The nature and physics of the biogenic potential of elements obtained during the process of Cold nuclear fusion.

The article by Head of the Synthetech project, V. Karabanov.
This force cannot be compared with any combination of elements and formulas, because it is the basis of life.
We would love to clarify straight away that a lot is beyond the current level of knowledge.
Nevertheless, here is an overview on the biogenic effects of substances obtained during the process of Cold nuclear fusion*.

*(Cold nuclear fusion is a relative term concerning Hot nuclear fusion. Hot nuclear fusion is a process of million degrees temperatures, radiation, in artificial mode - particle accelerators, etc. Cold nuclear fusion takes place without ionizing radiation, with stable elements at temperatures from negative till 6,000 to 7,000 degrees Celsius. Both processes involve transmutation of elements)

Notum est

Today it is definitively clear that Cold nuclear fusion is an ordinary physical process that is constantly occurring in the nature around us. Therefore, it cannot be excluded from the biological cycle. It is possible, as well, that the products of Cold nuclear fusion are newly obtained elements, «young» elements, their potential is a key element of organic life. A fundamental element of biocoenosis.
Cold nuclear fusion products in the landscape and their role in biocoenosis
It was observed that volcanic areas are particularly Ash and volcanic emissions create the most productive soils in the world. Therefore, areas with volcanic soils are very densely populated with the agricultural population - sometimes 1100 people per square kilometer, as in Bali. These are record numbers even for cities, and there's agricultural production. The well-known fertile silt of the River Nile is also volcanic soils. The point is that a number of active volcanoes are located in the upper Nile area in the mountains of Tanzania and Sudan. Snow and rain wash away the volcanic swell into the waters of the Nile, that carries it downstream. It's this sludge that provides fantastic fertility to the soil of the Nile valley. Thus, there is a good reason to believe that the main components of biogeocenosis of the nile slit, increasing fertility, are the elements of volcanic activity.

Volcanic soil fertility is a long-standing issue. We have to explain the reason to the public. We have to explain the reason to the public.

However, the explanations revolve mainly around the topic that fertility increases due to the presence of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and other elements in volcanic emissions. The tefra (the scientific name for the volcanic ash) is believed to contain materials rich in nutrients, with a wide variety of different chemical elements. It is also believed that over time, due to chemical and biological weathering, volcanic ash releases solutions of mineral salts rich in nutrients - biologically significant chemical elements for organic life. It is also believed that volcanic ash has the ability to absorb large amounts of carbon (taking carbon out of the atmosphere and putting it in the soil).

However, in practice, all these attempts to explain the phenomenon of the volcanic soils fertility provide no explanation in reality. If we look closely at the chemical elements in volcanic emissions, we won't find anything unique. The tables on the elemental composition of volcanic soils give very clear indications. Most of all is contained in the fallen ash and magmas, in various variations of silica - (SiO2) 36% -73%, then iron oxides - (Fe) 4% -13%, magnesium - (Mg) 0,2% -13%, calcium - (Ca) 0,8-13%, sodium - (Na) 3,8-4,3, potassium - (K) 1% -4,8%, phosphorus - (P) 0,1% -1% and further in microscopic quantities such elements as Ga, V, Cu, Co, Ni, Cr, Sr, Ba, Zr, U, Th, etc. However, if you look at the composition, for example, of some loamy soils, we're going to find in different variations, roughly the same composition as in volcanic soils. In the loams, about the same «nutrients» substances - nothing new.

It is therefore not satisfactory to try to explain the highest level of productivity of the volcanic soils to their outstanding elements. This is not an explanation, it is an attempt to avoid explanation.

However, the fertility of soils near volcanoes remains an indisputable fact. Moreover, soils based on volcanic soils also gratefully accept a standard set of agricultural mineral fertilizers and increase their fertility. That is, logically speaking, the basis for the high fertility of volcanic soils is something other than phosphorus or potassium or other mineral elements, that are present in volcanic ash. On the contrary, these soils often lack these mineral elements. They have to be fertilized. At the same time, when the volcanic soils used for agriculture are artificially replenished with missing minerals in the form of mineral fertilizers, they again demonstrate the highest fertility. Significantly higher than the same loams supplemented with the same mineral fertilizers. The soils around the volcanoes not only have the highest fertility, but also crops of outstanding quality.

Volcanic ash and volcanic soils are particularly beneficial and of a great influence on winemaking. It was noticed that the wine obtained from grapes, grown on soils fertilized with ash from volcanoes has a special exquisite taste. It's called volcanic wine.
Winemakers in Italy are proud of the wines that are produced from vineyards growing on slopes of recently extinct volcanoes - Etna, Vesuvius. The vineyard of the most outstanding wine in France and the world - Pétrus is located in the mouth of an ancient volcano.
At the same time, as mentioned above, there is no difference between volcanic soils and ordinary loans. This is the same set of chemical elements. What's the secret then?

