Rejuvenation of age-related biological blood parameters with the help of Synthesit™.
Study results.
The research results were confirmed by a rigorous scientific proof of the powerful positive effect of Synthesit on body's rejuvenation processes in general and cellular structures in particular.

Since the beginning of taking Synthesit by people, we have received hundreds of responses about rejuvenation and recovery of the body, including the diseases that modern medicine considers incurable. The entire data is available in video format on our SYNTHESIT YouTube channel and in text format on our website in the REVIEWS section.

As the scientific research is completed, it may be said that the overall mechanism of rejuvenation that triggers Synthesit is clear.

Below are the reports on the scientific study and video with the inventor of Synthesit, Vladislav Karabanov.
The research was carried out at the Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology in Sochi under the supervision of the head of the laboratory of preclinical and clinical research, Gina Karal-ogly.
Studies were conducted on a group of aged primates, rhesus macaques aged 21-25 years, equal to 50-70 human years.

Findings brief:

- The study revealed that a number of age-related physiological body parameters in the primates that received Synthesit has significantly changed.

- Reduced cholesterol level by 40% that is a completely phenomenal result.

- Lowered Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) and Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) values by over 30% in the body. These are extraordinary rates. It is well known that high values of AST and ALT indicate various diseases. These values are increased with age. The lowered levels evidence that in the short period of time with the use of Synthesit animals had experienced positive changes in the body.

- Reduction of weight in all monkeys by about 5%. Monkeys began to consume less food. (This effect of Synthesit is confirmed by information from people who previously had consumed Synthesit. While maintaining the appetite, the need for food decreases and less food is required for satiation that leads to excess body weight loss).

In addition, the analyses showed that in the experimental group of aged monkeys, as a result of the use of Synthesit, normalized a number of other biochemical blood parameters.

Considering the generalized research findings about Synthesit effect on the group of aged primates, it can be stated that it contributed to a significant recovery and brought the body parameters of the aged primates to the values similar to younger age.

Also, the report contains previously obtained research data about the impact of Synthesit intake on cellular parameters of bone marrow in mice. This data rigorously proves that Synthesit intake enhances hematopoiesis and accelerates reparative processes in the bone marrow due to the increase in the number of mononuclear cells (stem cells). This means that Synthesit actually involves the process of rejuvenation and recovery of the body.
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There is considerable experience accumulated to date regarding Synthesit intake by people of different age groups. According to their reviews, regardless of age, accompanied pathologies and other factors, there was a significant improvement noted in overall health and excellent tolerability of the product.

Thus, Synthesit is a breakthrough product in the field of human health. It allows you to help the human body in both prevention and control of diseases, and in the renewal of the body. At the same time, Synthesit is not a medicine, but remains a biologically active supplement, a mineral that has no contraindications and is safe for health.
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