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An intensivist about Synthesit: "The elixir of life improving tissue oxygenation"

The first time Synthesit was called as "The elixir of life" by a traumatologist from Hungary. In this video interview an intensivist shares his his story of restoring his health and energy levels, as well as regain of the desire and opportunity to live of his father. The doctor pays much attention to the mechanism of action of Synthesit: improved tissue respiration and blood oxygen saturation. This action has no analogues.

Synthesit contributes to the supply of oxygen to all organs and tissues, thinning the blood. The main ingredient of Synthesit is bioavailable trivalent iron. We obtain it as a result of ultramodern innovative technology. This is our know-how in the process of which Synthesit Iron acquires high biological efficiency. And since iron is the basis of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout the body, Synthesit intake significantly improves the oxygen delivery to the body's cells. As a result, there is an increase in strength and endurance by up to 30%. This enhances the potential of the whole body.

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