New phenomenal facts of the actions of SYNTHESIT™ and especially the reception. Broadcast with the Project Manager.
The text transcript of the video stream from April 7, 2020 with the Creator of SYNTHESIT-Vladislav Karabanov, highlights new facts of the exceptional impact of the mineral on the human body. Healing trophic ulcers, experience hosting SYNTHESIT girl with a diagnosis of "coronavirus", a list of beneficial actions as well as features of effective reception of SYNTHESIT are also available in this article.

Synthesit - is a real miracle made possible by the Synthestech Project, which has mastered the technology of transmutation of substances to produce bio-efficient minerals.

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I welcome you from our sales office of Synthestech project. The project, which developed a dietary supplement Synthesit. This is completely new thing, as for the human health, as far as the fight for youth. Our Synthesit affects a whole range elements of human organism. We are still learning these phenomena. I am grateful to all those who has purchased Synthesit, who is waiting. I will say about this separately. I want now to give the facts and explain how Synthesit works. Answer the questions about how is better to receive it. Well, i'll also let you know when you will be able to get Synthesit.

Well, first of all, let me remind you that Synthesit is the mineral. It increases the number of stem cells in the body, in the living body. There are some analysis conducted with mice about increasing the number of stem cells in the control group that did not receive Synthesit. In autumn 2019, at the end of August - in September and October. And in November we continued. We ran a series experiments with mice, then these mice were sent for analysis to Research Institute of Primatology of the Russian Federation, Federal research institution where doctors, who performed the dissection, as well as experts found an increase in our mice received Synthesit increase in quantity stem cells in 2.45 times relative to mice not received Synthesit.

Then we have already started releasing the mineral Synthesit Iron. Synthesit is the iron that we obtained using the cold fusion process. This is the iron we get using conversion from other chemical elements. And since the end of 2019, we started sending Synthesit to test subjects, but it was such a a limited circle of persons, a circle of people, which also confirmed, noted the phenomenal action of Synthesit on the body. That is increased tone, increased strength indicators of the body, there was a feeling satiety, that is, people started lose weight, reduced the number of cholesterol, increased immunity, it is very important.

And today I want to say, to mention these actions, that Synthesit, the effect that Synthesit has produces on the body. To mention it, because if the first test group of several people was just a limited circle of people, now we have already sent it to consumers. Our iron has already consumed enough number of people, some of them was responded and they described their own feelings of the effect that Synthesit has affected on them. The first is blood thinning, very rapid regeneration of the body. In one of the previous videos we reported information about this, and in text materials too. Regeneration of the body, then increase in strength and endurance, tone. Reducing varicose veins and vascular asterisks, that is Synthesit acts on hematopoietic system, on the system, which is the base in the human body. Therefore reduced varicose veins and the number of vascular asterisks. Reduced hair loss. Well now and then we got just started about new hair growing. Here is one of our users he told me what was happening on the spot, where was no hair, there was fluff. Weight correction, reducing uric acid levels, cleaning of sand and kidney stones and gallbladder.
Here I want to note, if you have problems with urolithiasis, with stones in the kidneys, you need to take Synthesit carefully. It is better to take it under doctor's control, so that if the stones go, you will quickly contact the doctor. This is phenomena. But it's not because of the direct action of iron. It's just iron Synthesit, entering the body, triggers biochemical processes in the the body. These biochemical processes begin to restore the body. In a previous issue, I talked about the fact that there has been a release from parasites. Here is one of our tested. I also told about it. However, he provided his own analysis data. Reducing the number of white blood cells, normalization of the blood biochemical parameters . A very important point, this is an increase in the number of mobile and living sperms. Our customer conducted spermogram, and as a result of receiving Synthesit, it's very serious change in the picture of sperm, in reproductive system.

Well, now, today I would like to tell, to inform the public about another fact. There are many facts actually. Here they sent us such a vivid example. An incredible one in fact phenomenon noticed after starting receiving Synthesit. The trophic ulcer began to heal. There was a trophic ulcer for several years, two or three years in an elderly woman. And it didn't decrease in any way for two years it didn't decrease in any way. As a result, many remedies were used, but after the start of receiving Synthesit... I want to remind you again that Synthesit is not a medicine, it is dietary supplement, that is iron. But this iron has this property, that it triggered processes in the body and these processes and, in general, the delay this trophic ulcer is absolutely incredible fact. I ask you to show the pictures. Here it is on the left side. But... Yes, I'm sorry, but we have technical overlap, that's why we delayed the start of the release.

