How to reinforce the immunity quickly? Living biogenic trace elements!
Since the discovery of immunity, people have been interested in the question: how to increase the body's defenses and resistance to pathogenic microorganisms?

Now a lot of information about the positive effect of trace elements is already known: they strengthen the nervous and muscle tissue, help a person to fight with infections, increase mental abilities, and they are used for medicinal purposes in many diseases.

For example, in ancient times, in Daoist practice, trace elements obtained in the course of cold nuclear fusion (transmutation) were used. According to historical information, such trace elements possessed incredibly powerful biogenic potential, giving youth, health and significantly increased lifetime.

The "Synthestech'' project rediscovered ancient traditions and in modern conditions repeated the ancient practice, having managed to implement cold fusion to made such trace elements. The first product, Synthesit Iron, is a real breakthrough. The "living" iron created in this way allows not only to prevent anemia and other iron deficiency states, but also increase the number of stem cells several times. With its help, prolonging life and increasing the body's defenses has become absolutely real. All people taking Synthesit noticed immunity and well-being increase.

Stem cells: their types and benefits

Cells and tissues of the body are continuously updated, ensuring the growth, regeneration and youth of a person. All this is possible due to the stem cell: it can become any cell in the body - an immunity cell, hematopoietic, nervous, muscle, bone, epithelial cells, etc. It is possible thanks to undifferentiated cell that is the main part of the human blood-forming and immune system. Stem cells are divided into three large groups depending on the source: embryonic, fetal and postnatal (adult cells).

One of the stem cell working areas is hematopoiesis (the process of new blood cells formation): this process takes place in the red bone marrow, located in the thickness of some bones. Thanks to stem cells, blood and other tissues are constantly self-renewing, but with time they become less and less - this explains the inexorable process of aging.

Nowadays the methods using stem cells are the most promising methods of increasing cellular immunity and the treatment of autoimmune diseases, hematopoiesis pathologies. Stem cells repair damaged cells in the immune system, enhance defense mechanisms and normalize red bone marrow.

Symptoms of a decrease in immunity

The coordinated work of all parts of the immune system protects a person from many viruses and pathogens. Suspect weakening of the mechanisms of immune defense can be on the following grounds:

1. There are problems with the organs of the gastrointestinal tract (constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, pain).

2. Fatigue, well-being decreased: to fight viruses and bacteria, a large amount of energy is expended.

3. Chronic stress, lack of sleep - production of adrenaline and cortisol, which suppress the activity of immunity, increased.

4. Slow healing of wounds. If a small cut does not heal for a long time, then this may be a symptom of a decrease in immunity.

5. Excessive cravings for sweets - at the same time, this symptom may indicate a deficiency of microelements (magnesium, chromium, phosphorus and others).

Good immunity, a sufficient number of stem and protective cells is necessary for every person. In order to improve immunity, it is required:

• to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits;

• to exclude harmful products (refined oils, preservatives and colorants)

• to normalize the mode of work and rest;

• to exercise regularly, do yoga, or go jogging;

• to strengthen the protective function of the body.

Nutrients and stem cells: is there a link?

"Living" elements, made in the process of cold nuclear fusion, can increase the number of animals and humans stem cells by several times. A long time ago people have noticed that water and ground near volcanoes have a great healthy and regenerative effect. Even with the presence of harmful impurities, water exerted its positive effect, which once again confirms the biogenic potential of "fresh" chemical elements, because thermal springs take their beginning in the depths of the Earth, where the processes of transmutation (transformation) of elements take place and new, living microelements are created.

Synthesit researches with laboratory mice have shown that intake of the mineral causes a 2.45-fold increase in the number of stem cells. The experimental data were recorded during a cytological study of bone marrow preparations by the laboratory of the Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology. This is a phenomenal result that laid the foundation for scientific research: their main goal is the possibility of prolonging youth and strengthening immunity.

People who took Synthesit felt the powerful positive effect of the biogenic mineral. The main effects were a significant increase in working capacity and endurance, increased immunity, and an increase in the speed of regenerative processes. Immunity has stabilized, sleep has returned to normal condition, it has become easier to cope with stress: all this is only a small part of the effects of Synthesit.

"Living" elements allow the dream of many people to come true: to restore their beauty and health.

In our store you can buy Synthesit with delivery to any city in the world. We deliver to Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Thailand, Finland, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and any other country in the world where there is a mail service.
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