Help without medication for dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and skin cracks
Among all diseases, skin pathology ranks fifth in terms of prevalence. Skin diseases cause people severe psychological discomfort, in addition to physical suffering, since their external manifestations often spoil a person's appearance and worsen the life quality.

Recently, one of our customers shared with us his joy that Synthesit helped to solve the problem with psoriasis. The consumer sent us his daughter's medical test results, who suffered from a severe form of this disease for several years. During a short period of taking Synthesit her ESR (the erythrocyte sedimentation rate) decreased from 47 units to 16 and then to 10!!! The inflammatory process has gone. The skin condition has returned to normal.
At the same time, 2 months ago, we received some data from Vladivostok, that a man suffering from a severe form of psoriatic arthritis was able to get rid of this disease. Synthesit helped the man's body.

Unfortunately, the man from Vladivostok refused to give us a review and send his photos. In any case, we thank him for the good news. We suggest You watch some videos with vital evidence of the beneficial effects of SYNTHESIT on skin restoration from eczema and dermatitis.
Watch the latest video reviews about the complex effect of Synthesit on skin, hair and other human organs and tissues. Synthesit has no analogues.
Summary of skin pathologies
The most severe chronic skin lesions include such diseases as psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis.

Atopic dermatitis typically starts in infancy and has an inheritance pattern, in 10% of cases it is chronic in adults.

Eczema is characterized by a rash on inflamed skin of itchy elements of different shapes and sizes: blisters, erosions, cracks.

Psoriasis is a systemic chronic disease that affects skin, nails and joints. It is clinically manifested by inflammation of skin with the formation of scaly plaques and skin itching. It occurs at any age and is hardly curable.

Keratosis or age spots are small skin growths, that appear to be "stuck on" the skin surface resembling moles. A limited patch of skin becomes rough, scaly and is covered with a hard crust. Keratosis most often occurs in older people.

Skin diseases are manifested by the development of spots, bumps, blisters on it, which then transform into erosions, cracks and ulcers. When a secondary infection is attached, the pathological process is compounded by purulent inflammation.

The treatment process for getting rid of skin diseases is a difficult, long and expensive undertaking. In addition, official medicine is not focused on eliminating the causes of the disease itself, but only on reducing its symptoms. Therefore, even with continuous treatment, the processes that lead to disturbance of skin structure continue to progress in there. Medications only "mask" the signs of the disease, only temporarily removing the symptoms and not completely. Short periods of remission are followed by relapses with a vivid clinical picture.
The mechanism of action of Synthesit
Synthesit is a product containing a particularly valuable mineral - iron citrate. This product is obtained as a result of cold fusion technology that has no analogues in the world.

The innovative product Synthesit as an alternative product for the treatment of skin diseases has attracted attention after the publication of scientific experimental data proving the effect of iron citrate on the activity of stem cells. Indeed, owing to the activity of stem cells, all organs and tissues are able to be renewed and regenerated.

Medicine has been studying the problems of skin health restoration (after injuries, burns, in order to promote rejuvenation) for a long time with the help of stem cells obtained from embryos. But this method cannot be considered safe, since foreign genetic material is introduced into the body, and the immune system can respond with the development of severe autoimmune diseases.

The developers of Synthesit managed to create a product that by increasing the synthesis of its own useful stem cells in the red bone marrow more than double, is able to help the body to quickly regenerate and restore damaged human skin by natural means.

The unique property of Synthesit is also that It helps the body and gives it the strength to act not on one, but on several links of the pathological process that causes skin diseases. As a result, the following rapid changes are evident:

  • reduced inflammatory processes
  • improved blood supply to affected tissues
  • increased speed of skin regeneration
  • blocking the formation of connective tissue mechanism as the cause of formation of rough scars and scars on the site of ulcers and erosions
  • health effect on the entire body
  • normalization of the emotional state of a person suffering from a dermatological disease.
    The benefits of Synthesit
    Synthesit helps the body to act on the causal factor of the disease, while medications only alleviate the symptoms.

    Synthesit is not a medicine, but it is a force, a driving factor, a fuel for the body, which gives it the power to stop the disease and its destructive work. The power that helps the body to reverse the course of the disease.

    Complex action - biogenic citrate of valuable modified iron takes part not only in the hematopoiesis process, but also in all biochemical processes occurring in the body. As a result, there is an improvement at all levels of the body's functioning. All organs and tissues undergo beneficial changes.

    The absence of toxicity, in contrast to medications used for skin pathologies treatment. This is particularly relevant for glucocorticoids, which are part of a regimen for almost all severe skin diseases.

    The healing effect of Synthesit is confirmed by numerous reviews and video reports from users of the product. These are real stories of people who got rid of skin diseases, that troubled them for years, without medications or diets.
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