SYNTHESIT compensates for the lack of minerals
Over the past 50 years, the amount of minerals and vitamins in food has decreased by 96% on some indicators. Just think about this number and ask yourself why people are suffering from headaches increasingly, having their joints ache, blood pressure going up and down and why a full night's sleep has become a pipe dream.

The modern generation is literally obsessed with the idea of a healthy lifestyle, prolonging youth and striving for a long active life. By the word 'generation', we mean not just young people, but also people of different ages, who at their age feel like they are still 20 years old.

In stores, customers buy up 'healthy' vegetables and fruit (grown in a greenhouse), dairy products (actually made of powdered milk), they substitute sugar for honey (which is sometimes the same sugar syrup with thickening agents).

And then they set a beautiful table with 'healthy' meals, take photos for Instagram – that's how I take care of my health. A complete set of minerals and micronutrients in each plate from the 'farmer uncle John', whom no one has ever seen. What does the consumer actually get?
The gifts of nature or a placebo
In fact, these are fruit and vegetables collected unripe for transportation with maximum preservation of marketable state. Plus the maximum dose of pesticides per square meter of planting, which kills all life in the fertile soil and takes away the power of plants.

When was the last time you have seen a herd of cows peacefully munching fresh grass on green meadows, which we have in abundance here in Russia? We are not talking about animals from a private farmstead, but about large livestock that produces milk on an industrial scale. They have not been seen for a long time – cows are kept indoors all year round, and it is sunlight that is a key component in the chain of vitamin D production.

As a result, we drink unhealthy milk, eat useless vegetables and fruits, and endocrinologists, immunologists and nutritionists are clutching their head: the most correct, perfectly balanced diet does not meet the needs of a modern human being in vitamins and micronutrients.

Is there a way out of this situation?
The importance of minerals
Let's refer to the facts – the experience of real doctors is much more expressive than conjectures and assumptions.

What threatens a person with a lack of vitamins and minerals:

· Hair loss;

· Brittle nails, dry skin;

· Endocrine disorders;

· Hormonal failures (possible infertility for women);

· Dermatitis and other rashes;

· Drowsiness, fatigue, irritability;

· Reduced working capacity.

Complete iron deficiency primarily affects the supply of cells and internal organs with oxygen. The quality of life and immunity significantly decrease, the risk of infectious diseases increases sharply and tachycardia may occur.

Are you ready to make up your mind to this?

SYNTHESIT as a source of life energy
Day by day SYNTHESIT is gaining more and more popularity due to the tremendous effect on the human body in terms of health improvement.

Iron obtained by cold nuclear fusion is a real "Golden key" to the natural storerooms that support life on our planet. This is a fundamentally new fresh element - an analog of natural material that gives energy to all living creatures - mammals. And today, owing to many years of work and efforts of researchers and scientists, SYNTHESIT has become a source of life-giving power of a new generation.

The innovative product is based on modified iron, the isotopic composition of which contains a smaller amount of the heavy 58th isotope. As a result, the main component has obtained new additional functions:

  • Effective assistance to the mammalian hematopoietic system;

  • Restoration of natural functions of the body;

  • Comprehensive health improvement.

Why did people live formerly for so long? Nature itself provided them with healing power – live natural elements, healing springs and hot springs. Today, SYNTHESIT has become the source of energy and health.
Source of natural minerals
There are not many products and medications that are suitable for almost everyone. SYNTHESIT is perfectly absorbed by the body without any side effects.

Some consumers still consider the capsules of this product as 'magic pills' for all diseases. And we can see their point – after taking just one capsule, the body seems to come to life and reboot itself. You must agree that it is difficult to find an explanation for this.

But there is! Iron in SYNTHESIT contributes to the formation of new, healthy stem cells – the hematopoietic system, internal organs and systems of the mammalian body are updated and begin to work to the full extent.

SYNTHESIT just launched the process of healing and rejuvenation - shared with you the energy of nature for a long active life.
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