Synthesit helps getting rid of psoriasis
The discovery was presented in Geneva in October 2019.
Synthesit helps to treat psoriasis by reducing and normalization of ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), blood thinning, and restoring basic body functions.
High efficiency.
Synthesit helps to treat psoriasis by reducing and normalization of ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), blood thinning, and restoring basic body functions.

SYNTHESIT is a significant support in the prevention and treatment of psoriasis.

It has no analogues.
Dietary supplement, not a drug.
20 capsules in each pack (1 course for a month).
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The full effect of SYNTHESIT on the human body has no analogues.
Our customers note the following positive effects:
  • Symptoms of psoriasis disappear
    The majority of customers noted an improvement in the skin and nail texture. Symptoms of psoriasis, nail and foot fungus disappear.
  • Sores heal faster
    Acceleration of regenerative body functions.
  • Hair loss prevention
    Improving the condition of hair, nails and skin.
  • Increase stamina
    Increase in physical endurance, motivation and working capacity.
  • Decrease Binge Eating
    Improves the entire digestive tract. The amount of visceral fat decreases.
  • And many others
    There are more than 30 positive changes on the body.
SYNTHESIT is a real elixir of health and recovery
Phenomenal results
With the consent of our customer, we publish the test results of her daughter, who got rid of psoriasis, reduced ESR in the period from May to September 2020 from 46 units to 10 units.
Our customers quotes:
  • Pavel
    38 years old. Russia
    Eczema often appeared on the right hand, it took a long time to heal and caused pain and discomfort. Any ointments and doctors ' recommendations did not help. On the fifth day taking Synthesit, eczema completely disappeared. That's a real miracle!
  • Andrey and Yulia
    Family review
    The child before taking Synthesit had severe dermatitis on both hands, huge red crusts, any ointments or pills did not help.On the third day of taking Synthesit, we found that there were just small dark spots. The dermatitis is completely gone ! To be honest, we didn't expect such an effect!
  • Artem
    The papillomas that I tried to remove several times are now gone. It disappeared after taking Synthesit on the fifteenth day. My skin before was cracked and peeling on the fingers, but this problem was resolved on the seventh day of taking Synthesit.
  • Attending doctor
    About a patient with a trophic ulcer
    The patient is 80 years old. Trophic ulcer of the middle third of the lower leg, occurred 2 years ago. The patient took Synthesit during two weeks: the wound healed and the plague significantly decreased.A significant effect occurred after two weeks of reception of Synthesit.
On our channel you can find dozens of interviews with people who have already been helped by Synthesit
The advantages of SYNTHESIT
Synthesit is an innovative product that has no analogues.
  • New generation product
    The discovery was presented in Geneva in October 2019.
    Released in 2020.
  • Strong body stimulation
    Rapid strengthening of the immune system. Blood thinning, detoxification of the body, normalization of biochemistry.
  • Rejuvenation of the body
    Most customers noted that Synthesit is the elixir of youth.
  • No toxic side effects
    Proved by experimental data in the Federal research Institute.
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