If you're traipsing around the patterns, you will not receive an answer. Modern science, which has long been not entirely modern, but has got stuck in the concepts of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, cannot give such an answer. I believe that, in search of an explanation for the fertile soil of volcanic activity, one must turn to the very nature of the origin of these emissions. To the nature of the origin of some chemical elements, which are then emitted in the form of lava or ash as a result of volcanic activity and create the aforementioned soils. The fact is that the processes that occur in volcanoes and precede emissions, and, more broadly, the processes within the earth have long been taken up by researchers. One of the unsolved problems of volcanic activity manifestation is the determination of the heat source required for local melting of the basalt layer or mantle.

Such melting shall be narrowly localized, as the passage of seismic waves shows that the crust and upper mantle are usually in a solid state. The reasons for this melting remain unexplained, if you do not consider the release of heat as a result of the cold fusion reaction. According to a number of geochemists (see V. Krivitsky. The paradoxes of transmutation and the development of the Earth. Non-obvious evidence), the processes occurring in volcanoes create natural areas where cold nuclear fusion occurs, which is accompanied by the transmutation of chemical elements. These processes occur with significant heat release and therefore local melting of basalts occurs.

Cold nuclear processes occurring in the bowels of the Earth, of course, do not give a total renewal of chemical elements. With a high heat release, a negligible amount of chemical elements involved in the process are used. Rather, there are microscopic inlays of "fresh" chemical elements at the exit in volcanic emissions. But it is these elements that are key in the nature of the biogenic effect of volcanic soils on organic matter. Geochemist V. Krivitsky gives very good proof of the cold fusion processes in the bowels of volcanoes in his book:
«The water found in the droplets of volcanic glass has a special origin: it is the end product of the processes of nuclear dissociation of the chemical elements of the contiguous regolite.»
V. Krivitsky. The paradoxes of transmutation and the development of the Earth. Non-obvious evidence. Moscow 2016

* The author of the book, V. Krivitsky, uses his own terminology instead of the term Cold transmutation - nuclear dissociation.
The main thing is that we understand that as a result of the processes of cold nuclear fusion in the volcanic depths, from some elements, others appear - "newly born" chemical elements. And this is a decisive factor in soil biogeocenosis on Earth.

It seems that this very factor - the appearance of "fresh" elements as a result of the processes of cold nuclear fusion occurring in the bowels of the earth and the subsequent release of these elements as a result of volcanic activity, is the main reason for the high fertility of volcanic soils. "Fresh" chemical elements, which appeared as a result of natural processes of cold nuclear fusion, have a special biogenic potential, and this potential plays the main biogenic role in the productivity of plants growing there. If these lands are used for agriculture, agricultural crops that are grown on such soils, respectively, give very high yields and very high quality products. Qualitative from the point of view of human taste buds.And human taste buds are natural biochemical analysers, that determine the value of a product for the body.
A little comparison with Mars
After the flight of Mariner-4 to Mars, it became clear that there is no life in the variety of forms that exists on Earth on the fourth planet of the solar system. Then they realized that not only in the variety of forms, but in general it is difficult to find it there. We're still looking for some trace evidence, but, of course, we are talking about some primary forms. However, they have not yet been found. But even 60 years ago, the public on Earth led a lively debate about life on this planet of the solar system. The bravest assumed that there was life on Mars, and what was more, there had to be intelligent beings comparable with a man. Others were more cautious, but it was still believed that the planet was similar to the Earth, there were conditions for life there, and it should be there in some form. But it turns out there's no.
Nevertheless, there was life on Mars. This is convincingly evidenced by the color of this red planet, and it is a consequence of the abundance of iron oxide - rust on the surface of Mars. Iron oxides stain blood hemoglobin; ferric oxides, combined with sand and dust, coat the surface of Mars. "Rust" - an oxide film on the planet's surface - is the rarest phenomenon in the solar system. It only exists on Earth and Mars. This means that Mars once had an atmosphere with a large amount of oxygen, as on Earth. It was produced by bacteria, plants. The same as on Earth. But at some point, this atmosphere disappeared, and oxygen, which reacted with iron, now lies in the form of iron oxide on the surface of Mars. There was also water on Mars, this is evidenced by the channels of ancient rivers and the hollows of reservoirs. According to experts, it was 3 billion years ago.

Where everything went on the fourth planet of the solar system - life, water, atmosphere? Scientists are puzzling over this. Moreover, the thermal conditions there are very favorable. At the equator of Mars, even now, the surface warms up to + 35 C.

The answer lies in a plane unexpected for many. It was 3 billion years ago that volcanic activity practically ceased on Mars. As a result, "fresh" elements stopped coming to the surface. Probably, the processes of cold nuclear fusion in the bowels of the planet continued to proceed, but their power was insufficient to provide the necessary emissions of "fresh" elements to support the processes of biogeocenosis with organic structures. Therefore, life on Mars quickly died out. This is the main reason why there is no life on Mars.

