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Synthesit works as a cure for aging. Safe researches on primates & on the cancer cells suppression

The creator of Synthesit and founder of Synthestech project Vladislav Karabanov presents a report on two scientific researches of Synthesit effect

1. The results of the research work with a group of primates and the effects of Synthesit on the rejuvenation of the body.

2. Data of research about the powerful effect of Synthesit on groups of tumor (cancer) cells and on inflammatory processes.

Research materials are published on the website http://synthesit.ru/new_research_canc...

Two independent scientific studies have shown that Synthesit promotes reliable rejuvenation and suppression of pathological processes.
Thus the eco-experiments on monkeys confirmed that a number of age-related physiological parameters changed in a positive direction during the month of taking Synthesit:
- Decreased cholesterol level from 10% to 40%
- Decreased Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) and Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) levels by more than 10%, and in some individuals by more than 30%.
- Reduced weight of all monkeys by about 5%
- The number of stem cells in the experimental group of mice increased by 2.45 times
- Synthesit did not have any toxic effect on the organs and tissues of the experimental animals

The research was conducted at the Federal Scientific Institution of Medical Primatology in Sochi under the guidance of Gina Karal-Ogly, the Head of the Laboratory of Preclinical and Clinical studies and Dmitry Bulgin, PhD (Medical Sciences).

Download the whole Research No.1 https://my.synthesit.ru/files/Report_...

The 2nd study showed that Synthesit has a suppressive effect on lung adenocarcinoma (cancer) and intestinal carcinoma (cancer) cells. Cancer cells are very sensitive to Synthesit and suppressed by its action. The survival rate of tumor cells was 12% and 16%. At the same normal cells tolerated the action of the high concentrations of Synthesit well.

In addition, the same study found that Synthesit has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. It has been proved that Synthesit reduces cytokine production and has anti-inflammatory potential. It is known that the production of excessive amounts of cytokines accompanies a known viral disease and complicates the course of the disease.

The research work was performed in the Laboratory of experimental oncology of the international scientific center SCAMT (Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies) at the ITMO University in Saint Petersburg. The study was conducted under the supervision of Marina Dukhinova, Ph.D. in Biology, a research associate of the laboratory.

Download the whole Research No.2 https://my.synthesit.ru/files/Report_...

Thus, Synthesit is a breakthrough product in the field of human health. It allows to help the human body both in prevention and control of infectious diseases, and to help in the renewal of the body. At the same time, Synthesit is not a medicine, it’s a biologically active supplement – a mineral that has no contraindications and is safe for health.