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Libido, joints, spine, pancreas, lymph nodes

Andrey has taken Synthesit since May 30, 2020. Over the passed time the bioactive mineral has helped improve health and quality of life of a railway man significantly. At his 49 years, Andrey feels himself as a 30 y.o. man. Numerous beneficial changes of taking Synthesit and better quality of life are described in detail in the interview that Andrey has agreed to have. For those viewers who have long been familiar with Synthesit, most of the results indicated by Andrey are not something fantastic, but a significant and varied set of favorable changes that Andrey speaks about is an interesting fact itself, worth of attention.

Synthesit is a real elixir of youth.

SYNTHESIT is the invention of 2019. The product is based on an innovative form of bioactive iron. Synthesit is produced as a result of multi-stage complex reactions of electrochemical and high-temperature reactions on non-heme raw materials of mineral origin. This is the result of a long-term research and experiments in collaboration with outstanding scientists.

Synthesit is a broad-spectrum bioactive product. It helps to restore vital functions of the body, normalize biochemical parameters of blood, increase vitality and energy.

Over the past year, three scientific studies of Synthesit have been carried out which have proven:
1. Suppressive effect on lung and intestinal cancer cells
2. Suppression of cytokines IL6 activity, also known as pro-inflammatory cytokines that are involved in the "cytokine storm"
3. More than doubled number of healthy stem cells https://synthesit.ru/en/scientificall...
4. Reduced biochemical age-related parameters (cholesterol, ALT, AST) https://synthesit.ru/rejuvenation-of-...
5. No toxic effect.
Synthesit has no side effects.

The research work was performed from 2015 to 2019. In 2019, we received the first grams of Synthesit. At the end of 2019 the research was completed. Sales started in early 2020.