The presence of "fresh" elements is a prerequisite for the flow of biogeocenosis and the existence of any organic structures. The energy that "fresh" elements provide organic life is a key factor in the existence of life. The history of the emergence and extinction of life on Mars is a vivid example of this.

Of course, the example of Mars is given in an overview. We can give a lot more details. But the purpose of this article is not long scientific calculations. The main thing is to outline the general picture of the issue.

At the same time, the example of Mars can lead to another important conclusion. The conditions for the occurrence and course of cold fusion processes in geological structures are not simple. This is a rather complex combination of factors. At some point, there were fewer areas on Mars with such a combination of factors than necessary. Therefore, volcanic activity there practically died out 3 billion years ago. And the planet got cold inside. Accordingly, the emissions of "fresh" elements have stopped. Then the entire biosphere ceased to exist. This is the real reason why there is no life on Mars today.
Healing volcanic waters
Volcanoes and various geothermal processes in the earth's crust are associated not only with high fertility. Since ancient times, mankind has discovered that geothermal sources are extremely useful from a medical point of view. This practical understanding exists among peoples who are completely unrelated to each other. In all corners of our planet. Healing onsen in Japan, Angseri springs in Bali, Wiesbaden hot springs in Germany, springs in Monroe, USA.

These and Macesta's sources in Sochi, where Communist dictator Stalin was treated annually. The list of medicinal geothermal springs in the world is large. Such places have been noticed for a long time and they have always been actively used to treat a variety of diseases. Moreover, not only people feel the beneficial results, but even animals are drawn to such sources. In Japan, local macaques regularly bathe in geothermal waters.
In the therapeutic effect, the main aspect is hardly the heated water of the source. People learned to warm water a long time ago, was it worth it to travel sometimes thousands of kilometers because of this? The main thing is, apparently, its composition. More precisely, not just an elemental composition, as it can be found in any swamp if desired. An important role is played by the fact that the water brings in some particles of "fresh" elements. From the bowels of the Earth, where the processes of cold nuclear fusion take place. And these elements play a key role in the healing effect produced by the waters of the sources on the human body. This extremely beneficial effect is nothing more than the result of the biogenic potential of "fresh" elements on organic structures. For many people, since ancient times, geothermal springs have been the only panacea for their illnesses. These springs literally saved people.

It is necessary to emphasize that the number of «fresh» elements in the waters of the springs is most likely vanishingly small, they are mixed with common impurities. Often, these impurities are harmful to the body. However, overall, this is sufficient to produce powerful health and recovery effects in humans.
Hudson's research and discoveries
Another interesting example is the study of the phenomenon that occurred on the lands of the large American farmer and landowner David Hudson. There is a lot in its history that can be taken critically, nevertheless, it seems to be based on real facts. In the 76th year, he decided to re-cultivate some of his land. His soils suffered from high sodium (soda) content, so he decided to treat them with sulfuric acid. As a result of the treatment of his territories with this acid, he encountered an unusual phenomenon in one of the areas. Apparently, the combination of the bright Arizona sun, sulfuric acid and a number of other factors contributed to the appearance of a spot of a completely unusual type on the earth. Probably, some physical and chemical processes took place in this area. Indeed, as it turned out later, the soil there had a completely unusual chemical composition and properties.

Hudson began to investigate the substance that appeared in these areas. As a result of a series of analyzes, it turned out that the substance has special properties and the correct determination of its composition is very difficult. During surface analyzes, iron, silicon, aluminum, sodium, titanium were detected. With an in-depth series of analyzes, an additional six elements of the platinum group were found in the composition of the substance. Moreover, there were a very significant number of the latter. By all accounts, it was clear that the chemical elements in the substance discovered by Hudson had some special properties. Therefore, their analytical fixation with the help of instruments required serious additional efforts in preparing samples for analysis, and complex methods of decomposition for analysis. The fact is that these elements showed at the same time the properties inherent in other elements.

David Hudson, being a meticulous person by nature, went deep into the study of the phenomenon and conducted a number of experiments with them, even involving specialists from the General Electric (GE) company. As a result, he came to the conclusion that the substance that he is studying is in a certain transitional state associated with the incompleteness of its formation. The substance was in a monatomic state. Hudson gave the definition of these elements ORME (ORMUS) - orbitally rearranged monatomic elements.

He called this state of matter the "m-state".

During the subsequent study of ORMUS chemical elements in the m-state, Hudson discovered different properties in them - superconductivity, unusual magnetic properties, etc. Then Hudson turned to the study of the biogenic properties of this substance. He talked about this in his lecture:

I really became intrigued by this stuff. What happens if we give it to people? It has no metal-to-metal bonds, so it has no properties of heavy metals.

So first we found a sick dog, it was a hunting breed, and we gave him this sample. The dog had a tick inflammation, a sore throat and a large abscess on its side.

And none of the veterinarians could find the right drugs to get rid of them due to the combination of all three symptoms at the same time. They just gave up and weren't going to treat him anymore.

