Truth about Synthesit™. Synthesit is the future of humanity. Results of its intake are just phenomenal
Alexey Dmitriev is a Synthesit user who shares not only his recovery experience with the help of bioactive Synthesit mineral but his thoughts regarding the epochality of its invention. By telling the truth concerning its properties, Alexey gives useful information that sheds light on the ways to get maximum benefit and health from the bioactive mineral.

The bioactive Synthesit mineral was first obtained in 2019. The sales started at the beginning of 2020. Over 2019-2020 years three scientific extensive studies of Synthesit have been carried out which have proven:

1. Suppressive effect on lung and intestinal cancer cells.
2. Suppression of cytokines IL6 activity, also known as pro-inflammatory cytokines that are involved in the "cytokine storm".
3. More than doubled number of healthy stem cells.
4. Reduced biochemical age-related parameters (cholesterol, ALT, AST)
5. No toxic effect

To date, there are more than 70 biological properties of Synthesit.

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Alexey: Actually, I was very surprised at such a relatively inexpensive price for the product, for this a special Thank you, because as for me - the price should be from $400-$4000 and higher, considering its effect, because virtually everything is excluded, in my case, all medications. Mostly, if I use some basic dietary supplements, then just for enhancement, for example, multivitamin B group, in fact it's according the suggested use, what I use to enhance the effect itself, and all the things like headache medicines, because before due to great mental stress, a lot of work, intellectual work - headaches were a frequent factor. There are none of them now. Because the circulatory system has improved. Lower blood pressure, which used to be high, increased endurance and all these moments - there are lots of them. At first I thought to write it down, then realized that it would be several pages and decided to speak them all up. My conclusion: easier to say what has not changed than what has changed.

Again, I had a lot of experience in taking a variety of biologically active supplements, and if you compare the effect that is in here and the effect that is in there, so this is much greater, 100 times, 200 times greater, maybe even more. It's just a fact for me personally. There are doubts, there are questions if you'll be deceived, and so on. At the same time, people continue to take some certain pills or dietary supplements, as in some time, too, a lot of deception or more precisely overstating the value. Here I believe that there is still an understatement: you very carefully, probably, present the information, because the effects are phenomenal. I'll say it once again: These are the technologies of the future.

Alexey: Regarding what I do for a living, I can say that I am a multi-disciplined consultant, including business consulting and actually I found your company twice. The second time - an acquaintance of mine told me that there is such a product - Synthesit itself. Of course, I realized at once what it was all about, that it really worth it, and after taking it I made sure of it, absolutely sure. Doubting that it's actually possible, and real, I hade none of them, and the question was if this product actually meets its certain stated qualities which it has. If you look at this matter objectively, so absolutely...
Alexander: Alexey, I'm sorry, you stopped at the word objectively, and then all frozen.

Alexey: Objectively: all these points which are stated, not 100%, I don't speak about everything, but in fact, everything that is described there, I see it in my results. It's about the restoration, everything related to the nasopharynx and about elimination in general of all factors: flu, virus, cold, not a question about it, cleaner skin, improved functioning of the muscular system. First thing that I experienced was an increase in stamina, a greater vivacity, a greater activity. Already consistently for about 3 months I've taken it, since August to November, and these factors have been just accumulating and increasing, that is, there was no that Boom! all at once and happened in one day. Naturally, in order for the system of self-regulation to have that necessary sequence that is necessary for the body to build the principle and not to overdose, so that there was no dissonance in the body itself, but the cumulative effect be fast enough and there is still such an effect when it starts to accelerate, that is, that, what I experience myself, some certain effects, they just improve fast enough, just like a snowball, in a good way. Again,better skin as I've already said, improved cardiovascular system, improved gastrointestinal tract function. So, here the question is probably what has NOT changed. It's probably easier to put it this way here, because considering all the points that I can observe myself, somewhere in 95% of 100% that I usually note for myself during the day - what happened, what changed, lowered eye pressure, better eye muscles function to be exact, recovery, improvement of vision, improved thinking.

I believe that all systems: psychoemotional, mental and physical are interconnected, and of course, you can observe this very effect, better emotional sphere, reduced stress factor, reduced level of existed irritability, calmer response to behavioral patterns from other people, an increase in the mental sphere. I will not say again that there was that Boom! and I began to study quantum physics in all it's bases, etc., as it's a piece of cake, like for Hawking, but that the perception is clearer I can also note this. Here, yes, everything is great, there are no disputes at all and I recommend it to all acquaintances of mine, just like an everyman, who just does it and sees these results, I recommend it to everyone.

