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COPD. Treatment without medicine and gain of vital energy at age 60

Susanne from Lüneburger Heide (Germany) shares her impressive experience of taking the bioactive mineral Synthesit. 3 years ago when she was 57 y.o. she was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and since then she had to use nebulizer (asthma inhaler) daily in order to stop coughing attacks.

COPD is considered an an incurable lung disease by modern medicine. Susanne is 60 y.o. now and with Synthesit intake she began living a more fulfilling life. After a 3-year continuous illness, Susanne stopped using asthma inhaler, as she is no longer bothered by seizures. Three weeks of taking the ultra-modern mineral gave her life a "second wind": she stopped worrying about asthma, gained vital energy and strength, improved the condition of her hair and skin. Susanne also noticed that Synthesit helped her to solve problems with inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck and inflammation in the jaw area.
Synthesit is not a medicine – it is an ultra-modern mineral that provides vitality and energy, helps to increase the level of blood oxygen saturation up to 100% and restore rheological properties of blood. The body uses this energy to restore its hematopoietic system, normalize biochemistry and increase the number of stem cells.

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