Nikolay Drozdov is a zoologist, specialist in Zoogeography, Doctor of Biological Sciences, candidate of Geographical Sciences, professor of Moscow State University, beloved TV host, traveler and writer. In the list of his achievements are the TEFI award for the TV show "In the world of animals", the Albert Einstein medal, the Order of Merit for the Fatherland and the Russian Geographical Society medal award.

During the years of his scientific activity, Nikolay Drozdov has written 200 scientific articles, two dozen of books and textbooks: "Biogeography of the World", "Biogeography and the Basics of Ecology", "Ecosystems of the World", as well as a book for schoolchildren "Stories about the Biosphere".

Nikolay Drozdov is well-known as a TV host of a popular "In the World of Animals" show since in 1968 that won the TEFI award as the best popular scientific program.

Today, the scientist and beloved TV host continues his scientific and educational activities, he studies the issues of a healthy lifestyle and active longevity.
Nikolay Drozdov gives an interview
by sharing his experience of Synthesit™ intake
Drowsiness is gone, I get up early, 7 hours of sleep is enough for me, or even 6 is enough. I wake up without any laziness or despondency, I get out of the bed and start doing something at once. I didn't experience it before taking Synthesit
Nikolay Drozdov
Zoologist, specialist in Zoogeography, Doctor of Biological Sciences, candidate of Geographical Sciences, professor of Moscow State University, beloved TV host, traveler and writer
That is the way Nikolay Drozdov has described his intermediate results of the bioactive action of innovative mineral Synthesit in a few words.
Synthesit is the discovery of 2019. Innovative mineral is the result of many years of research of Synthestech Project.

The bioactive effect that Synthesit has on all body systems is truly unique and can literally transform a person's life. The main feature of this mineral is that it helps to increase the number of stem cells and even more than double it, which means that the body is able to comprehensively restore its functions, renew its organs and tissues, increase immunity and reduce biological age.
We managed to contact Nikolay Drozdov in October 2020. During several phone calls, our specialist Alexander told Nikolay about the main properties of Synthesit and sent him the results of the latest research.
By the way, during the period from 2019 to 2020, three studies were conducted, which Nikolay Drozdov got acquainted with:
Since Nikolay Drozdov is a Doctor of Biological Sciences, he was able to evaluate the results of these phenomenal studies and understand what Synthesit is and how it can help a person who has crossed the 80-year mark.
So, in mid-November 2020 Nikolay Drozdov received Synthesit packs and started taking it. After 2.5 months, Alexander got in touch with Nikolay Drozdov and found out what results this respected and cheerful person had achieved. By the way, the mood level was just off the scale and the interview turned out to be interesting and informative.

Make sure to watch this video interview, and for those who like to read, here's a text version as well.

Enjoy watching and reading!
- Nikolay Drozdov, hello! I'm very pleased to see you.

- Glad to see you too. That's a pleasure for me, Alexander, thank you for sending me your experimental new product - Synthesit that should turn me into a young man.

- Nikolay, in fact, I also express my great gratitude that you have agreed to have this video call. I want to make it clear - the product is no longer experimental, it has been existing for more than a year, it was created in 2019, and accordingly all safety studies were also completed in 2019. For those viewers who will watch us for the first time, I will say in a nutshell what this basically means.

- And I'd love to hear it once again.

- This is Synthesit, a mineral, as I said earlier, the main feature of Synthesit is that it can increase the number of healthy stem cells and activate the hematopoietic system. And here are all the effects: energy, strength, vivacity, restoration of the body at the cellular level, including the improvement of rheology, characteristics and biochemistry of blood. Nikolay, as a brief background for those viewers who will watch us, I will say that about two months ago we got in touch by phone. I told you about Synthesit and received your approval to send you our product and give it a try. We set a goal - a three-month course of Synthesit.

- A charity experiment, since you did not charge me anything, you just gave it to me.

- Well, accordingly, you also did not charge us as well, it's a win-win situation as we expect you to get a positive result, and we get a pleasant and interesting communication with you, which will be useful for our viewers to watch.