We started giving him 1 ml injections. A milligram of white powder solution per day. One injection into the tumor, and one injection into the blood. After a week and a half, the tick inflammation is gone, the throat inflammation is gone, everything's gone on the side. We stopped the injections. After about a week, it started to appear again. Then we resumed the injections and it disappeared instantly. This time we continued for a week longer and after we finished, the illnesses never returned.

… .. The dog felt good. After that, the doctor we worked with said:
"You know this is really incredible stuff."

Hudson went on to describe how the same veterinarian asked him to test the powder on his assistant:
You know, I have an assistant in an office that has a day or two left to live. He's under a dropper now. I want to try and start giving him a little of this stuff and see what happens.

…After a week and a half, he disconnected all the droppers from his hands, began to eat on his own, dress on his own, he just began to feel good.

Hudson describes a number of other cases when seriously ill patients were given either pills or injections with ORMUS elements. Patients, often hopeless, who could not be helped by other drugs, recovered.

In drawing conclusions about how ORMUS works, Hudson exclaims:
"Understand, this is not anti-something. This is not anti aids. This is not an anti cancer. This is for life. It is literally spirit. The stuff is not here to cure cancer. The stuff is not to cure AIDS. This material is for improving our bodies. He brings our bodies to the state in which they should be. It is our immune system that fights and cures disease".

Apparently, we are talking about the fact that the elements in the state that Hudson calls ORMUS literally include the internal forces of the body, feeding some of its internal energy channels.

Of course, there is a certain amount of overestimation of some of ORMUS properties in Hudson's general research findings. His information must be approached very carefully and sometimes even critically. However, he does it without any ulterior motive. He did not seek to cash in on the discovery of this phenomenon. Hudson is a rich man. On the contrary, he studied it very thoroughly, spending about $ 5 million on various analyzes and research. These are the figures for the early 90s of the 20th century. When compared to today's dollar, that's roughly $ 20 million.

Why are Hudson's studies so detailed? Because his conclusions about ORMUS are quite consistent with what we have as a result of volcanic activity. We can safely assume that this is a similar natural phenomenon that takes place in the bowels of volcanoes. A substance in a special state is emitted during volcanic eruptions and thus it enters the soil around volcanoes. Its biogenic properties have an effect on the surrounding organic nature. "Turn on" it. It's just that David Hudson had the opportunity to closely examine the phenomenon and analyze it in every possible way.

What is this phenomenon? This is exactly the same Cold nuclear fusion that is taking place in the bowels of the volcano, and with a coincidence of factors was accidentally launched at the Hudson area. Confirmation that Hudson's case is precisely Cold Fusion was the appearance of new chemical elements in the area under study. They could appear there only by transmutation from those previously available.

That is, we are talking about some natural phenomenon that Hudson was able to find on a piece of his land.

At the same time, Hudson and his followers, while searching for natural sources of chemical elements in the bioactive state of ORMUS, noticed that these elements are necessarily present in the air near volcanoes. This atmosphere, soil. Therefore, Hudson followers recommend going to the mountains.
World Ocean and Cold Fusion Products
The world's oceans waters are also sources of "fresh" elements. Since at the bottom of the seas and oceans there are many volcanoes and volcanic activity constantly occurs, and there are emissions of volcanoes, where there are natural foci of Cold nuclear fusion producing newly formed elements.

The human body and cell energy sources
Now let's try to analyze and, at least in general terms, understand the reasons for the positive effect of "fresh" chemical elements on the human body.

The human body, as well as biological organisms in general, remains such an unexplored area that serious discoveries are still taking place. For example, in 2018, scientists discovered an entire organ in the human body*.

*(In the USA, doctors have discovered a new human organ - a network of microscopic channels in connective tissue. These microstructures are filled with fluid and perform primarily a shock-absorbing function, protecting organs from mechanical damage.)

Therefore, confident knowledge in biology in general and human biology in particular is still fragmentary. Much is known, of course. At the same time, much of the conventional wisdom abounds with false conclusions based on erroneous theories. And much, from the point of view of understanding, remains in the twilight zone.

This is especially true for biochemical processes in the body. Their essence is not fully understood, and much remains a complete mystery. In particular, the role of trace elements in the human body. Microelements are minerals in the body, either in very small amounts up to 0,01%, or generally in trace amounts of 0,000001 (one million percent). However, as is now understood, these elements play a key role in the human body, determining its condition.

The understanding of the fact that chemical elements play an essential role in the human body has existed in medical practice since ancient times. However, this understanding came to modern medicine relatively recently. Today, it simply states the fact of the vital need for the body of trace elements, but there is no deep understanding of the entire chain of work of trace elements. For example, even estimates of the assimilation of iron by the human body from animal food range from 3% to 30%. Doctors do not know how much iron is absorbed from the food that a person receives. Therefore, the main criterion for assessing the participation of chemical elements in biochemical and energy processes in the body is practice and experience. And the experience of ancient healers says that not just a chemical element, but an element obtained as a result of transformation, plays a particularly important role.
Historical information about the use of elements obtained by transmutation in medicine
Information from ancient medicine is very valuable for us. This is a practice that goes back a long way.

