Our vivarium received experimental mice

According to our promises, the bio-effective supplement Synthesit will be tested for safety and biogenicity. The first step is testing on laboratory mice. Mice have already delivered to our vivarium. These are genetically identical individuals (SHK-lines) from a specialized nursery. Mice were acquired under an official agreement.

Our choice got on mice, because humans and mice are mammals with a 10% difference in the genetic code. Therefore, all medicines and drugs are always tested on mice in the first place. The blood system of mice and humans is the same. If the substance is safe for the mouse, if the mineral acts biologically to improve the physical characteristics of the mouse body, then it will act on human in a similar way.

The final part of mice testing will be cytological analyzes at the Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology in Sochi

The project is developing in the totally accordance with the goals and objectives.
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