Several people have already contacted me, I know Sergey Vinogradov, Mikhail Komar. They expressed a desire for cooperation with you, because they are also interested. Many people who take it, already who I know, not everyone is involved in this process, some are afraid, despite the fact that they've already tried a lot of things. But those who agree, they track a kind of tendency in here. Maybe I'm exaggerating a little, maybe at least it may seem like I'm exaggerating, but for myself I notice a greater effect than those people, I communicate with, whom I recommended the product, so I note this result in its progression and it increases every time more and more. And I say: Guys, note this thing and this one, also that one, pay attention to this as well, well, I am so much into this topic and, of course, I believe that this is really the technology of the future. That if such technology is introduced to the market - it certainly needs to be taken, actually, I was surprised a lot at such a relatively inexpensive price for the product, and for this a special Thank you, because as for me - the price should be from $400-$4000 and higher, judging on its effect as virtually everything is excluded, in my case, all medications. Mostly, if I use some basic dietary supplements, so I use them only for enhancement. For example, multivitamin B group, in fact it's according the suggested use that I take to enhance the effect itself. And for the most part, all things like pills for headaches because before due to great mental stress, a lot of work, intellectual work - headaches were a frequent factor. In this case I can only ask - where are they now? Basically, none of them. Because the circulatory system has improved. Many facts that I note, but I do not have such documents that I will show and say: Guys, look, it's good here and here. This is what I note for myself in the first place. But that they definitely exist - that's for sure.

Again, there was a great experience in taking a variety of biologically active supplements, since adolescence.

Parents were engaged into multilevel marketing, MLM and so on, this became popular in the beginning of 2000s and if you compare that effect that is in here and the effect that is in there, this is much greater, 100 times, 200 times greater, maybe even more. It's just a fact, as for me personally. People of course have some doubts, they have questions if they will be deceived and so on. At the same time, they keep taking some pills or dietary supplements, as we used to have lots of deception or, more precisely, overestimation of the value. Here I believe that there is still an understatement: you very carefully present the information, because the effects are phenomenal. These are the technologies of the future. Because once again, when faced with real psychophysical technologies, if we will look at qigong or yoga, certain holotropic practices that promote human health release of certain feelings and emotions, thereby improving their physical condition. The same thing happens here, but there is no such overload that people create for themselves due to these techniques. Because any technique, any practice is stressful for the body, that is, they immerse in such a state that they need to relax after. Here everything goes like that, in its natural way. This is the most powerful thing, I will not say otherwise.

It seems to me that the more natural the process, the better, because when these swings are created, relatively speaking, people stuff themselves with drugs, including, for example, sweet, because in my opinion, sucrose, glucose, and so on this is a "drug", I will put in quotation marks so not to find faults with me. I'm sorry, but really, they stuff themselves, create psychoemotional and physical swings, after which you need more and more. There is no addiction on the one hand, and on the other hand the process is natural.

I've taken Synthesit with a variety of options, that is, I began, for example, taking one capsule a day, then switched to 2 capsules dosage, now I take 3 capsules: 2 in the morning on an empty stomach and one at night. And if I thought before that if I take now, so I won't be able to fall asleep, here is the matter of this endurance, which increases, vivacity, it is not related to the concepts of nervous system overload, and people also have misunderstandings: now I take it - I will not be able to sleep, I will have insomnia and so on. In fact, it's not like that. Here, on the contrary, there is a stabilization of the nervous system, including endocrine system, when a person goes to bed, and it's hot, then it's cold, covering with a blanket - kicking it off. Here, on the contrary, there is a stabilization and due to the fact that today, unfortunately, our society is ignorant, I won't say illiterate, but ignorant perception of how the human body works in principle, the way its mind works, then a person has a question before he started to take and use something so that you can somehow experience it, observe it and accept for yourself, make a note.

So my personal recommendation is: if there's no danger trying it, especially if there is a recommendation from the people you know, word-of-mouth still exists, tak it first and then draw conclusions, because standing and staring, thinking if it's still bad, and maybe it's still good, it won't lead to anything. In other words only the personal experience can give an answer how individual it's him or her personally, because for someone as an acquaintance of mine said that his hair started to grow on the second day, because he had a serious case of baldness and someone said: I haven't felt anything. Here's the issue again concerning one's body clutter, high amounts of toxins in the body, how overloaded it is, and if a person takes one tablet he or she gets the idea that they will be enlightened, that they will become some kind of Supermen, and absolutely healthy, some kind of super-duper genius, and so on. Just after taking one tablet. But few people realize that in order to get this effect and not to die from a stress, a drop that may occur, it's just the cumulative effect which is necessary and steady intake, which is actually observed in this product.

