The technological process used at the Synthestech Scientific Research Center to create the biogenic Synthesit iron is a combination of electrochemical and high-temperature reactions. To develop it, we have conducted a huge number of research and experiments. As a result, we have created a unique technology that has no analogues in the world.

Synthesit mineral resets the biochemical and energy metabolism of cells of the entire body.
Synthesit works as a biocatalyst of intracellular reactions optimizing the energy state of cells and the entire body as well. Thanks to an active iron-based cofactor, Synthesit uses internal resources to stimulate the processes of oxygen transport, metabolism, cell protection and regeneration at the systemic level.

Enhanced efficacy of biochemical processes helps to improve wellbeing and increase both physical and mental activities.

Synthesit increases the level of protection against free radical damage caused by stress, aging and diseases. Synthesit is the product for those who aim at restoring their body's natural potential: health, energy and activity.

Its use is effective in prevention and during a complex treatment of acute and chronic diseases, including disorders affecting the immune, digestive, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.
Synthesit is a powerful biocatalyst based on the iron cofactor.
Synthesit mineral is obtained as a result of innovative technologies in the field of biology, chemistry and physics.

In nature, this element can be found in microdoses in volcanic vents and hot springs.
Trace elements, also known as microminerals, are substances that make up less than 0.01% of the body mass, or less than 0.1 percent by volume (1,000 parts per million). Nevertheless, these elements play a key role in the human body, determining a state, mode, or state of being and the physical status of the body as a whole.

Minerals are essential for a wide array of various metabolic functions at all stages of the basic processes of life, they play a crucial role in metabolism and regulation of more than 50,000 biochemical processes in the body as well.
Numerous studies and third-party testing performed by independent research and medical institutions demonstrate the efficacy of Synthesit. The key effects of Synthesit are confirmed and revealed: hematopoietic, immunoregulatory, regenerative, slowing down the aging process, normalizing metabolism and others.

The comprehensive studies regarding the action of Synthesit have been performed on laboratory mice. The research findings have phenomenal results, including an increase in the number of stem cells, the complete absence of side or toxic effects on the internal organs. The studies have been conducted at the Research Institute of Medical Primatology. Synthesit has incredible health benefits for the human body.

Learn more about the research and studies on the official website.
Synthesit use has shown more than 70 beneficial effects on human health. Many Synthesit customers share their intake results on our YouTube channel. Visit our Synthesit channel and watch hundreds of customer video reviews and testimonials.

Among the most common beneficial effects are:
Enhanced immunity
Improved mood, concentration, memory, sleep
Prevention of thrombosis
Improved function of the cardiovascular system
Improved gastrointestinal tract function
Lower blood sugar levels
Restored joint and ligament health
Reduced symptoms of varicose veins
Reduced "bad" cholesterol level
Faster regeneration of wounds, acne and burns
Studies performed at the Research Institute of Medical Primatology (Sochi) under the supervision of Gina Karal-ogly, Head of the Laboratory of Preclinical and Clinical Research, Gina Karal-ogly.

Synthesit is a natural and at the same time the most effective component of the biochemical reactions of cells. The mineral does not use new pathways and processes, as painkillers and other medications can do. Synthesit reduces the energy consumption of processes in a cell. Thanks to this mechanism of action there is no withdrawal effect caused when the mineral is no longer used but your body can return to its initial state as before Synthesit intake, and continue functioning the same way.

To prolong the beneficial effects of Synthesit, we recommend regularly repeating its intake. The time of readaptation of the body after stopping and after resuming intake varies depending on individual characteristics of the body.
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