Phenomenal experiment results with mice. 500,000 rotations.

Half a million wheel rotations or 235 kilometers — exactly amount that mice taken Synthesit ran for several weeks of experiments, overtaking the control group by 40%. 500,000 rotations - a round number on the wheel counter, which marked the end of this experiment and confirmed that Synthesit has a huge biogenic effect on the body of a mammal.

Soon we will receive research data on organs and tissues of mice taking Synthesit. The data promise to be even more phenomenal. Analyzes will be performed at the Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology.

The results of the completed experiment are impressive. An experimental group of mice rotate a wheel more than half a million times, the exact number is 510,662 times, that amounted about 235 kilometers in 2 weeks. This result is 40% higher than the result of the control group, which made 365 096 rotations. Note that all mice are genetic twins.

The duration of the experiment directly evidence not the random, but the stable positive effect of Synthesit. For clarity, we post the video recording of the experiment (link to timelapse).

This is an impressive demonstration of the highest biogenic effect of iron obtained by cold synthesis. An increase in endurance is a direct result of experimental group of mice receiving SYNTHESIT iron. The biochemical processes that occur with the using of new iron have yet to be studied, but the fact is clear. SYNTHESIT with such qualities will be in demand in the modern world.

We got very serious results that will go down in history. At this stage, we stopped the video recording of the wheel rotation. Everything is obvious.
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