Synthesit separates aggregated (clumped) erythrocytes
Microscopic observations
Aggregation (agglutination) of erythrocytes is caused by inflammatory and systemic diseases, aging and adverse environmental factors. Erythrocyte agglutination disrupts blood microcirculation and limits oxygen supply to all cells of the body.

Problems with microcirculation can lead to the development of heart failure, arterial hypertension and cardiac arrhythmias. Insufficient microcirculation in the brain and eye tissues leads to chronic fatigue syndrome; depressive conditions, and decreased vision quality.

Aggregation (agglutination) of erythrocytes increases the prevalence of vascular damage and the development of thrombosis, which can lead to heart attacks, strokes and local ischemia - cell death due to oxygen deprivation.

Erythrocyte agglutination accompanies a huge number of various diseases, and it can only be fought with long-term treatment. This means that during all the therapy course, from several days to several years, a person continues to suffer from complications caused by aggregation of red blood cells. This was the case before the appearance of Synthesit - a unique product that has no analogues and is completely safe.

Below, in the microscope video, at a 1000x magnification, you can see the result of the Synthesit unique action. It is important that anyone can test this effect on their own using the services of the nearest medical laboratory.

Synthesit intake separates erythrocytes from long chains into individual cells within an hour. This is a phenomenal effect of the Synthesit, which restores the ability of erythrocytes to carry oxygen to normalize cardiovasculature activity and re-awake your own body energy and vitality.
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