SYNTHESIT™ is getting closer
SYNTHESIT has no analogues either in the value of the beneficial effect on the body, nor in the number of favorable changes that the body is able to implement while taking SYNTHESIT
The most important is that SYNTHESIT helps to increase the number of useful stem cells. Stem cells are the foundation of our life and health. In a newborn the ratio of stem cells to ordinary is 1 stem cell per 10,000 ordinary cells, in an adult - 1 in 100,000, and in an elderly 1 stem cell serves 1,000,000 ordinary cells. The quantity and quality of stem cells determines the duration and quality of life. Due to them, our body is renewed, the immune system receives new protective cells, all organs and tissues are restored. There are no analogues to SYNTHESIT.

Although we still have a queue, the waiting time for SYNTHESIT packages has reduced. Orders made from 05/12/2020 will be dispatched within 4 weeks from the date of payment of SYNTHESIT Iron packages.

We remind you that PayPal and fast delivery via DHL are available for foreign orders.
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