Return of the pill to Tao: Synthesit
Taoism is considered to first appear in Ancient China as an ideology of wisdom, spiritual comprehension and attainment of immortality. However, the recent findings of more profound studies have shown that Taoism arose as the concept of collection of more ancient knowledge.

Taoism is widely known in modern world by means of a variety of practices, such as Qigong, acupuncture, Wushu gymnastics, Feng shui technique of mastering the space, The Yi Jing 'Book of Changes' and others. The attainment of immortality method was of great importance in Taoism.

Modern day researchers consider the attainment of immortality to be a kind of myth for some reason. The facts tell a different story though. A number of historical figures of Ancient China are known to their life expectancy up to 250 years. And a legendary long-lived Peng Zu (彭祖, "Ancestor Peng") supposedly lived over 834 years according to the legends.
In Ancient China a large cycle of various works was created concerning the issues of immortality, based on the use of Tao knowledge and technologies. The Baopuzi 抱朴子"Master embracing simplicity", a Daoist treatise written by Ge Hong 葛洪 and the Biographies of the Immortals by Liu Xiang are worth mentioning.

It is known that the essential approach to achieving immortality, in addition to spiritual practices, was a pill. The pill is a potion, an elixir of immortality, which was necessary to take in order to extend lifespan. Spiritual training, various breathing and gymnastic practices were considered as necessary, but the most important component was the pill.

There are two approaches to obtain the pill described in Tao works. One is Neidan, or internal alchemy (内丹术) and another one is Waidan, or external alchemy (外丹术).

Creating the pill using the external alchemy knowledge was based on the following ideology. In nature, the elixir of immortality can result from the transformation of a substance over millennia. However, with an external technique, the Taoist can speed up this process significantly by heating the substances in a crucible. The Baopuzi treatise provides several combined recipes for creating the elixir, including multiple fusions under various conditions.

A method of different kind was used in inner creation of the pill. According to the ideology of inner creation, the master of Tao is able to create this elixir in himself by controlling the substances inside his body. It was claimed that through many years of practice, the Taoist forms within himself the same pill of immortality. Similar to the one that occurs in the bronze crucible in the practice of external creation. In this case, also known as the Immortal Embryo (xiantai 仙胎).

However, it seems that the real reason for the internal creation technology uprise was the loss of actual external creation technology.

In 1221, Genghis Khan called on the Taoist master Qiu Changchun (1148-1227) and demanded to prepare an elixir of immortality, the sage replied that there is no such elixir, but immortality can be achieved by overcoming passions and attachments, purifying the heart and joining the Tao.

Nevertheless, there is quite clear historical information about the elixir of immortality. "A man, being blind for 100 days, once takes it - can see again, a man, being sick for 100 days - is healed, gray hair turns black again..." says Ge Hong in the Baopuzi.
It all looks like a beautiful myth. And still...
In Russia, the Synthestech Project laboratory has invented a mineral called Synthesit, which has the effect on a human body similar to those described by Ge Hong in the Baopuzi, regarding the effect of the Taoist pill.

There are hundreds of reviews from people taking Synthesit on the YouTube channel.

People begin to see better, they overcome various diseases, instead of gray hair they have it in usual pigmentation. Men regain their masculine strength, women have better skin and hair. These are quite considerable and visible signs of rejuvenation.

The effect of Synthesit has also been thoroughly investigated in several scientific studies. In mice, monkeys, and in vitro cell cultures.

Experiments on mice showed an increase in stem cells in the experimental group taking Synthesit by 2.45 times (Source), which is a phenomenal result that has no analogues. There is nothing similar to it in the world.
The number of cellular elements of all germs of hematopoiesis is within normal limits
Bone marrow of a mouse not taking iron citrate
(hematoxylin and eosin coloring, x400 scaling)
The number of cellular elements of all germs of hematopoiesis isincreased
Bone marrow of a mouse taking iron citrate
(hematoxylin and eosin coloring, x400 scaling)
Experiments with a group of rhesus monkeys taking Synthesit showed a 40% decrease in the amount of enzymes in blood that are common in sick and older animals, and as well as reduced cholesterol level (Source). And this result has no analogues too.
In vitro experiments on cell cultures of bowel and lung cancer have shown that Synthesit reduces the level of cancer cells in the culture up to 12-16%, leaving healthy cultures practically intact (Source). For a mono product against cancer cells, this is the best result that has no analogues.
Thus, Synthesit has all the qualities of the "elixir of youth", which is described in ancient sources.

According to the inventor and head of the Synthestech laboratory, Vladislav Karabanov, Synthesit itself is obtained during a series of cycles of complex electrochemical and high temperature process in accordance with the developed Know-How.

Today, Synthesit is produced in Russia and Switzerland.
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