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Since receiving the reliable information that Synthesit increases the number of stem cells and does not have any toxic effects, many people have experienced the phenomenal properties of this mineral. Download the scientific article (PDF).

Synthesit is a miracle that became possible by many years of research and development in the field of cold nuclear fusion.

On this page you can see reviews on Synthesit and evidence about how to fill the deficit of "living" - fresh, just received trace elements, Synthesit helps the body to restore its true, natural potential and increase the number of stem cells that are the source of life and renewal of the human's body.

P.S. This material is constantly updated. Fresh reviews appear at the top of the article.

2 years suffered from a trophic ulcer. And SYNTHESIT did the incredible in 2 weeks

The review of a doctor and a pictures of a trophic ulcer, which miraculously began to be cured in an elderly woman who received SYNTHESIT. For two years, a woman suffered from a terrible disease, which modern medicine does not cure. Two years of suffering almost ended in two weeks and 1 day of taking SYNTHESIT, a bio-effective mineral obtained by cold synthesis.
Energy, strength, recovery and other exceptional features of the mineral. Review. (Please, use english subtitles)

The Vice-President of the Union of CHIR SPORTS and CHERLIDING OF RUSSIA gave a detailed interview about his acquaintance with SYNTHESIT - a mineral that increases the number of stem cells.
In an interview, Sergey described all the sensations and beneficial effects that he and his son-athlete managed to feel in 12 days of taking SYNTHESIT. Increasing strength and endurance, solving nose-problems, improving mood, stabilizing mood and calm, as well as reducing sleep time and many other details are carefully described and described.
If you have questions for Sergey, you can ask him personally on social networks:
Mikhail: "I am sending a report on my observations and actions of Synthesit. I hope it will be useful and maybe even be used for advisory and promotional purposes."
Mikhail described in detail the thirty-day experience with SYNTHESIT. Every day, he recorded changes in his physical and mental well-being. Being initially relatively healthy, he noticed many beneficial changes over the 30 days: weight loss by 5.5 kg, a serious increase in stamina and strength, decrease inflammatory processes and much more, you can learn from the detailed text presented to us by Mikhail

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The mineral, which increases the number of stem cells for maximum health, helped Vladimir (66 years old) restore the lost part of the finger. There was a regeneration of the amputated pad for the shortest time. All tissues recovered. The hand regained working capacity and sensitivity, that is a real miracle. In the article you will see photos and a chronology of all events. You can also watch a video interview with Vladimir, which was recorded in the middle of the regeneration process.

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A lot of amazing effects (more than 15). He used synthesit just for 28 days. Just look this video.

Please, use english subtitles.
Vladimir from Krasnodar (husband of Lyubava, whosre review is located below). Took Synthesit for 1 capsule for 10 days. Vladimir did not recover a serious injury - the fingertip was amputated. The injury was bleeding and hurt for many days, until Vladimir began to take Synthesit. On the fourth day of receiving, the condition began to improve dramatically, the pain began to subside, bleeding decreased and the wound began to regenerate quickly.

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Lyubava from Krasnodar. 10 days took Synthesit for 1 capsule. One of the first to feel the powerful energy effect of Synthesit. Previously, we received data that Synthesit works not only at the physical level. Her review is a good example of such a powerful impact.

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A spermogram of our testing person who prefers to remain anonymous. As part of testing the biogenic effect of Synthesit, the effect on reproductive function was tested. We give an example of the last spermogram. An increase in sperm motility and vitality, a decrease in the number of immobile sperm, indicate serious favorable changes in the body, which Synthesit helps to realize. On the left, we supplemented the table with old data from the first analysis of the test, which he did before starting Synthesit.
Sergey from Moscow (63 years old) is one of the first people who started taking Synthesit. Cleansing the body, a surge of energy, restoration of strength, increased immunity. Watch this interview with Project Manager Vladislav Karabanov, there are really impressive results.

Please, use english subtitles.
Review about Synthesit of Eugene (50 years old) from St. Petersburg. Stamina has grown by almost 100%. Eugene noted a significant improvement in immunity, increased concentration and an almost twofold increase in stamina in three weeks of taking SYNTHESIT. In addition, Eugene noted a significant increase in immunity. Blood tests performed by Eugene before and during the receiving showed a significant improvement in characteristics and the beginning of liver recovery (Eugene was diagnosed with fatty hepatosis).

