Coronavirus, white blood cells,
immunity and SYNTHESIT
It can be assumed that in the future SYNTHESIT can help a person infected with coronavirus to recover. We do not have experimental data on the receiving of SYNTHESIT by people with a diagnosis of coronavirus. However, the latest information indicates that there is a certain probability of the possible effectiveness of SYNTHESIT in strengthening immunity for the prevention of coronavirus.
Coronavirus is primarily dangerous by the inflammation that it causes in an infected person. Most deaths are due to pneumonia. It is logical to assume that if you help the body reduce the inflammatory process, the patient will quickly recover.

This hypothesis was tested by Chinese doctors using stem cells that were input to an infected patient with an interval of 3 days.

Quote: "In 12 days, the patient's condition improved significantly: the number of leukocytes returned to normal, as the most of physiological parameters. On computer tomogram, doctors also noticed the disappearance of inflammation foci in the lungs, and the patient was discharged from the intensive care unit. (Source)

As a result, stem cells with suppression of the immune response and a decrease in the level of leukocytes, led the patient to get rid of pneumonia and the body began to be cured of with coronavirus.

SYNTHESIT decreased white blood cell count and reduces inflammation in most of those who took it.

SYNTHESIT can help the body to decrease white blood cell counts and stop inflammation. The most people who analysed blood before and after taking SYNTHESIT, the level of leukocytes in the blood decreased. In addition, people taking SYNTHESIT signs of inflammation disappeared , as evidenced by the testimonies of our interviewees: joint inflammation ceased; wounds, bruises and cuts healed more quickly; tissues regenerate quickly; flu or acute respiratory infections passed faster and immunity became stronger. Many of those who took SYNTHESIT did not get sick at all (in the winter of the 2019-2020 flu season).

Experiments on mice conducted at the federal research institute of medical primatology showed that SYNTHESIT helps to create a phenomenal supply of stem cells in bone marrow that is necessary for the health and well-being, for the the fight against viruses and infections, for the regeneration of organs and tissues, and for the strengthening of immunity.

SYNTHESIT is able to help the body in the area of the main source of life - the hematopoiesis system, responsible for the division of stem cells, called hematopoiesis. Hematopoiesis is located in the bone marrow and stores stem cells, which, if necessary, give life to new cells, including immune cells. Thus, our body grows, renews itself, and most importantly - is treated and resists infection.
Dr. Daniele Macchini, in connection with the huge number of deaths in Italy, said: "Medicines used to fight with coronavirus are few. Let's face it: it all depends only on our body - one hope that it will be cured by its own." This statement of the Italian doctor means one thing - it is necessary to strengthen the immune system. You can only rely on the strength of your own body. Therefore, more elderly people die from coronavirus - they have weaker immunity and less number of stem cells.
SYNTHESIT is not a medicine. SYNTHESIT - a mineral obtained using low-energy nuclear reactions.The nature of the biogenic effects of such elements is not clear yet; we can only rely on phenomenology. It has been experimentally found that the synthesized mineral SYNTHESIT has tremendous biogenic potential, can increase immunity and stop inflammatory processes, as evidenced by the reviews of people who took it. In addition, SYNTHESIT increases the number of stem cells from which new immunity cells appear.

Today, the effect of SYNTHESIT on reducing the level of leukocytes and inflammation, as well as accelerating the regeneration of organs and tissues in those who take it, is found.

The whole world is looking for a cure for coronavirus. The value of human health is growing.

Chinese doctors took a step forward in the fight against coronavirus - introduced stem cells, reduced the number of leukocytes and saved the patient. The Italian doctor opened the truth - immunity decides in the fight against coronavirus.

Perhaps in the future it will not be necessary to introduce alien stem cells in order to increase their number in the body. It will not be necessary to stimulate the immune system.

As it is already clear to us, SYNTHESIT can help the body reduce the level of leukocytes, restore energy, reduce inflammation and produce the necessary number of stem cells for maximum immunity and a healthy life. And this is one of the most important tasks in the fight against such new challenges of our time as coronavirus.
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