Also I'd like to note, but from my personal observations I can neither confirm nor refute them, but again regarding the experience of interaction in that project that I told you about: it is based on informational code, that is, information, naturally, that we can call whatever you want, even in today's psychology the branch as quantum psychology and other areas now they talk about such a concept as a morphogenetic field. This term was introduced by a respected comrade, by the respected psychologist and psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger, relatively far back into the past that we really have this information, it works, it has an influence, and so on. This information is very well displayed in here, that is, when the body gets the product, from what I personally observe and see, it begins to convey new information, healthy information to the cells that are inside of us. Here we can view it at the cellular level, molecular, at the atomic or even at the quantum level. In my opinion the effect occurs in the first place on the lower microcosm, more in-depth. I haven't The effect as following: there is a cell, relatively speaking, let's call it a cell, the human body is used to a certain parameters: endurance-20%, strength- some %, etc.

And people get used to it, our body is designed in such a way that it can adapt, even if a person has a pathology, the body somehow tries to survive, it is better to survive, than to die, so this parameters are considered natural and normal, but as soon as new information received, the person begins to somehow reform, and taking into account that this information is usually delivered, just like we talk now, so a person gets the internal block: security system blocks and says that the information won't be accepted, what if we suddenly die, the most important thing for us is to survive. In here we have the advantage that the way is not going through the brain, through our Neocortex, which is trying, the Reptilian brain, to control everything. Immediately information is received, as I personally suspect - directly to the human DNA, where actually, the necessary data on what kind of person will be or not be, genome-phenome, and so on, there is an adjustment according to new information.

There are different dimensions - this is a certain physical term, that is, no mysticism, only specifics that there is a 3rd dimension, 4th dimension, 5th dimension and so on, at least 11 exist. In the theory are considered to be quantum physics. Here the information is at a higher level than 3rd dimension, it is on the fourth, perhaps even in the fifth dimension, so these technologies are definitely what we need, because of this, you can get a huge resources and that's what really gives growth to mankind, its development, evolution, maybe the entry even to the next stage of evolution, according to the level that we currently occupy. Because as long as we believe that we have reached our limits, the brain has nowhere further to develop, because the skull is too tight, and if it is too big, then we will not be able to live longer, we will fly in some spacesuits and it's the maximum that we can reach. In my opinion, this is nonsense, well, I will say this word. And I think, that it is a question of qualitative transformation.

For a long time we followed the path of quantitative development, and in this product and similar, perhaps there are similar products I'm not aware of, maybe they do exist, unknown to me, they do the process of qualitative transformation from one state into another, equivalent to the fact that a person eager to learn how to play the piano - he sits down, picks the tune and starts playing. What we consider to be intuition, without any hoax or anything like that. He just starts playing and he goes from Quality 1, to Quality 2 - updated state. If this is not what we need, then just what do we need? What does a person need if not this? If this is a definite confirmation, and in the first place the confirmation of larger scales that we haven't seen before. At the time when there was the quantum physics rise, many people said that this was all nonsense, that it was impossible, but at the same time it is our basis, quantum computers development, quantum networks, and this becomes an absolutely natural process.

I believe that if people don't suppress it forcibly, if they do not run away from it, so crawl at least, lie according to direction of this technology development, so in a fairly short period of time, I think people will be able to get to a completely different level. Therefore, it is my personal wish that you go worldwide, planetary scale, because it is a real thing. Perhaps I will assume that there are some other developments, because the modified iron is one thing, but the matter is that you can modify a variety of substances, and I think that all is in good agreement here - exactly the need of the body, of today, and the result that appeared regarding this product.

I think the questions are in the technology itself, i.e. not specifically the product, but in the technology itself, which is capable to develop this product and others similar ones. If we go beyond this very hoax, why do I dislike the clairvoyant term and laugh at this concept myself, because as science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke said that any technology that goes beyond human perception, can be called magic. If we show aborigines a lighter, it can also be perceived as magic, but it's just a scientific approach, it's just moving along according to those limits, borders that people have built, they said: That's all, it's our limit, let's build super-duper some electric motors that can drive 1000 kilometers with one charge, in regards with the technologies we discuss here, I believe that this technology can develop in a variety of industries. It's just like the basic one that a person can feel in the most comfortable mode for oneself at the body perception level, because if it's true for the body, then it's true for everything else, if you advance this technology, I am quite sure that this is the technology that will allow a person to fly to the Moon, to Mars, and beyond stellar systems and so on.

Again, it's the matter of its use.
- Question of course of the people, because you said it right, it's one thing when it actually works, another thing is when there is a restrictive system in the form of certain stereotypes in our brain, by the way, here is the task for you - ask your friends who don't feel any effect, maybe they're just not really ready to go to this level…
Alexander: I absolutely agree with you. It is true.

