There is 100% of oxygen in the blood with Synthesit
The level of oxygen in the blood is measured as a percentage. If the measurement shows 95%, it means that 95% of hemoglobin carries oxygen and 5% does not.

The level of oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2) is one of the main indicators used to determine whether a patient needs to be given oxygen through a mask and whether they need artificial ventilation.
The healthy people's blood oxygen saturation level is 95%.
At a level of less than 94%, the human condition is a concern, and at 90%, WHO suggests using an oxygen mask, since the tissues do not receive enough oxygen.

If the SpO2 level is below 90%, the risk of hypoxemia increases. This is a lack of oxygen in the blood.
We measure the blood oxygen level of our office employees who take Synthesit.

In the morning before taking Synthesit, the oxygen level was 98%.
And this is certainly a very good indicator.

But 15 minutes after taking Synthesit, the pulse oximeter showed 100% oxygen.
This is a very powerful indicator that says that it is possible to achieve almost complete oxygen saturation up to 100% with Synthesit. This measurement, of course, does not provide strictly medical data. Saturation also depends on other factors.

However, these data allow us to draw a certain conclusion about the positive effect of Synthesit.

Synthesit formulation contains iron obtained in a special way. And iron is the main trace element in the structure of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen.

There are no analogues of Synthesit

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