Synthesit™ and treatment for coronavirus.
Or a colossal help to the body in self-healing
Every new discovery creates a thousand doubts in people, and this is quite natural. This fate was meant for many medicinal drugs, without which we can't imagine modern medicine. Thus, in former times residents of dozens of cities died from deadly diseases without antibiotics or vaccines.

Today, the world is facing an epidemic of the new covid-19 virus. In the modern world, where scientific and technological progress is developing at a rapid pace, at first people were in no power to face the disease, which spreads like a plague around the world.

But are we so helpless against the Covid-19? Perhaps the appearance on the market of SYNTHESIT is not a pure accident, but a pattern dictated by a new challenge.
The story from Saint-Petersburg
No matter how great the theory is - the evidence and practical experience of real people always sound much more convincing. Practice is the criterion of truth.

Meet Yevgeny Anatolyevich, a resident of the Northern capital.

He was one of the first who learned about SYNTHESIT and decided to test the effect of the "elixir of youth" in practice.

Periodically, he took SYNTHESIT during 7 months, from the first week he felt a surge of strength, Increase of working capacity, no colds and poor health – the immune system started to work at full strength.

In the spring of 2020, Evgeniy Anatolyevich decided to take a break and did not take the product for some time.

Unfortunately, this moment coincided with the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic.

It is impossible to avoid contact with other people in the subway and any public transport in the big city …so Evgeniy's wife got sick with coronavirus and immediately after this he got sick himself.

This time the only right decision was made – to take SYNTHESIT again, but now do it together.

At once they noted positive dynamic:

- Chest pain is gone;

- Improved health;

Previously, Evgeniy's wife refused to use SYNTHESIT. She was a doctor by profession and was skeptical about all this story with rejuvenate of her husband.

In 20 days after he started taking SYNTHESIT, Evgeniy closed the sick leave letter and returned to work.

Details about this story (English subtitles are also available):
How does SYNTHESIT™ affect on the human body
Coronavirus infection has infected millions of people around the world. This is a serious disease with a high risk of death from pneumonia, especially it afflicts the elderly.

Scientists have hypothesized that the cause of death of the patient is not exactly the inflammation of the lungs, but the impact of the virus on hemoglobin. This important protein delivers oxygen from the lungs to the cells of the whole body and other way around - transports carbon dioxide to the lungs.

According to the results of research, an aggressive protein was detected in the Сoronavirus. In simple words, the protein invaded the hemoglobin core and displaced the iron from it. The protein lost its functions and as a result – total hypoxia and organ dysfunction.

How does the body react? Throws all its strength for solving the problem. The heart pumps blood at full capacity, increases pulmonary ventilation – the organism is working hard. Not every young healthy body can stand such a stress, but oldest people stand it worse. Besides this an additional compensatory mechanism is activated for the production fetal hemoglobin. We have written before about this in our post:

Synthesit is exactly what you need in such situation. It doesn't treat by itself , it just gives the body the strength, energy, and material to restore the stem cells such needed to maintain health. New and healthy stem cells give life to old and diseased blood cells, organs, and the immune system. When the human reserves are used up, SYNTHESIT will start the process of self-healing.

That is why there is an opinion that taking this product for a prevention and cure of coronavirus as an additional method is not prohibited – practice has shown that the innovative development works.
Quick help for a body
Nature has given the strength in the human body for normal functioning in various life situations – to cope with physical and mental workload, hunger, thirst, stress. Another question is that these forces are not unlimited, the resource and immunity are spent over time.

SYNTHESIT does not cure, it helps the body to recover and heal itself. This is a revolutionary product that has no analogues. Small quantities of such useful elements are found in hot healing springs, in Himalayan salt. But the concentration in such sources is extremely small.

For almost 50 years, science has been working towards this discovery, meticulously developing new technologies for transforming some elements into others to produce fundamentally new substances. And the result is excellent.
New technologies and human health
What makes modified iron SYNTHESIT unique: in the process of its interaction with the mammalian body, the number of healthy stem cells increases significantly, which have a beneficial effect on the hematopoietic function. And this is just one example of more than 30 facts noted in practice in the list of positive dynamics.

SYNTHESIT is only the "first swallow" in a chain of new discoveries in the scientific and medical sphere. And the potential of these new materials is huge.

You should not be afraid of Covid-19 when you have Synthesit!
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