Alexey: There's always human will, and there are such effects as placebo and nocebo, when a person is convinced it's all bad, no one can reassure him or her and not even doctors can help. If a person decided to die - he dies.

If a person decides to hold out till the end, so that, God forbids he has some misfortune in his life, because today many people are allergic to happiness, then, of course, nothing is going to change.

Even if it happens right before his eyes, if a man sees: here is the device, here it flies, anti-gravity engine let it be, so due to the cognitive dissonance, a person will simply erase this information with filter of his own perception and exclude it from his life.

Objectivity speaking, yes, indeed, this product works. Both subjectively and objectively. I had certain tests. This is a particular topic, as the values increased, objectively, and those values that, let's say, cannot change, should not change. This is categorized as a miracle or phenomenon, or something else. Anomaly, at best. Yes, it does work. So once again I would like to note, that this is very strong, very powerful and something that needs to be actively promoted and just be talked about, that is, if I, no matter what I do, no matter what social position I have, if I purchase this product, then it's important for me to talk about it, it's important for me to share it, and not so that all for me only, by the way, I do not exclude that maybe some people use it this way. They think that they will be good, but it will be bad for everyone else, and here he or she is, all wonderful as the principle of self-affirmation. Maybe there are such people, maybe they somehow assert themselves in this, determine their significance.

But the faster people advance it, the faster, the more it will be, including directly - this is an investment in order for technologies to develop, i.e. today money, unfortunately, is one of the decisive factors in order for technology to be in further progress, move forward, in terms of location and became more advanced.

Not to talk about it, in my opinion, is a crime against humanity, it is a quite immoral deed, so I don't know if this fragment fits into the general outline, or if this video is posted at all, or it's blacklisted, just kidding. I want to say that, guys, please speak about it, especially if you take it, if you really have effects. Of course, I also use some other technologies, certain sinus-generators, for example, another technology, engaged in breathing practices on my own, because the trick here is not to take a pill that will make me immortal, that it's not considered to be a substitute, but as an enhancer - this is what we see in here, it enhances significantly, not at times, significantly.

At first I took two packages, then already 4 at once, now 6 packages. I don't know, maybe I'm unstoppable now and I'll take 8 packs and go on, because really, this is what we need, maybe gradually increase it, not take a handful at once, so that it is all absorbed by the body, because it can just leave the body, not be assimilated, but increase, because 1 capsule, in my view, that the person feel the real effect, this is not enough, not in terms that the substance doesn't work, but the toxicity of the body is high, there is a lot of clutter in the body: a person have been ruining his body for 20, 30, 40, 60 years and it is difficult to get the effect at once, but if for example, take 2 capsules per day on an empty stomach - it's a very a good support for body tone and stabilization,

My arterial pressure is lowered now, previously was high, increased endurance, and there are lots of these moments, at first I thought to write them down, then I realized, that it will take several pages, so I decided to speak them all out at our talk, and I conclude that it is easier to say what has not changed than what has changed.

I had a period of time, in the first intake in August month and I had a period of time when I was taking an antibiotic recommended by a doctor, in terms of gastrointestinal tract function. The antibiotic washes everything out, for me it was quite a difficult condition, even my teeth, that is, you can see all just through them. A great help in the way how fast the bone system recovers. You'd think, the bone system is a system that changes very slowly, literally probably for five days I've been taking it, because then it resulted in the skin eruption and so on, these are separate topics - very quickly recovery and due to the fact that I am not a qualified professional or expert who can wave with your diploma or PhD, say: Guys, I recommend it!

I'm not the best promoter in this sense, that is, I don't have a million subscribers, I don't have some degrees, but between us, given the fact that I was directly connected with it and now I interact directly with people, and I see, basically, that all this is possible, get this opportunity right in your hands, I do not know what is easier.

What else to give people? Tell me, please, what to do with those people who seems like if they want to, they agrees with themselves, with a friend, who tells him about Synthesit, with some advertising, buy it, but their internal fears, that nocebo effect they have, and they don't want to achieve anything. In total they go through all this not just once.

What would you recommend from your point of view? What should they do, how should they negotiate or deal with themselves?
Any recommendations in this regard?
- If a person stands his ground, saying: It all doesn't help. You can just not accept it, you can continue to look for options, but most likely, the person will get back to this option again, just the long way. Of course no one insists, forces to take it at gunpoint, therefore, a person can keep this idea in mind, but from what is available, taking into account how many...

So, I am 29, for twenty years I have been studying all this psychophysical thing, regarding dietary supplements, etc.

