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Treatment for inflammation without medication

Lilia (Synthesit consumer) shares her personal experience of rejuvenating and revitalizing effect of the bioactive mineral.

During the first course of Synthesit intake:
1) hair pigmentation began to recover (gray hair disappeared);
2) inflammation in knee joints stopped and mobility was restored;
3) gained a lot of strength and energy;
4) a viral or infectious disease was prevented quickly.

To date, Synthesit is shipped out worldwide and the results of the mineral intake show more than 70 biological properties that are useful for health, rejuvenation and beauty.

Over the past year, three scientific studies of Synthesit have been carried out which have proven:
1. Suppressive effect on lung and intestinal cancer cells
2. Suppression of cytokines IL6 activity, also known as pro-inflammatory cytokines that are involved in the "cytokine storm"
3. More than doubled number of healthy stem cells https://synthesit.ru/en/scientificall...
4. Reduced biochemical age-related parameters (cholesterol, ALT, AST) https://synthesit.ru/rejuvenation-of-...
5. No toxic effect.

Synthesit has no side effects.

Today, thousands of people around the world use Synthesit as a complex product that is able to help not only normalize digestion, improve mood and improve performance, but also give the body strength to fight diseases and preserve youth.

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