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SYNTHESIT is a revolutionary product for restoring health and prolonging youth. It has no analogues. No product has such a powerful biogenic effect. To date, there are more than 30 beneficial changes in the body that are caused by the live mineral SYNTHESIT.

Most importantly, SYNTHESIT can help the body to restore and increase the number of useful stem cells. They are the source of our youth, health and quality of life. With age, the number of stem cells decreases to 1 stem cell per 1,000,000 normal cells. Whereas a newborn has 1 stem cell that serves fro only 10,000 normal cells. Health, duration and quality of life depend on the quantity and quality of stem cells.

We remind you that for foreign orders, PayPal payment and fast delivery via DHL are available.

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P.S. We remind you that the body can improve the biochemical processes and restore the hematopoietic system more effectively with the additional use of B vitamins (B1, B6, B12). These vitamins are an important condition for the biochemical processes involved by SYNTHESIT to function to the full potential.
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