SYNTHESIT is the prevention of heart attacks and strokes
The discovery was presented in Geneva in October 2019.
SYNTHESIT activates the body's hematopoietic system.
The effect is proven.
SYNTHESIT helps to thin the blood and restore basic functions of the body.

SYNTHESIT is a serious help in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

It has no analogues.
Dietary supplement, not a drug.
20 capsules in each pack (1 course for a month).
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The effect of SYNTHESIT on the human body has no analogues.
Our clients note the following effects:
  • Improves skin
    The majority of buyers noted an improvement in the skin and nail structure.
  • Faster healing of wounds
    Acceleration of regenerative functions of the body.
  • Hair loss stops
    Stops hair loss, improves their condition, stops gray hair.
  • Does not cause drowsiness
    Increased stamina, increased mindfulness and concentration.
  • Less need for food
    Improves the work of the entire digestive tract. The amount of visceral fat decreases.
  • And much more
    There are more than 30 beneficial effects on the body.
SYNTHESIT is a real elixir of energy and health
Impressive microscope result.
The advantages of SYNTHESIT
Synthesit is an innovative product that has no analogues.
    First presented in Geneva, Switzerland in October 2019.
    Available since 2020.
  • Powerful stimulation of the body
    Rapid strengthening of the immune system. Detoxification of the body, normalization of biochemistry.
  • Activation of the hematopoietic system
    Fast and safe blood thinning. Improving blood biochemical parameters.
  • No toxic effect
    Proved by experimental data in the Federal research Institute.
Quotes from our customers:
On our channel, you can read dozens of interviews with people whom Synthesit has helped.
  • Alex
    My job is related with blood testing. So I know firsthand how many people suffer from thick blood. I was surprised at the phenomenal effects of Synthesit, I've never seen such effects before.
  • Sergey
    My mother is 63 years old, after taking Synthesit, her symptoms of thrombophlebitis, symptoms of cardiopulmonary failure and many other diseases have decreased.
  • Michail
    My cardiovascular system has improved, and my arrhythmia symptoms have completely disappeared. In addition, I feel a surge of strength, calmness, I got rid of the pain in my joints. Breathing became easier.
  • Olga
    Synthesit helped bring my husband back to life after a severe brain operation and subsequent coma. Less than a month later, he said the first words, despite the fact that the doctors discharged him from the hospital, considering that he would never come out of a serious condition.
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