Apparently, the role of "fresh" elements in filling a person with energy was noticed and began to be actively used from the most ancient times. The acquisition of some elements from others, that is, the transmutation of the chemical elements, was known in the ancient and ancient world - in India, China, Egypt. There is a very extensive layer of information about this, left by a variety of authors. Also known in medieval Europe are some chemists who received knowledge of the technique of transmutation.

Ancient healers have long ago discovered the powerful biogenic properties of newly formed elements. Received as a result of transmutation, they were used in the ancient pharmacopoeia and had a powerful healing effect on the human body. Another question is that the secrets of such drugs and the methods of obtaining them were kept in the deepest secret.

The ancient Chinese Taoist philosopher, chemist and physician Ge Hong writes in his treatise "Baopu-tzu", written in 317-320 AD:
"To be effective, gold must be "prepared ". "Made" gold is better than natural gold. "

"... whoever takes ten pills the size of a grain of hemp will be rejuvenated in less than a year."

"The body will lose its senile dryness and the muscles will be filled with strength. The one who takes this potion will not grow old, and the old man will again become a youth and gain immortality. "
The great Chinese doctor of the 6-7 centuries Sun Si-miao, revered in China as the "King of medicines", also known as the inventor of gunpowder, used elements obtained as a result of transmutation in his elixirs. He wrote a book on these methods: "Tai Qing Tribute to Jing Yao Jue" ("The Main Secrets of the Great Purity Cinnabar Elixir canons"). The doctor lived more than 100 years. It was quite unusual in that time.

Since ancient times, China has been dealing with transmutation of elements. This is reflected in the concept of Tao. It is not so important to obtain a transmuted substance as its qi energy. The treatise of the medieval (X century) Taoist Zhen I-tzu "Tao zana" ("Treasure of Tao") "Seven letters of the cloud storage" ("Yun chi chien") contains such information:
It is deprived of quality physicality, but has pneuma. This is the innermost mysterious, truly single spermatic essence (jing), the mother of Heaven and Earth, the root of the Yin-Yang, the progenitor of the sun and moon, the root of water and fire, the forefather of the five primary elements, the beginning of the universal triad (san tai)...
(Quoted by E. A. Torchinov "Taoism and Alchemy in Traditional China." Petersburg Oriental Studies. Almanac. Issue 2. St. Petersburg, 1992, pp. 272–315)
But, as mentioned above, the art of transforming elements, transmutation is a secret of the highest order, which was carefully guarded. Therefore, naturally, it was a secret known to units.

Someone will try to be skeptical about this historical information. However, it should be remembered that in the modern world, Chinese methods of treatment with the help of acupuncture are widely recognized. Acupuncture is an indisputable method, which, however, is poorly understood in modern medicine. It has a very vague idea of how acupuncture works.

The same can be said of the Chinese Taoist Qigong Exercise Complex - which is widely and successfully used in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases.
If we see efficiency in practice, then we are serious about acupuncture, Qigong, and Chinese pharmaceuticals, and accordingly, we must take as seriously as possible information about the use of elements obtained through transmutation in Chinese medicine. Chinese Pharmacopoeia with "fresh" elements is based on a long practical tradition, but unlike Qigong and acupuncture, only a narrow circle of people were initiated and carriers. Therefore, some of the key knowledge on transmutation was lost. The tradition could be interrupted as a result of various disasters and political upheavals.

Roughly the same picture with regard to the elements obtained by transmutation can be observed in Tibetan medicine.

In Indian medicine, pharmacopoeia associated with "fresh" elements is called rasayana. This tradition was deeply revered and constituted a treasure trove of Indian medicine. Suffice it to quote Al-Biruni (10th century):

"Thanks to the principles of Rasayana, the health of the hopelessly sick is restored, the youth returns to the fading elders."

With similar data about the powerful power of the elements received by transmutation, we meet everywhere. In Europe, it is enough to mention Paracelsus (real name Philip Avreol Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim) (1493-1541) - a Swiss chemist, physician, philosopher, naturalist, natural philosopher of the Renaissance, one of the founders of iatrochemistry.*
*Iatrochemistry - the use of chemistry and minerals in medicine

Like the Chinese Taoists, who prescribe the elements obtained by transmutation, especially gold, for healing, Paracelsus attaches great importance to "drinking gold". We are also talking about the "healing of metals", but the main thing is the healing of a person by means of iatrochemistry, where the healing organism itself is now transmuted.
The nature of action of the "fresh" elements
The special properties of stable chemical elements obtained as a result of transmutation during cold nuclear fusion may be associated with the fact that these substances have a certain potential, which, among other things, causes a biogenic effect on the internal structures of the body. It may be appropriate to use the term "fresh" elements as they are newly created elements. While in the accessible natural cycle, chemical elements are usually present that have an enormous age - hundreds of millions and billions of years. Let's call them ancient mutations. Since these mutations, most likely, once also appeared as a result of transmutation. In ancient mutations, the biogenic potential is already practically exhausted and therefore it is much weaker. Most often, ancient mutations are already "dead" in their biogenic effect. While the "fresh" elements can be called new mutations, this potential is most active.

