Sales start of Synthesit™
We are ready to accept payments for SYNTHESIT Iron. This is a trace-element that increases the number of stem cells more than 2 times. It has a phenomenal anti-aging and healing effect on all organs and tissues of the body, which is confirmed by many people who have already had the opportunity to experience its effect. It became possible due to our cold fusion technology. The first industrial batch will be released in March.

If you made a pre-order, tomorrow you will receive an e-mail with a promo code. It will allow you to receive SYNTHESIT from the first batch. After receiving the letter, you will have 7 days to use your promo code and receive SYNTHESIT for the FIRST TIME.

Info for investors:
In order to pay 50% of the SYNTHESIT Iron with STT tokens, you need to visit your personal account and follow the procedure for exchanging your tokens for a special code that will give you the necessary discount. Tokens are accepted at a price of $ 3.

If you miss 7-day period, then your order may be shipped later in 2020.

Instructions for exchanging your tokens for Synthesit are available at

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