood to all heart tissues. The heart beats properly.

In many Synthesit consumers, heart pains disappear in a short period of time, tachycardia and arrhythmia stop to bother, and heart rate decreases. It's not just that Synthesit thins the blood, restores biochemistry and lowers cholesterol level. Synthesit activates the hematopoietic system and the body gets a supply of healthy stem cells. New heart muscle and blood vessel cells are born from these cells. New cells replace worn-out heart muscle and capillaries cells, renewing the body. Heart starts to work 'as in youth'. Naturally, performance, mood and general health tone are improved.
What is Synthesit™?
The product is based on an innovative form of bioactive iron. Synthesit is produced as a result of multi-stage complex reactions of electrochemical and high-temperature reactions on non-heme raw materials of mineral origin. This is the result of a long-term research and experiments in collaboration with outstanding scientists.

Synthesit is a broad-spectrum bioactive product. It helps to restore vital functions of the body, normalize biochemical parameters of blood, increase vitality and energy. Synthesit has no analogues and does not have a toxic effect.

Besides the improved heart work, blood thinning effect, there are more than 70 biological properties of Synthesit to date.

If you have a rapid heartbeat from time to time, breakdowns and changes in heart rate, then it's exactly the right time to think about preventing a heart attack. And Synthesit can be of enormous assistance, and, above all - safe and useful not only for the heart, but for the whole body.

As examples of this impact of Synthesit, we suggest watching the reviews of people, who have already experienced its power.
Despite many highly effective biological properties and help that can be obtained to prevent heart attacks, Synthesit is a certified dietary supplement, which allows to use it without a prescription.

The heart's resource is truly enormous.
Scientists are talking about the age of 150 years. And if the heart will always get enough oxygen, capillaries and heart tissues will regenerate, and arteries won't be clogged with cholesterol plaques, then it can work for a very, very long time.
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