Ancient chemists and healers were familiar with this phenomenon. And apparently, they themselves could produce transmutation of chemical elements by converting one into another. This gave them the full potential of the elements they needed. They were primarily used for medical purposes, where the most striking result was the achievement of longevity. Paracelsus, during his famous healing demonstration in Basel, healed people suffering from organic damage. It was a very impressive demonstration for contemporaries.
Why do elements obtained as a result of transmutation have such a biogenic effect?
Actually, various chemical elements play the most important role in the human body. Our body consists of 81 elements - four main (C, H, O, N), eight macroelements, which are contained in relatively large quantities (Ca, Cl, F, K, Mg, Na, P, S) and 69 trace elements (remind you, that 92 elements have been discovered by physicists on Earth in nature).

All these elements play an important role in biochemical reactions in the body. These processes are the basis of the life of all living things, including humans. Although the mechanism of many of these processes is not fully understood yet.

So what exactly are micronutrients and why do they play a key role in human health? Minerals are essential for numerous metabolic functions at all stages of the life process, they affect metabolism, regulate more than 50,000 biochemical processes in the body.

The fact that element formation on Earth was and continues to be permanent was convincingly substantiated by V.A. Krivitsky in his book (see above).
This means that the flow of "fresh" elements into nature is constant.

The similarities between all organisms on Earth indicate the existence of a common origin from which all other living things originated. The first living microorganisms appeared on Earth more than 3 billion years ago during the archaea - very active tectonic processes taking place on the planet. This was accompanied by volcanic activity, magma emissions. In the next phase of the history of life on the planet, more than 2 billion years ago, bacteria appeared - cyanobacteria and archaea. These protozoa existed and evolved on a planet that didn't have oxygen yet. Their way of feeding was chemosynthesis - a way of autotrophic nutrition, in which the main source of energy is reactions with inorganic compounds - sulfur, iron, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc. On the planet, then, at the same time, violent tectonic processes continued to go on.

By about 2 billion years ago, bacteria began to create the Earth's oxygen atmosphere and, possibly with their participation or as a result of cold nuclear fusion processes, large amounts of water are emerging in the Earth's crust. The seas appear. Further life on Earth develops from simple forms to more complex ones. Biochemical processes become even more complicated. We do not know at what period of planetary and organic history certain chemical elements are included in the biogeocenosis. Then there are the processes of life development - flora and fauna appear. All this, again, against the backdrop of a grandiose volcanic and tectonic activity on the planet. There is the formation of mountains, the movement of continents. The elements of cold nuclear fusion constantly come to the surface and are present there, which are, as we can see from the example of Mars, an irreplaceable part of biogeocenosis.

How a modern human species appears on Earth is a separate issue. The main thing to pay attention to is that it is woven from the same biomaterial as the surrounding nature. Therefore, the biochemical processes occurring in our body are the legacy of the chain of development of organic life on Earth. All these 50 thousand biochemical processes in the human body (for sure, many processes have not yet been discovered) are the result of the processes of the development of life on Earth. And until the recent geological era, volcanic processes took place on Earth, gradually reducing their intensity. Due to some decrease in activity in the earth's crust, "fresh" elements, new mutations, are now becoming an increasingly scarce component of biogeocenosis on Earth.
The approximate physics of the process of biogenic potential of new mutations
Once again, it is important to note that the action of the "fresh" elements somehow produces vital energy. This energy in the Chinese tradition is called Qi energy, in the Indian tradition prana, somewhere it is called mana. Other meanings can be embedded in these concepts, but here we are talking about the fundamental principle. The original energy present in the universe, which, among other things, moves the life processes of organic structures. We are talking about something essential, important. Therefore, it may make sense to use the conditional term "Qi transcoder" to denote the impact of new mutations. Since "fresh" elements start processes that actively replenish the body with vital energy. The conventional term Qi of the Chinese tradition is used for simplicity, so as not to list these names in other traditions.

CHI energy is the life energy that fills every living thing on our planet. The streams of this energy circulate in plants, animals, in the human body filling them with invisible vitality, which is necessary for the growth and existence of all living things. It also pulsates on the surface of the earth, in air currents, in water, and fills all the space around us.
What is it? If you try to give an explanation in the modern conceptual system, this energy is a vibrational flow that is created at the molecular, atomic and subatomic levels. These vibrations occur at a super-high frequency level, unattainable for modern measuring and fixation devices.

Most recently, the American scientific publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published an article with the results of research confirming the theory of vibration. The authors of the article, a group of scientists led by Luca Turin from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, suggested that the unique smell of chemicals is not due to the structure of their molecules, but to the nature of the vibrations of the atoms that form these molecules.