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The first video interview with Olga from Moscow. Improving overall well-being, increasing energy, improving sleep and getting rid of nocturnal numbness of the limbs - these are the most serious changes that Olga noticed during the three-week period of taking Synthesit.

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A month later, Olga gave a second interview about taking Synthesit. Olga took breaks in taking the mineral and they slightly reduced the effect of getting rid of night numbness of the limbs, however, the overall energy, activity and immunity remain at the same level, despite the breaks in taking Synthesit. For the entire period of acute respiratory viral infection and flu, Olga never got sick, in addition, she was allergic to chemicals that sprinkle the roads of Moscow.

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Review of Ivan from Moscow (37 years old) about taking Synthesit for a month. As a result, his immunity improved, his stamina increased and strength characteristics increased, the onset of varicose veins on his legs passed, his sleep improved, his appetite decreased.

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Employees of the company also take Synthesit. For example, one of the employees (Alexander, 38 years old) noted the following improvements during the 20-day intake of Synthesit:
+ stop hair loss
+ doubled endurance (measurements were carried out on a series of push-ups)
+ cessation of pain in joints, ligaments and cervical spine
+ reduced sleep time
The following 3 pictures are screenshots and translations from the personal correspondence of the Synthestech Project Manager Vladislav Karabanov. A person who is 50 years old writes, where he gives three examples from personal experience and leaves an impressive review about Synthesit. Please note that these people divided 1 package into three people.
Hello, Vladislav Alexandrovich!
Once again, I thank you for that bottle of Synthesit that I think was yours …
I will briefly report the results of receiving. I divided into halves of capsules, pouring them into empty similar capsules.
For better absorption, I drank it with prolonged vitamin C and vitamin B12.

1st person.
I personally. 50 years. 115 kg. I was taking it for 9 days by half a capsule. Initially, I was extremely positive, did not exclude miracles.
The effect was noticed almost immediately, the next day.
Improvement: mood, vitality, flexibility of joints, muscle strength, springiness, elastic warm skin, speed of reactions and movements, ease of breathing, sleep, edema decreased, lack of fatigue. When walking, I had the feeling that I could go on for days - as much as I wanted.
Grip has greatly increased - fingers and brushes!
I did not restrain myself in food, I got a couple of kilograms on the scales, but visually I lost weight.
I was not ill with anything either before, during, or after the course of Synthesit (35 days passed after the end of the intake).
Sometimes I took pills to relieve pressure, which I constantly take without Synthesit. I did not check the pressure, but rather for the order I took.
2nd person.
Features: bad condition. Dizziness began, and several times fell forward by an unexplained reason.
My mother. 82 years old. 90 kg She was taking it for 15 days by half a capsule. Initially, she was quite skeptical.
I noticed the effect after 3 days. I definitely began to sleep better, I stopped waking up at night, my sleep became sound, calm and full.
When walking, a great decrease in fatigue. Previously, I walked a little more than an hour, and during and after, it was easy for about 2 hours.
Dizziness passed, the fall stopped.
A week after the end of the intake, I caught a cold and got bronchitis. Now it's already cured.
At the moment, 30 days have passed since the end of the receiving.
3rd person.
Features: after oncology.
Woman. 50 years. 62 kg. I was taking it for 16 days by half a capsule. Initially, I was extremely positive, did not exclude miracles.
Features: after oncology, the course of hard chemotherapy (doxorubicin + cyclofasfamide, paclitaxel) ended a year ago.
The condition at the beginning of receiving was weakened by chemistry, treatment side effects, severe polyneuropathy of the arms and legs.
I noticed the effect almost immediately, the next day.
Improvement: mood, stable steady mood and well-being (preserved), feeling like after yoga (gone after the end of the intake), restoration of appetite (preserved)
joint flexibility (preserved), muscle strength (preserved), elastic warm skin (preserved),
speed of reaction and movements (weakens after the end of reception),
restoration of coordination of movements (preserved),
ease of breathing (preserved), sleep (gone after the end of admission).
Grip has greatly increased - fingers and brushes!
Symptoms of polyneuropathy are greatly reduced.
Polyneuropathy is not treated with drugs, in quite rare cases, the body is self-healing.
I didn't restrain in food; the weight lost during chemotherapy is slowly being restored.
I was not ill with anything, either before, during, or after the course of Synthesit (30 days have passed since the end of the intake).
Rapid disappearance of bruises after injections - 3 times faster.
Reception of Synthesit is currently continuing in several countries around the globe. We are constantly receiving new information, which we will partially cover and update this article.
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