I want to answer your questions. Let's say how Synthesit acts on coronavirus. So we already have a certain number of people using Synthesit. Here is some information from Moscow. I'm sick with a coronavirus... Yes, that's the girl told, more precisely the woman told. I don't know the exact age. It ends the second week from the moment of infection. She was infected on March at work. She started taking Synthesit on March 9. When she got sick the temperature was 8 degrees, the diagnosis was confirmed on April. And as soon as she started taking Synthesit, the temperature wass no longer 8 degrees, it was about 36-37 degrees (C) and without symptoms and overall feels good. Again I don't want to mislead the public and say that Synthesit cures the coronavirus.

No, we are talking about the fact that it is iron, once again I emphasize, but this is iron affects on some biochemical processes in the body and thanks to it, the person's tone and well-being improves endurance increases, energy increases, sleep is getting better, there's afeeling full of food, a whole range of such moments are getting better, that is, a person feels good. And so during the illness with a coronavirus, during, in general, coronavirus infection, Synthesit helps the body cope. So Synthesit launched some processes that have reduced the number of parasites actually destroyed some number of parasites in the the body.

I think that Synthesit improves the immune system the body's system. And in this situation there is a stabilization of the immune system, it accelerates the fight against coronavirus. Once again, I emphasize, Synthesit doesn't fight the coronavirus.

So, now about the trophic ulcer, in general, so that you can see picture and doctor's report. Turn on, please. I want to share the effect of the use of this dietary supplement in the treatment of trophic ulcers. Trophic ulcer of the middle third tibia appeared two years ago in a 80 years old patient. There were primary surgical wound treatment and daily antiseptic treatment using regenerative ointment dressings for two years but it didn't bring any significant effect Using this remedy within two weeks increased granulation is marked, the wound is healed there is no fibrin plaque on the wound surface. Visible effect came in two weeks.

You saw result of the Synthesit action a trophic ulcer and a doctor's report. I just want to make a point that medicine practically can not treat these trophic ulcers, modern medicine. I notice once again, that Synthesit is iron, a mineral, but iron obtained by cold synthesis. In our work and in movement in this direction we focused on information from ancient Chinese and Indian medicine, which says that elements are received thus have phenomenal properties, and properties capable of return youth, that is, in this medicine, Chinese and Indian, there is constantly said that these elements return and allow restore youth. Return youth. People who take these elements live for hundreds of years. The same said Marco Polo, about this I spoke, says in his story of a journey to India, about yagings, who was adopted pills and lived 140-170 years and they looked great. In this case we may not definitely understand how it acts from the point of view of some laws.

But we see the result. I repeat, I call it dietary supplement. Well, to avoid any insinuations. But this supplement triggers the biochemical processes in the body.

Now questions about how to take it correctly, how to use Synthesit. Unfortunately, we didn't understand before a meal, after a meal or with a meal.. In the morning, before going to bed.. But now by this method of mass use already, mass use, we understand that the best method is to use it early in the morning, after sleeping on an empty stomach. And in order for the action to be felt, it didn't mix with anything else. Not to mix Synthesit with some other elements that fall from the food, you need at least 30 minutes to wait and then eat. You can do it before you go to bed. Well this is also the different ways for different people. There are known cases when a person takes it before going to bed and can not sleep. The point is that again Synthesit launches some biochemical processes in the body and an makes person active, so he wants something to do, to work, and he doesn't need to sleep. It helps someone better sleep on the contrary. So, on different organisms is t differen action.

Here. What else. Vladislav writes to me. I watched the reviews on the youtube channel. Some people say that they take Synthesit with vitamin C or multivitamins, and it brings the results. Is it possible that vitamins amplify the action of Synthesit or Synthesit enhances the action of vitamins.
I think it's both, Synthesit enhances the action of vitamins and vitamins, together. Most likely, after all, this is Synthesit itself. It strengthens some processes in the body, some it triggers biochemical reactions. And vitamins work better on the body, they are better absorbed. And in general, in turn, some processes.

So now about.. Vladislav, here is such a question. I saw a review about Synthesit on two different youtube channels. Under these videos are very negative comments. What do you think these people are just evil or their distrust is caused by the fact that they were constantly deceived all sorts of scammers?
This problem, of course, modern market economy, modern system, sales systems of various types of remedies. And everyone has a right here and the ability to figure it out, see what works and what doesn't work. That's why we offer watch these videos with those people who received Synthesit. Therefore, we inform them about how it works we, on the other hand, are very careful about advertising. For now Synthesit is not enough. I will tell you about this separately, but there is a great opportunity to figure it out for yourself. People who were even skeptical to Synthesit, after starting receiving it, they note that the feeling has changed, the tone has grown. Here some people know how.