The vibrations themselves are due to the fact that the chemical bonds in the molecule are not rigid, but resemble springs that "attract" atoms if they move too far from each other as a result of movement and "repel" when the atoms come closer.

In the course of the experience, scientists filled one of the reported compartments with aromatic pairs - acetophenone, which attracts insects: in the wild, they are guided by this substance in search of food. The second part of the chamber was filled with similar molecules, but all the hydrogen atoms in them were replaced by its heavier isotope - deuterium (both "smell" the same). But, having the same chemical properties as hydrogen, deuterium is more massive. Consequently, the vibrations of atoms in the deutero-acetophenone molecule will differ from the "acetophenone" vibrations.

In the course of observations, scientists have established that flies absolutely clearly prefer to be in the compartment of the chamber filled with acetophenone with a "light" isotope of hydrogen, and not its heavier analogue deutero-acetophenone. That is, flies distinguish precisely the vibration of the resulting compound, since they differ due to the different weight of hydrogen isotopes.

According to the researchers, the experiments confirm the decisive connection between the vibrations of molecules, and not the chemical structure, with their aroma.

In the process of transition of one element to another during Cold Nuclear Fusion, this vibrational flow contributes to the actual transition, transmutation of elements. Therefore, the energy is released relatively little, respectively, the process was called Cold nuclear fusion. In this process, there is a partial transition of energy into the excitation of the active vibration of "fresh" atoms. This energy fills the atoms of the newly created element. After the transmutation process, the vibration of the newly born atoms continues, transferring energy outward. Thus, the "freshly born" element entering the body starts the process of replenishing and renewing Chi energy there. The new element is itself a source of Qi energy and at the same time acts as a Qi transcoder in the surrounding structures. This is the source of life.

Therefore, the main task of all organisms, according to the author of this material, is to search and include chemical elements with the highest biogenic potential in their own biochemical process. Search for "fresh" elements, products of new mutations. Those very "fresh" elements that replenish the reserves of vital energy Qi in the body, that is, the Qi transcoder.

At the same time, as is already clear, biological transmutation occurs in the organic structures themselves. Experiments and studies of a number of scientists have convincingly proved this. Baron Albrecht von Herzeele (1875-1883) from Hanover *, Professor Pierre Baranje (1950-1970), Head of the Organic Chemistry Laboratory at the Polytechnic Institute of Paris. French scientist Louis Kervran (1960-1980) * Russian scientist, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Alla Kornilova, author of experimental proof of the existence of transmutation of chemical elements in biological systems (1993). Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences from Kiev Vladimir Vysotsky co-author of Alla Kornilova.

In 1993, at the International Conference on Cold Nuclear Fusion, the Japanese scientist Hisatoki Komaki confirmed the reliability of the earlier experiments of L. Kervran and the conclusions from them, and he extended his conclusions to plants.
* Albrecht von Herzeele. "The Origin of Inorganic Substances" 1873, in which he showed how plants can convert phosphorus to sulfur and magnesium to calcium.

*Baranje experimented with germinating seeds. The content of phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron was analyzed. Germination was carried out in a controlled environment with double distillation water sprinkling. An increase in the amounts of Ca by 4,2%, Fe - by 8,3%, as well as a decrease in the amount of P by 1,9% and K by 1,1% was found. The addition of MnCl2 to the water increased the iron yield. Rich statistics were collected; no one found errors or disputed the results.

* Book by K.L. Kervran. 1975. Arguments in the biology of transmutation at low energies. He conducted a series of experiments with chickens and crustaceans, in which he proved the processes of converting potassium (K) to calcium (Ca) in the organisms of these animals.

* 2003 Nuclear fusion and transmutation of isotopes in biological systems. Vysotsky V. I., Kornilova A. A. Mir, Moscow,

* Hizatoki Komaki also showed that eight strains of microorganisms grown in potassium-deficient cultures increased potassium content through the conversion of Ca to K.

Thus, it is quite obvious that living organisms themselves synthesize elements. And this is the part of biochemical processes that has yet to be studied. But, and this is just important, to start these biochemical reactions in the body requires energy from the outside and it is given by the potential of "fresh" elements, their vibration. They are a carrier of energy and stimulate transformation in the body. Hence the attention of ancient medicine to "fresh" elements.

From all this, it is possible to assume that the process of search and consumption of «fresh» elements from outside constantly takes place both at the vertical level of the food chain and at the horizontal level. That is, both as a result of the intake of "fresh" elements in the process of consuming organic food, and as a result of the direct use of minerals with the presence of such elements. For example, as a result of breathing, drinking water, directly minerals or medicines such as mumiyo or others.
Using artificially obtained elements in a controlled process of cold nuclear fusion
Thus, it is quite clear that there is a biogenic effect on biological organisms of chemical elements obtained by transmutation in the process of cold nuclear fusion. This biogenic effect, which has a beneficial effect on biological organisms, is clearly manifested in nature. This effect is found in the experience of various civilizations - in the traditions of using geothermal sources, in the discoveries and practices of ancient medicine - Chinese, Indian, Tibetan, European. All this predetermines the use of elements obtained during transmutation in modern medical practice.

