Vital Strength and Energy Instead of Doping and Steroids

The use of anabolic steroids and doping is quite common among both professional and amateur athletes. These performance-enhancing drugs are used for improving their sport competitions results or they are used by those who have no ambition and are not determined to reach their full potential in sports and athletic career.
The Effect of Anabolic Steroids
There is no doubt that steroids have a range of certain effects. They are quite popular among bodybuilders, fitness athletes and others. People relish the prospect of having a fit body and increasing their endurance. Steroids suppliers and manufacturers ensure not only the safety of anabolic steroids, but also their benefits for the body.

The undeniable effect that is rather very fast and short-term, pharmacological support in the form of steroids leads to negative consequences.
These are higher risks of developing:
  • 1
    cardiovascular diseases (dyslipidemia, cardiomyopathy, myocardial infarction, stroke);
  • 2
    mental health disorders (mania, hypomania, depression, psychological dependence to drugs, aggression, etc.)
  • 3
    metabolic, endocrine and neurological disorders;
  • 4
    infectious diseases;
  • 5
    diseases of the internal organs (liver, kidneys, bowel);
  • 6
    destruction of skeletal muscles;
  • 7
    diabetes mellitus;
  • 8
    oncological diseases;
Steroids tend to cause other less dangerous to the health in a short-term perspective, but quite unpleasant adverse effects such as acne, excessive sweating and roughening of the skin. Taking steroid drugs is accompanied by such negative symptoms as snoring at night, carpal tunnel syndrome, thickening of the wrists, feet and facial bones of the skull (acromegaly), and signs of osteoarthritis.

Please note: this is not a complete list of side effects of anabolic steroid use!

According to the experts providing health services for athletes, individuals taking steroids have an increased risk of death. This is due to the fairly good results obtained after taking the performance-enhancing drugs. As a rule, after seeing the effect, people begin to increase the dosage, forgetting about common sense.

The underestimated danger of anabolic steroids is evidenced by numerous scientific publications. International medical publications regularly publish articles with reviews of recent studies and expert opinions.
Are there safe alternatives to anabolic steroids?
Russian scientists have created a unique mineral - Synthesit.
It has a range of advantages:
100% safe;
Guaranteed long-term effect;
Faster regeneration of damaged muscles;
Increased endurance due to blood thinning effect and improved blood oxygen level;
High bioavailability;
Athletes who managed to win the competitions and improve their records note the high effect of the mineral and the complete absence of side effects.
Vladimir Ezhov about his personal record with Synthesit intake. Half marathon 2020, Sochi
"... I've beaten my own record"

"I've significantly improved my record by 7.5% in a half marathon 21 km distance"
Vladimir Ezhov
Professional trainer
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Safronov Andrey, International Class Master of Sports, "Beshtau Crocuses 2021"
"I was able to take the 1st place among male athletes in Russian Mountain running Championships"
"I used the bioactive mineral during preparation for the Championships"
Safronov Andrey
Master of Sports of international class
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The experience of non-athlete customers is also worthwhile and interesting.
Alexander (Roseville, California, United States)
"... the innovative mineral helped me to restore my vital energy"
"I literally began living a new life"
"I've never had anything like it, though I've been taking various vitamins and dietary supplements for many years".
Roseville, California, United States
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Miroslav (the Czech Republic)
"my concentration and thinking reached a new level"
"I'm capable of dealing with current issues more successfully and faster"
"enhanced hair growth, clearer and better vision"
"sleep cycle is normalized and dreams became more vivid"
"this effect has no analogs"
"So far, it's the only product that combines dozens of benefits excluding any negative side effects".
the Czech Republic
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It's worth thinking about!
Insulin is the most commonly used drug in sports. It is rather popular due to its cheap price and availability. Insulin intake promotes fast body recovery after intense training.
How it works?
The active ingredient of the drug promotes glucose and amino acid transport in muscles and enhances anabolism due to stimulation of muscle protein synthesis, increases lipogenesis owing to decreased release of free fatty acids that is the muscle fuel.

Insulin and other drug intake can lead to weight gain and make their users suffer from numerous side effects. Insulin overdose can cause loss of consciousness, convulsive syndrome, hypoglycemic coma and even death. Unlike insulin use, Synthesit intake makes it possible to achieve considerably better results without side effects.
The benefits of Synthesit use in sports
In comparison to insulin and other anabolics, the mineral has absolutely identical effects and provides fast and natural body recovery after intense exercise. Enhanced physical endurance and faster muscle tissue recovery occur due to comprehensive action of the mineral and due to overall increase in blood oxygen level first of all. And the increase in the number of stem cells as well.
The dietary supplement is not considered a medicine and it has no contraindications, side effects or restrictions in use. Today, professional and amateur athletes can replace the use of practically any doping that is harmful or even life-threatening and benefit from getting faster recovery and energy boost effects by taking Synthesit.
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