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The secret of Synthesit™
Skin is one of the external indicators of human health. An experienced doctor according to the condition of the skin, as well as its appendages - hair and nails can determine the nature of the pathology that a person suffers. So, a deficiency of the trace element as iron in the body causes a clinical characteristic of anemia in the form of dry, pale, dull skin, split hair-ends, and broken nails. All these changes occur against the backdrop of poor health, loss of strength, reduced immunity, and a tendency to frequent infectious diseases.

According to WHO statistics, 60% of the world's population has a shortage of iron in the body, and up to 1.6 billion people suffer from iron deficiency anemia.

It seems that the problem of iron deficiency is solved very simply. Are there really few iron deposits on the planet? Get this chemical element, add it to tablets or injectable solutions - and everyone is healthy and happy!

But it turned out that attempts to artificially introduce iron to the organism rarely compensate for its lack. Iron-containing medicines passed through the digestive tract, were not absorbed in the intestine, and an excess of the element in the organism led to serious consequences: liver damage, debilitating diarrhea, and hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Biological supplement Synthesit Iron

Mentions about Taoist centenarians who took special "living" trace elements found in treatises in traditional Chinese medicine. Such elements made a person healthy, young, and imperators gifted Taoist sages with treasures for the discovering this secret.

The searching for an adequate element of iron, which would be absorbed by the organism and was many times superior in its characteristics to trace elements obtained from fossil raw materials, has finally been succeeded.

The Synthestech project, for the first time in the world, as a result of cold nuclear fusion, produced microelements with enormous biogenic potential. The product line was called Synthesit, and the first mineral been on sale is Synthesit Iron.

Experimental researches have shown that the active elements of biogenic iron, integrating into enzyme systems, enhance blood formation in the bone marrow, thereby helping every cell in the body to live, breathe and develop. Finally, it has a general tonic and restorative effect on the body - there is a recovery of the systems and organs that need it.

But the most important and significant effect of the trace element of iron contained in Synthesit is an increase the number of stem cells. Synthesit can be an alternative to bone marrow transplantation. Safe and reliable.

The value of stem cells

Stem cells are precursor cells from which all tissues and organs of the human body are formed during embryogenesis. The main feature of these cells is the ability to turn into cells of any type (nerve, skin, muscle). Stem cells of adults are found almost exclusively in the blood-forming organs - the bone marrow.

The part of the stem cells are not differentiated, but remain in reserve until illnesses or injuries occur in the body. The number of stem cells in the body determines its youth and ability to quickly recover in case of damage or disease.

With age, the regenerative abilities of the body decrease, breakdowns accumulate, and the supply of stem cells is practically depleted, and they are not able to cope with the developing pathology. As a result, a person begins to sick more and more often and quickly gets old.

Taking Synthesit saturates the body with "living" trace elements, which helps to restore natural internal reserves, and by increasing the number of stem cells and enhancing their functional activity, there is an update and rejuvenation, correction of the work of all organs and systems of the body.

People already taking Synthesit as part of the project, note the following positive changes in their health status:

• Dyspnea disappears.

• Muscle strength, endurance and physical activity increases.

• Sleep-time is restored.

• Muscle and joint pain weaken.

• The severity of paresthesia is reduced - numbness of the limbs.

• The functional indicators of the liver are normalized.

• The skin improves: regenerative processes are accelerated (wound healing), acne disappears, the amount of hair falling out sharply decreases, and the nail plates are made strong and smooth.

As the energy potential of all body cells increased while taking Synthesit, almost all respondents noted increase of strength, vitality, and cheerfulness.

What the skin, hair and nails looks like, depends mostly on the general condition of the body. For those who want to keep young elastic skin, thick shiny hair and perfect nails for a long time, a solution has been found - this is an innovative product that has no analogues in the world. Synthesit.

The biogenic iron in Synthesit stabilizes metabolic processes and cellular respiration, stimulates the regeneration of skin, hair and nail cells, slows down aging, saturates the body with vital energy, and in the long term increases life time.

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