That's interesting, such reaction. Here is one of our consumers. He got it and wrote. My assistant Alexander asked him. I'm not give you a name. He asked how Synthesit is affected on you. Many people are asked. And he wrote, you know, I didn't feel any special action." just i've done push-ups before, 20 times with difficulty. And now I started doing push-ups 30 times. And that's all. In general there is no difference in other states. The person has grown his power, his energy increased one and a half times that it is a phenomenon. If that's what you mean tell some athlete. Because athletes, in general will appreciate it. People are not always attentive to the signals of their organism however, they may not always be able to evaluate these are important things. But the same people, which at least approximately feels their own body, they all note action of Synthesit.
Other issue. What if the weight of a person is more than a hundred kilos. Then perhaps you should take not one capsule a day, but two capsules. And someone has the opposite. Here is a man who wrote just today - you know I took 1 capsule and I have so much energy that I decided to take every other day. This is also the result.

Here. Vladislav, the coronavirus is dangerous first of all, it causes inflammation and Synthesit, as I understand from materials on your site is capable of remove inflammation, increase immunity. If I'm diagnosed with a coronavirus right now, how can I urgently get Synthesit?
Well, here's the question. So it doesn't relieve the inflammation. Once again, I want to say, Synthesit it is a mineral, it is not a medicine. It helps, it gives the body that iron, which restores, helps the human hematopoietic system, such iron is the basis of the body man, on this iron the human hematopoietic system is based. The color of blood is red because of iron, that is Synthesit is a trigger, it gives a push. That Synthesit, which we get this way well absolutely incredible method. Here is this Synthesit has all these.. Something incredible.. Incredible phenomenal possibilities. It gives push the body. People are different they feel good. I also use Synthesit because I already understand that if you don't use it, the tone is not immediately, but after some time, it's been falling for a few days. And so it is completely different. You get enough sleep, you feel better. And what about a food, I'm less hungry. There are a lot of nuances someone's vision has improved.

Here too the man wrote. You know, no matter how I feel some changes there, but I my vision got better. I couldn't read the signs before without glasses, and now I go reading signs. I only wear glasses in the car. That is. Such information is available. If you have more questions on this topic, I will answer or add if something new appears. I think that i've already said enough.

Now about sending. The sales of Synthesit started two months ago and some quantity has already sent to our customers. But I want to say that we took it upon ourselves obligation to send them within do it. And we will do. Someone in the first days... People were waiting... Even more so it was known that our test subjects received Synthesit and in general there was already information about its action and the public so actively ordered and now these are the orders... Here at the end of January there were pre-orders, at the end of January ordered. First of all February numbers there were a lot of them and we're just working with them now. People already get a Synthesit. I want to say that if someone is impatient. I want to say that this is of course such an incredible product, you won't get nothing the same. So we'll have to wait. Because we have a queue and we support this queue. There are of course some cases when we can send it without a queue. But these are exceptional cases. This exclusively. We follow the rules, which are in this queue. Itself production is very complex.

Here they ask when we will increase the number of Synthesit. It's complicated and expensive production. We have scaled up production but now it became clear that it should not be used just scale it, we need to robotize, not even automate, but robotize. And in connection with the world coronavirus pandemic, of course we experience certain problems and difficulties. Although we are still moving to everything according to plan. Here. This is about robotization, with production expansion, there are of course some difficulties. But I think that after a while, we will overcome the difficulties. But again we should not expect that we will produce millions of packages here. No. This will be enough limited quantity. But still less it will probably be thousands of packages, tens of thousands of packages. Everyone who already ordered in February, I think they will get it quickly. They will get it. But will have to be patient. What else. About that..

They ask why there is no information when it comes. We send it literally from the wheels. We produce, package and we send it literally from the wheels. We don't quite such a stable production, that we know exactly when and how much. There are also losses. There are also losses. For example thete was.. Not an accident. Well the vessel's broke and there was lost raw materials for several hundred packages. Here. Accordingly, this is a little bit delayed us. But again, we will keep our obligations and fulfill them. In accordance with the all obligations.

They ask how sent to the investor, and to someone else. I want to say that our queue has priorities. And according to these priorities we ship. Be patient and I think it will be rewarded.

