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Video presentation about scientific data regarding SYNTHESIT action from Vitafoods Europe 2021 in Geneva, Switzerland

October 6, 2021, scientific studies and research findings regarding effects and action of the bioactive mineral Synthesit were presented at Life Stage Theatre Conference at Vitafoods Europe 2021 Expo in Geneva, Switzerland.

At the conference, our research staff presented the study results of anti-inflammatory effects of Synthesit and other research and tests performed over 2019-2021. Scientific findings about the impact of Synthesit on the increase in anti-aging Klotho gene expression activity were not mentioned at the conference since this scientific article is currently in the process of publication. Special attention was paid to systematic reports on intake results of Synthesit consumers and the mechanism of action of Synthesit for restoration and improvement of overall health. 

Scientific studies and research findings over 2019 - 2021: https://synthesit.ru/synthesit_scientific_research_reports

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