Were looking for the elixir of youth?
It was not long after SYNTHESIT began arriving to customers. But we can already state unequivocally that the definition of "the elixir of youth" for SYNTHESIT is not a figure of speech. This is a fact.
Hundreds of emails and many interviews on SYNTHESIT Youtube channel - it's an amazing chronicle of the phenomenal effect of SYNTHESIT on a human body.

SYNTHESIT acts on the basic systems of the body. This was recorded in experiments with mice receiving SYNTHESIT. Tests conducted at the Russian Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology showed that the mice received SYNTHESIT had 2.45 times more stem cells in their bone marrow than the control group. It's a known fact that stem cells are the basis of health, youth and longevity of the body. They produce new healthy cells of all organs and tissues of the body. A young person has 100 thousand normal cells which are served by 1 stem cell in the bone marrow hematopoiesis. And the elderly one has already 500 thousand normal cells - 1 stem cell. Because of this, the renewal of senescent cells is five times slower. And that's the reason of general aging of the body and diseases.

People who take SYNTHESIT talk about how they have a deep and good sleep. "As a child" as they write and share in interviews.

One of the doctors who takes SYNTHESIT put it exactly like this: "SYNTHESIT is the elixir of youth"
After the start of intake, the overall body tone improves. Working capacity and endurance increase. A person who felt himself previously like a squeezed lemon at the end of the working day, remains active and efficient after taking SYNTHESIT .

Athletes taking SYNTHESIT tell that after the intake their endurance indicators increase by 30-50%.

Some people who take SYNTHESIT, note the disappearance of gray hair or the hair growth start in areas of baldness. These are the facts of a completely phenomenal action that makes SYNTHESIT an absolutely unique product. It has no analogues.
In the course of its action, SYNTHESIT helps to fight against various ailments, among them are chronic ones. Including those that are considered to be incurable.
On our channel and in interviews people talk about the victory over:

  • Eczema, allergies, trophic ulcers.

  • Improvement of blood biochemical parameters. Reduced uric acid, creatinine, and bilirubin levels. People get relief from arthrosis and gout, blood pressure is normalized. They often write about a serious eyesight improvement.

  • Psychological state becomes stable, the feeling of irritation and anxiety goes away. Many of our consumers stop experiencing their internal organs pain (kidneys, liver, pancreas, intestines).

  • Wrinkles are smoothed, the whites of the eyes (sclera) turn white, nails, skin and hair regain their strength and beauty.

  • Appetite decreases, the feeling of satiety sets in more quickly. Thanks to this, people got rid of excess weight.

  • Immune system increases significantly. Many people say, their body gets rid of old diseases, parasites.

  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system allows you to reduce the manifestations of varicose veins, heart pain, angina, heart rate gets into the age norm.

  • Improved erectile function and spermatogenesis.

SYNTHESIT is a revolution in the field of human health. The full range of its beneficial effects has yet to be discovered.
SYNTHESIT is a completely new product created by a unique technology. It has no toxic effect, which is confirmed by the analysis of the Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology.

SYNTHESIT (Fe) contains a particularly valuable modified iron in a the form of citrate, which is synthesized in a complex way of chemical and electromagnetic reactions process .

SYNTHESIT is a product that has no analogues. This is the latest health paradigm.

Taking SYNTHESIT means being young and healthy!
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