Synthesit almost doubles the activation of anti-aging gene Klotho
Scientific studies have shown that the genetic mechanism of Synthesit action maintains overall health and prolongs youth
The latest sensational research findings have proven our hypothesis to be true that the bioactive Synthesit mineral works at the genetic level as well promoting (activating) Klotho gene expression by 1.9 times.

In vitro research was conducted at the Federal Research Center of Fundamentals of Biotechnology, Moscow.

It has been scientifically proven that Klotho gene expression contributes to the normalization of growth hormone (GH) production, prevents the aging of the body and the development of impaired glucose tolerance (type 2 diabetes mellitus), cerebral blood flow impairment and coronary heart disease. The Klotho gene also promotes B-cell differentiation and prevents the development of osteoporosis.

The graph below shows an increase in the activity of the Klotho gene when the use of Synthesit. This is a phenomenal result. This action has no analogs.
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Fig. qRT-PCR Klotho transcription analysis relative to GAPDH expression level (n=3, *** p-value < 0,001)
The beneficial effect of Synthesit action on the Klotho gene is another complement to the previously obtained scientific data that Synthesit increases the number of stem cells by 2.45 times (link), helps to reduce age-related values of blood biochemistry up to 40% (Alt, Ast, Cholesterol levels) (link), suppresses the growth of cancer cells (link), reduces the activity of "harmful" Adenosine Deaminase and Xanthine Oxidase enzymes (link), thereby protecting cells from destruction, counteracting free radicals and promoting tissue respiration.

The study was performed by Darya Kaplun, Jr. Scientist, Biology at the Federal Research Center of Fundamentals of Biotechnology, Moscow.

Read the full scientific research document below.
The result of the beneficial effect and the increase in Klotho gene expression by almost 2 times may seem to be biohacking, but this term is not relevant regarding Synthesit action. Synthesit is an assistant (helper), it does not edit the gene, does not interfere with the genome, but activates it. Therefore, the proper term that can be used for Synthesit, is not biohacking, but biohelping.
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