Synthesit I think in the coming there will be a deficit for years and you will get it and those who were among the first ones our customers, they will have a certain priority in the future. Because there is a deficit of Synthesit always will be. Well, not always, but for a few years, I think. Yes.

Let's do the second. We have another interview here. We'll see also by Synthesit. Turn it on, please.

I have to work for 13 hours a day. Stand on your feet and don't move. You know stand-up lifestyle. And constantly tormented by pain in ankle. These places. Varicose veins appears and asterisks formed. And now you know it's closer to which probably didn't start later formed. They started just walk away, I don't notice them. I noticed this about the seventh day. I noticed that. Because I woke up and you know I feel better. And I'm trying to figure out why. And I understand that my legs stopped hurting. My legs stopped hurting completely. There is no more withdrawal. It was somewhere on the 7th to 8th day of receiving but literally yesterday I noticed another change. I've been suffering for a long time seborrhea. This is a skin disease. Skin of the head. So I noticed, I started noticing that there was an obvious improvement and explicit. I have suffered this for as long as I have remember myself. Early school years it's been started and I tried everuthing to heal it. Generally nothing helps, I just live with it. Because there's nothing to do. And I noticed that I have started to improve objective. In General it is such a pleasant thing. That's what i've noticed already just the other day. I had no lack of energy. I wake up and feel like perfect. Noticed that my mood is... Some calmness. My mood improved. I feel easy. No some kind of depression, heaviness. Let's talk about your wife as far as I know, your wife is pregnant, Yes? That is, you expecting a baby? You know for all pregnancy she had low hemoglobin. There was always some kind of shortness of breath constantly she felt like a squeezed lemon. Energies constantly lacked. And it is over almost the entire pregnancy She took remedies as prescribed by a doctor and the only thing that it has been successful throughout the entire pregnancy only to maintain the level of hemoglobin there was a small progress, namely the state of health. So she feels better, but still not good enough, but that's a pregnancy. And literally today. She took Synthesit for 0 days and throughout this time, I don't even remember when.. About 5 days later she felt like me, some animation. She was not allowed to go to work. She says I can now go to work. And now she's cleaning up something there, moving her things. She is in a movement for a whole day, she has energy. She's doing something. Right now she wanted to go to work. She says I don't understand why I am home. Exactly it has an effect. And her lower back began to ache much less. Well that's not if I asked her. I just see how she's complaining. And she stopped complaining about her lower back.

Well, I hope you listened to the interview with my assistant Alexander and Roman Voronin from Saint-Petersburg. This is a typical example of Synthesit action. It works absolutely on everyone. Just pay attention to the appointment that it was not mixed with some kind of fat food, with some such food, spicy food. The fact is that part of foods, especially calcium.. No way in the hours of use Synthesit does not need to consume dairy products. Cottage cheese and sour cream. The point is that calcium binds iron. That iron, which is in Synthesit, it binds to calcium and as a result there are serious losses.

Another interesting point. There's one lady wrote that she did not notice that it works. The only thing she wrote was that she became less drunk from alcohol. Means. The point is that Synthesit apparently it affected her liver, cleared it. And here are the processes, which occur during splitting alcoholic beverages, they have become faster and with better quality. And so person less drunk. This is also a noticeable factor. That is if you use Synthesit, I think it's not worth the alcohol use. Because the energy and power of Synthesit, it is expended on splitting, accelerated alcohol breakdown. Well about the production, about some related details, including and with tokens. We make a mailing list. I want say, assure everyone, that everything will be fine. All the same it goes very, very well.. Not so fast of course, as I would like, but nevertheless ... We moving. There are things that you can.. That's when several people are going there dig a hole or, on the contrary, fill a circle. But technical things, even if they come as some technical details, some technical devices. So the same as 9 people will not be able to give birth to a child faster. Synthesit is a breakthrough. They ask for example how it works for cancer, HIV infected people. I want to say that we don't want to give here some promises, we can't. We have no right. But you can purchase and check it by yourself. We don't know much yet.. We just learn something every time something new. The same is with the vision improving, and with urolithiasis. When after using Synthesit send the stones, let's say with the same trophic ulcer. And there are some more nuances.

So we are very careful here relate to all these recommendations. Well because we don't know, but we understand that Synthesit is something completely different incredible from the point of view effects on health, on the body of a person. And you, especially people who took part in the project Synthestech you also involved in this. All this is the noise, all this will come later. While we still have to create a base production. And we create, we quickly act and move. Well I think, that I answered all the questions. Thank you very much.
We will continue to inform about Synthesit and about the project.

All the best
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