Another issue is that the artificial production of such elements presents certain difficulties. The creation of conditions for the launch of cold nuclear fusion and the production of elements as a result of transmutation requires a new approach to physics, chemistry, electrical engineering and electrochemistry. Today, the use of some special methods of exposure to chemical elements in combination with modern analytical equipment has made it possible to overcome these difficulties in the Synthestech project. This, unfortunately, is not a reproduction of ancient technologies, but the result is about the same.

Newly formed, "fresh" elements obtained by artificial means, due to the unity of physical processes, have exactly the same properties as natural ones. A "fresh" element obtained artificially goes through the same stage of transformation and, as a result, acquires the properties of a "Qi transcoder" *.

* (Preferably terms referring to an established tradition, in this case Chinese. In the Chinese tradition, Qi is a vital force. Qi is translated from Chinese as: "vital force", "vital energy").

Radioactivity through a New Understanding of the Physics of the Natural Construction of the Atom
It is important to note here that the issues of cold fusion and biogenic properties of "fresh" elements relate to stable atoms of elements. However, for the sake of completeness, a few words should be said about radioactive elements. If we are giving a new understanding of the construct of atoms in nature, then we cannot avoid trying to explain the causes of the properties of radioactive elements. In the new paradigm, the reasons for the radioactivity of elements and isotopes become perfectly clear.

The explanation is simple enough. In vibrational flows, if the structure of atoms is broken, it has an unbalanced, defective character, therefore, vibrations lead to distortion during vibrations. It's like an internal combustion engine, some cylinders of which stop functioning - it starts shaking and running. Likewise, the atoms of such a defective element, to varying degrees, depending on the defectiveness and imbalance, are unstable and unstable from vibrations. This is their distortion and leads to the fact that vibrations entail the decay of defective elements, which in turn cause ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is also the result of the transition of element vibrations to lower frequency values. Radioactivity is vibrational energy expressed in low frequency form. When the element is stable, when it is «healthy» - that is balanced, stable, vibration has another, higher-frequency character that fills nature with a "Qi transcoder".

Radioactive isotopes of chemical elements are variations of elements of an imperfect species. Their creation requires either disturbance of stability and balance inside atoms as a result of various types of influences, for example, bombardment with elementary particles, or a combination of factors leading to such an imbalance. Therefore, radioactive elements can be obtained mainly outside of Cold Fusion. While Cold Fusion is the transition of balanced vibrations into a newly transformed element.

In radioactive elements, CHI energy is distorted by lower vibration frequency, and therefore, instead of it, distorted energy flows - alpha, beta, gamma radiation, neutron radiation - are broadcast outside. That is, destructive streams. By evaluating the power of these destructive radiations, at the same time, one can estimate the potential energy of a "healthy" element. These are approximately the same energetic values. But this is already the energy of life, and this is a very energy-intensive flow. It is just what all living organisms need. On the other hand, just as radioactive elements have half-lives, also stable elements lose their internal energy over time.
Use of elements obtained by cold nuclear fusion in medicine
The possibility of human use of "fresh" elements obtained by the artificial process of Cold Nuclear Fusion allows one to create qualitatively new methods of shaping human health. That's right - formations.

As a result of natural processes, large amounts of "fresh" elements and new mutations enter the atmosphere, soil, and water. Directly or through a complex food chain, they enter the human body. However, per person, these are absolutely insignificant units. As calculations show, these are thousandths of micrograms. That is, billionths of a gram, even if it is at the epicenter of a volcano.

But what is in nature today is still enough for the active life of organisms, including humans. Nevertheless, it is possible that the early entry into biological circulation of "fresh" elements was more intense. At the same time, it is known that human biological potential is not less than 140 years old. His brain is active and requires activity. But, lack of energy pursues a person. The body does not receive the necessary vital energy, it does not produce the necessary biochemical processes and wears out ahead of time.

Therefore, artificially obtained elements as a result of the controlled process of Cold Nuclear Fusion will become a step in solving the problems of the human body.

It is already possible to produce small amounts of artificially created elements, creating conditions for the course of cold nuclear fusion. The Synthestech project implements this task. The cost of the raw materials obtained is still very high. However, the doses of "fresh" elements that a person needs are also negligible. This is shown by the information of ancient healers, the experiments of Paracelsus. The transmutation of elements to maintain human health is a new step in the medicine of the future. In a couple of years, this will become the basis of an active lifestyle.

Vladislav Karabanov, Head of the Synthetech project

The author's Postscript
This material is not intended to be complete. We are still opening the veil. There is still much to be completed and corrected by practice. For it proves and will prove everything. However, the path seems to be clear. Although we initially stated in the project that we are not engaged in the scientific activities, confirmation and theories, but only the practical part, however, the article contains a summarized new understanding of the physics of matter.
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