Action of Synthesit™ on oncological disease.
First facts of the biogenic effect.
We receive many questions regarding the possible positive effect of Synthesit in cancer treatment.

We understand the concern and reason for the large amount of questions if Synthesit is able to affect cancer cells. The incidence of cancer has actually increased over the past decades.

Recent scientific studies of Synthesit have confirmed that it significantly suppresses cancer cells. The in vitro studies have shown that the survival rate of intestinal and lung cancer cells ranged from 12% to 16%, while normal cells were not affected. In addition, a powerful anti-inflammatory effect has been proven. For full details, see the following research paper (LINK)

At the end of May 2020, we received the first evidence that Synthesit is able to help in cancer treatment. The bio effective mineral helped an elderly man to reduce a tumor size by 3 times, and the tumor was a result of stomach cancer. That was stage IV.

Bio effective Synthesit Iron mineral is not a medicine. It's a groundbreaking product. It's a 'live' element. The body uses it as fuel, as a source of energy and strength for optimization of its biochemical processes. By receiving Synthesit, the body gains a new opportunity to trigger its self-healing mechanisms, most importantly - to increase its number of stem cells. Stem cells are the basis of life, the basis of the entire body renewal, youth, health and immunity. Experiments on mice and research studies at Federal Scientific Research Institute of Medical Primatology have shown that Synthesit is is absolutely non-toxic and can increase the number of useful stem cells by more than twice

Despite the fact that Synthesit has demonstrated its importance in this field greatly, we believe that the treatment and prevention of cancer is the primary task of medicine. In these cases, self-treatment without medical support from trusted doctors is unacceptable. Statements concerning explicit benefits of live elements are unacceptable without appropriate clinical studies. We are ready to cooperate with medical and other organizations that study this issue.
The first evidence
With Natalia's (daughter) permission, we attach photo documentation that confirms the fact of the biogenic action of live Synthesit elements against cancer.

At the end of May 2020, we were reached by a Synthesit consumer (Natalia) to share information about the way her elderly father had been able to overcome the course of severe stomach cancer with liver metastases.

Anatoly Ivanovich, born in 1947, was diagnosed with stomach cancer in autumn 2019. Anatoly refused to have the chemical therapy. As time passed, the disease was taking the last of his strength. The state of health gradually deteriorated, and the disease progressed.

In April 2020, Natalia (Anatoly's daughter) received Synthesit packages. Anatoly was taking 1 capsule per day, and in parallel, Anatoly used the medical product Derinat and vitamins B6 and B12. Derinat was administered by the intramuscular route with a 1 day interval. Vitamins were also administered intramuscularly, alternating B6 and B12 every other day.
After a month of taking Synthesit, Anatoly had another CT scan. According to an expert's conclusion, the size of the malignant stomach tumor has decreased by three times.

Doctor's diagnostic inference:

1) In October, the cancer covered an area of 34 by 45 mm, and after Synthesit intake, in May its size was reduced to 14 mm in diameter.
2) At the same time, in May 2020, liver metastases "are not clearly visualized", while in October 2019, cysts up to 5-7 mm in diameter are "detected in the right lobe of the liver".

This is a miracle, but Anatoly is recovering now and gaining his strength.

Synthesit intake continues.

Below you can see over the results of the computed tomography from 19.10.2019 and 28.05.2020

Please note that from October 2019 to the start of taking Synthesit in May, more than 6 months passed and the patient's condition got seriously worse, the cancer metastasized to other organs and tissues.
Synthesit is an innovative product of a complex health improvement.
Synthesit is based on a biogenic mineral, i.e. modified iron. Unlike ordinary iron, this iron is practically not found in nature and is a particularly valuable element. This is a 'live' element with a colossal energy power.

Experimental studies conducted at the Scientific Research Institute of Medical Primatology in Sochi proved that this modified iron plays its role in the intensification of hematopoiesis in the red bone marrow and in increasing reparative processes in the body by increasing the number of stem cells. In addition, scientific tests have established that there is no toxic effect of Synthesit on the internal organs and tissues of experimental animals during prolonged oral administration of the product.

It should be understood that Synthesit is not a medicine in the usual sense of this word, but a regulator of all biochemical processes occurring in the body. The restoration of lost functions of organs and systems is due to the restoration of internal reserves. It is the systemic effect and restoration of the hematopoietic system that explains the healing and rejuvenating effect of Synthesit on the entire body.
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