Trophic ulcer and varicose veins defeated by Synthesit™
Synthesit is an innovative and really biologically active mineral. This is the only product that can help the body to restore a life- and health-effective number of stem cells, that entails an increase in immunity, healing from many diseases and increasing the overall tonus of a person. Relatively recently entered the consumer market, Synthesit has repeatedly proved its effectiveness in helping with various diseases. Along with scientific studies, where the amazing properties of Synthesit were experimentally proven, information is gradually accumulating on the effect of the product on various pathological processes in the human body. Information is so phenomenal and unexpected that our Project decided to collect video reviews and keep a "video diary" of improvements, reviews of which come to us from all over the world.

This information is especially important because of its reliability, as it was obtained directly from people who took Synthesit and noted a clear improvement in their health.
The effectiveness of Synthesit for varicose veins of the lower extremities and trophic ulcer
Roman is a man, 35 years old suffering from varicose veins of the lower extremities for several years. There is professional harm - increased static load, as a man works as a cook and spends more than 13 hours a day on his feet. He complained that his legs hurt especially badly in the morning and at the end of the working day. He was treated irregularly, traditional therapy did not bring relief.

Clinical profile: varicose mesh patterns on the thigh skin - plexuses of thin capillaries of blue or reddish color and vascular asterisks in the form of spiders. On shins surface veins are expanded, swollen, protrude above the surface of the skin. Swelling in the ankle joints is noted.

Scheme of Synthesit receiving: 1 capsule daily. On the day of observation, only 13 capsules were taken. On the 7th day, Roman noted the disappearance of morning pain in the legs, the appearance of a feeling of lightness when walking. On day 9, morphological changes in the structure of the venous network on the skin of the legs were outlined: the dilated veins became less noticeable, ceased to protrude above the surface, some recently appeared spider veins disappeared altogether.

The therapeutic effect of Synthesit for varicose veins is due to several factors:
· Improving the rheological properties of blood. With varicose veins, blood stagnates in the venous bed, thereby creating conditions for the formation of blood clots. Synthesit inhibits the adhesion of red blood cells, and helps to thin the blood, which helps to restore normal blood flow.
· Strengthening the regenerative capabilities of tissues of damaged walls of blood vessels, since the effect of Synthesit on the activation of stem cell synthesis in the red bone marrow has been proved.

A pleasant "side effect" and proof of the healing effect of Synthesit on the body as a whole was the healing of a man from the chronic seborrhea of the scalp, which he could not get rid of for many years. As Roman said, the scalp has become softer and 70% already cleared of scaly deposits and dandruff. As a result, less hair began to fall out.

In addition, Roman notes that the elimination of pain significantly increased vitality and improved mood.
Given the positive effect of Synthesit on the condition of the veins of the lower extremities, it is recommended to continue the course of dietary supplementation to prevent complications of varicose veins in the form of thrombophlebitis and the development of trophic ulcers.

About at the same time, a response was received from a doctor treating an 80-year-old patient with a two-year trophic ulcer. Two years of use of antiseptic agents and regenerative dressings did not bring relief. The ulcer did not heal, necrotic processes were gaining strength. With the two-week use of Synthesit, the ulcer began to heal, the skin of the lower leg around the ulcer acquired a normal color, fibrin plaque disappeared. At the time of writing this material (04/13/2020), the receiving of Synthesit and the regeneration of the skin of the patient continues.
Synthesit for pregnant anemia
A pregnant woman (Maria), who is at 32 weeks gestation (the eighth month of pregnancy), started taking Synthesit instead of vitamin complexes containing iron, which she was prescribed for anemia.

Iron deficiency anemia is a frequent in pregnancy especially in the second half due to an increase in circulating blood volume and growing fetal oxygen requirements. This pathology is very dangerous, as it causes fetal hypoxia with complications in the form of impaired development of the child or premature birth.

According to Mary, the long-term use of traditional vitamins with iron did not bring benefits: during the day she was worried about lethargy, weakness, fatigue, and adynamia. This is evidence that the symptoms of anemia continued to persist despite iron intake.

With taking Synthesit (20 capsules), Maria felt a surge of strength, vitality, her back stopped hurting, the discomfort associated with pregnancy disappeared.

And this is not surprising. The composition of Synthesit includes iron citrate, which is actively involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin. Unlike iron obtained from minerals, the biogenic iron of Synthesit enhances the body's internal potential at the cellular level. Activation of the synthesis of all the formed blood elements in the red bone marrow under the influence of Synthesit allows full circulation to both a pregnant woman and a growing embryo.

Maria also noted a decrease in her weekly weight gain. Earlier, before taking Synthesit, the weight gain in two weeks was 2-2.5 kg, which indirectly indicates the formation of edema. After taking 7 capsules of the remedy, the weight gain on the control weighing at the doctor was only 100 g, which, apparently, is associated with the departure of latent edema. Since in case of latent edema, the fluid from the vessels leaves the tissue, there is a thickening of the blood, which threatens thrombosis. Synthesit, bringing blood viscosity to normal levels, creates the prerequisites for stabilizing the processes of blood and lymph circulation and the release of excess fluid from the body. In addition, Synthesit contributes to the rapid restoration of liver and kidney functions, which leads to the cleansing of the body of toxins and reduce body fat.

The study of the effect of Synthesit on the body continues. The amount of information about the phenomenal action of the mineral obtained by the cold fusion is increasing. Today it is clear that the prospects for the use of Synthesit are much wider than we previously imagined. This is a real breakthrough and discovery, which is only part of recent world history.
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