The remedy for longevity has been created
We have created Synthesit — a mineral that allows you to achieve longevity and restore youth.

Analyzes of experiments on mice conducted by the State Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology confirmed that Synthesit helps the body to increase the number of stem cells more than twice (bone marrow stem cells - hematopoiesis). The results of the use of Synthesit by people confirm a beneficial effect on the hematopoietic system and all other organs and tissues of the body. The positive effects of Synthesit are versatile, and often phenomenal. Stem cells are the basis of our life, the basis of immunity, the renewal of organs and tissues, the basis of the entire hematopoietic system.

Humanity is ready for our discovery. That is backed by news and new facts that accures on our planet. The wealthy segments of the Earth's population are seriously puzzled by the life extension, and the European Union is allocating millions to experiment to develop LENR technologies.

People spend their fortunes on unsafe stem cell injections, on stem cell transplants for rejuvenation and healing, while our Synthesit helps mammals increase their stem cell counts many times, but safely and hundreds, thousands of times cheaper.

On Tuesday 24.12.2019 at 20:00 (Moscow time), a video stream will be held with the head of the Synthestech project manager Vladislav Karabanov. As part of the stream, the above issues will be revealed, new facts of the biogenic effect of Synthesit on the human body will be given, the nuances of receiving dividends by our investors will be highlighted. Vladislav also spoke about the current construction of the SYNTHESIT production block, answered questions from the chat.
We offer you to separately watch a video interview with a review of Synthesit and its phenomenal effects. The response of the person who took it for a month, and then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the text transcript of the most interesting questions voiced during the broadcast.
We offer you to separately watch a video interview with a review of Synthesit and its phenomenal effects. The response of the person who took it for a month, and then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the text transcript of the most interesting questions voiced during the broadcast.

Among the most vivid impressions, Ivan singled out the following Synthesit effects:
1. Lack of nasal congestion, no stuffy nose, clean breathing
2. Fast satiety, stabilization of appetite
3. A strong increase in efficiency, activity.
4. Stamina and energy have seriously increased, stopped "clogging" legs in more than two hours of training.
5. He began to work with large weights in the gym
6. Quick recovery from colds, increased immunity
7. The pains from the ligaments and joints disappeared, the old ligament injury that had been disturbing for several years ceased to hurt.
8. The symptoms of novice varicose veins on the leg have passed.

Next, Vladislav Karabanov shared data on the analyzes of the test subject from Moscow.

Before Eugene's Synthesit receiving, a two-fold excess of ALANINAMINOTRANSFERASE, which is used as an indicator of liver damage, was recorded. So, before starting Synthesit, this indicator was 82 units, with a norm of 40 units. After 3 weeks, it became 52 units. A reduction of 40% is a serious and phenomenal result, which is very difficult to achieve with other methods, which confirms the huge biogenic potential of our microelement obtained by cold synthesis.
Then Vladislav disclosed the start date of accepting payment at SYNTHESIT, which is scheduled for mid-January 2020. In January, we begin to accept pre-order payment for the first industrial batch. Fulfillment of pre-orders will occur in the order of priority of their payment.

QUESTION: Vladislav, the main reason for dissatisfaction with the increase in the retirement age is that most people over the past 40 years have chronic illnesses and a poor quality of life and there is simply no strength or desire to work. Periodic use Synthesit can solve this problem as it improves the quality of life. Have you tried to apply for a grant from the state? After all, improving the quality and life expectancy is a priority.
ANSWER: I think that we will solve all issues without a state, it will be a tone, a person's well-being is his personal concern, when to retire, how. Those who start taking Synthesit - they will feel good and will even want to work. Why is there a pension at all? Because it is physically difficult for a person (aged) to actively engage in some kind of activity, and with Synthesit he will be able to do this. Moreover, the increase in tone is noticeable. Our subjects, I feel it on myself, our employees feel it. The acquaintances who took Synthesit, they also note all this. Another thing is that Synthesit dilutes blood. In what way, what is the mechanism, we do not know yet, but it is a fact, a medical fact. In general, in Synthesit, only part of the daily dose of iron that the body needs, but even this part triggers some biogenic mechanisms, raises tonus, activity.

QUESTION: Health cannot be bought for money, and Synthesit proves the opposite.
ANSWER: I think that it does not completely cure all diseases, but it allows you to balance the strength of the body, restores the balance and the person gets what he lacks in nature. Now nature, agriculture does not provide the necessary elements, and Synthesit helps him make up for them. Money is just a tool, if a person does not want to be healthier, then he does not need it.

QUESTION: I applied for distribution. Are applications reviewed and are there any restrictions?
ANSWER: We are ready to cooperate. Thanks to everyone who submitted the application, there are a lot of applications. These are people who supported us, who believed in what we were doing, they submitted applications, even when everything was not yet clear, now almost everything is clear. Thank you very much. However, we will have some restrictions and they will depend on the number of tokens.

Next, Vladislav presented a photo of the scalp of the employee, demonstrating the effect of stopping hair loss. This demonstrates the next phenomenal effect of Synthesit on a sphere that we did not even think about.

QUESTION: How can Synthesit affect viral diseases?
ANSWER: Only by raising immunity. In any case, it depends on the virus and on the person as well.

A photo of the progress in the construction of the Synthesit production block demonstrated the imminent completion of the construction phase. Vladislav announced the readiness of the block after the New Year holidays. Accordingly, by the readiness of the block, we begin accepting payment for the pre-order SYNTHESIT IRON, the delivery of which will begin in March 2020.

QUESTION: Vladislav, as I understand it, Synthesit should not be taken for three weeks, but more to consolidate the result, do you have an understanding of the time of receiving?
ANSWER: Understanding what it was originally, that is, you take it for three weeks, rest for ten days, it remains, maybe you will take it for two months, you will feel good and you will need to resume taking it after another two months. Maybe someone wants to take 2 capsules per day in 10 days - it all depends on self-awareness, on some practice, on different situations. Here people can proceed from their own health.

QUESTION: How many jars do you plan to release in a year.
ANSWER: We plan to reach a turnover of 200-300 thousand jars per month, that is, about 2-3 million per year. This is not a promise, but my opinion.
I want to emphasize once again that Synthesit is the iron that we created. This is a product obtained by cold synthesis and the understanding that it will act came from a historical tradition. Studying all this, I realized that such a result would be obtained. Of course, it was nice when this was confirmed, with which I want to congratulate you all. The main thing today is that we are ready for production and sales.

At the end of the broadcast, the project manager Vladislav Karabanov congratulated everyone on the upcoming New Year. And pay attention to the fact that this will be the year of the white metal rat, and it was the white laboratory mice that helped us make this important discovery - to find out that Synthesit Iron multiply increases the number of stem cells and has huge biogenic potential. Vladislav also noted that this was the last video stream in 2019, the next broadcast will take place on January 7 at 20:00 Moscow time.

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