All that 20 years of experience that I have result in conclusion that this is the most effective.

Maybe a person will study all that and say: no, Alexey, you are wrong. Of course you are right - I am wrong, of course do your thing, go the long way, and so on.

For those who don't feel a strong effect, I would say, recommended to notice small effects: when we accept smaller things, we have access to bigger ones. Pure common human psychology.

And the effect is unavoidable.

The point is that once a person has chosen it, it means that to some extent he already has granted access to it, if he doesn't want it at all, doesn't touch it, doesn't buy it - that's one thing, but if he bought it, and started at least taking this product, so he has some small access, which means the product will work in any case.

This person will resist, scratch his head, stomp his foot, resent - all children's strategies, which can possibly be used in your life, and the effect will be noticed. The problem is that a person refers this effect some to a mere accident.

As in the anecdote: a person talks to God, drives a car, says, please, I need now a parking space, I'm late - so there is a parking space and the person says: Alright, I don't need it anymore, I'm on my own.

This happens a lot, when a person actually gets the real effect, it's obvious: the hair has become less brittle, for example, wrinkles have disappeared, teeth have become whiter, basically, the concept of a cold was excluded from life, from observations of interaction with those people to whom I recommend this product.

Again, I say - I don't get anything from this, guys. What else can I say...

You can, of course, devalue this, but the fact is that ...

My thoughts are a Little confused. In general people often devalue this, because they believe it happened naturally, and well done they did it themselves, they managed it, succeeded, and it always was like that.

The problem with the natural process is that when it happens as naturally as possible, a person simply does not record changes. - We have a lot of such people in fact: they say, I moved to the countryside, the sun is shining, I got better nutrition, I was under quarantine, I started vitamins intake, I don't understand the reason I have these changes, and when they stop taking Synthesit, 1.5-2 months later, they say: Oh, life is getting worse.

- Probably, winter has come, the sun is not shining bright. - Yeah, I guess it's winter time, I probably got into a fight with a neighbor and she cursed me.

- Don't tell me. Evil eye, curses. People cover themselves with anything just not to take responsibility. Well, to conclude: keep a diary, that's for skeptical people - keep a diary and record those changes, which you experience every day, and better three times a day, even if it seems that nothing happens, just divide into categories, let it be a, for example, starting from the muscular system up to the bone system, musculoskeletal system. Everything is recorded. This is for the most meticulous, who are ready to approach to this or at least just record some moments that arise. Because this is both the psychophysical sphere and the physical one, emotional sphere, it happens at all levels. Keep track of only one level and say, for example, that you got a wart and check on it every time despite the fact that everything is good in here, it's good in there, but here - only this bastard does not go away - this is a very frequent looped human perception, tunnel one, which does not allow to see what has really changed.

What a person usually does not indulge in - this is self-diagnosis, self-reflection in a good sense of the word. Just like that: from top to bottom, I would suggested that skeptics, from top to bottom analyze themselves this way every day for at least a month, at least a month in order to really get some obvious effects, but according to natural process, that I mentioned earlier. It will happen not in swings as: I had a headache - I took a pill, then I got a relief but first I had blood pressure jump like 210 to 120, and then dropped from 90 to 70 and a person has a vertigo, basically, how you can survive after this, I still wonder. Apparently, our people are very strong-willed to survive after such effects. And here it will happen gradually with elimination of internal blood clots, cholesterol plaques, some kind of clamps, spasms that used to exist. For example, I haven't been going to the massage for at least two months, because there was no need, and if I go - it's for prophylaxis, if earlier, for example, due to a sedentary lifestyle for a long period, within four or five hours, it was a natural need, signed up, visited, everything was completely stretched, untwisted and I could leave. Now this hypertonus in spinal muscles has disappeared, it's gone. A miracle, probably, yes. Maybe I'm making it up, no denying of course. I'm probably a susceptible person. And you know what else, despite all the studies that exclude the placebo effect in any case, if people monitor themselves every day and record their changes, it doesn't matter, there is still a percentage of people saying: It's all because I check my health state every day, observe myself, instill and inspire that I have improvements.

This is normal, this is a human society. - I would say: OK, have your self-suggestion, but continue the intake. You may think it's a placebo effect, but it works for you.

It is with this product you feel it, so the self-suggestion is not a problem. The main thing is to take it, because - just because, as they say. - Yes, because this placebo effect doesn't work with other products. - Yes, agree. - Alright, Alexey.

Alexander: Thank you very much for a very interesting and informative, such a friendly interview, I think people will be interested to watch it. Thank you, I wish you all the best, we will be in touch, thank you.

Alexey: Thank you, too. All the best!
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