- Even during these two months out of these three that we have outlined, three months as the period that should give me some changes and, of course, for these 2 months I've been taking it as we agreed as two tablets or capsules, right?

- Capsules.

- Two capsules every morning: before the breakfast with water and 30 minutes later I can eat, or I can have no meal for even a longer time. Well, the most important thing here is not to eat right after the intake or during the intake especially. I excluded coffee from my diet and even tea, all types of tea: green, black, but not herbal tea and different juices. Not sure if I should mention that I don't eat meat at all and very rarely I eat fish. I can't reckon it completely what they call it properly, basically, I'm a vegetarian, not a vegan, who doesn't eat any of animal products. I eat a little of cheese, cottage cheese, but I'd rather drink Nemoloko (plant-based milk) than cow milk. Lactic acid foods I consume as well, such as yogurts and clabber, but Mechnikov's clabber only - for he is one of our science idols of course.

- A legend, as you said earlier.

- Ilya Mechnikov was an amazing man who described the positive impact of lactic acid foods on the human body. And as for the stem cells - these are a recent invention, sorry, a discovery. They have existed before us, you see. We should always keep in mind that some things we do invent, for example, robots, they didn't exist before the moment they were invented, and as for the things that had existed before us and we just describe them like genes: scientists had battles about it when geneticists discovered that genes had already existed but they discovered them virtually without any possibility to show them, for people to see them with their own eyes. There were such pseudoscientists like Lysenko, who ruined the entire genetics in our country for 20 years in order to promote their antediluvian ideas. Even the chromosomes were already known, and no one had ever seen the genes, no one had ever seen them. And already the laws of genetics were discovered.

- Just like the microbes, when they said that there were the microbes, but no one could see them, there were also certain battles, as you said.

- Sure, let's take malaria for example: they thought that the bad air caused that malaria infection. People go to swampy places or close to the rivers, where are massive swarms of mosquitoes, but it's all for malaria - they breathe that bad air and get sick. And it turned out that that mosquito is of a certain species. If a mosquito of the Culex genus lands on you with all its six legs, have a look at it - six legs landed on you so this is a culex, let it suck your blood - no worries. And if this vermin lands on you with its raised hind legs up - get rid of it immediately, because this is an Anopheles mosquito that can infect you with malaria. That is, how is it so arranged in nature that one mosquito, even after it sucked malarial blood from a sick person, does not become a malarial mosquito, it digests the blood of a malarial person together with malarial plasmodium, the pathogens of malaria, and as for the culex - it digests all, these malarial plasmodium remains alive in the intestine of the Anopheles mosquito, make their way through the walls, more precisely in the esophagus and through the stomach wall and form two types of tumor that form male and female cells. Can you imagine? Unicellular, these two cells seem to be male and female - sexual reproduction occurs, they produce a zygote and this zygote again turns into plasmodium, it passes the salivary glands of the mosquito and with the next bite of this malarial mosquito transmits malaria to a person. It was hard to deduce this fact and come up with vaccination. Of course, Louis Pasteur, the man who was predicted by Nostradamus 300 years earlier that there would be a demigod, people would call him that. The first vaccination against various diseases and epidemics was invented in accordance with thousands of developments of Louis Pasteur, a French scientist. Amazing!

- Yes, science does not stand still.

- But the fact it was predicted by Nostradamus 300 years before that and even the name of this man: Pasteur, whom people will call a demigod. He wrote it back in 500 something year.

- Nikolay, there is one prediction about the fact that "cancer will be chained by iron chains", as one well-known foreteller said, and Synthesit is iron, and we have a very interesting research showing that Synthesit, our iron, inhibits the action of cancer cells.

- Bravo!

- It's too early to brag, the studies are still being conducted.

- When Alfred Wegener stated about the continental drift everyone considered it to be nonsense and didn't listen to him at all. And then began the half a century battle between geologists. His work became the basis for the current scientific consensus on plate tectonics in the end. Therefore, stem cells are something new that can be useful in solving numerous issues. For example, a good friend of mine and my teacher suggests that I pay attention to his work on stem cells: he has proved that new stem cells are formed approximately 2 weeks after fasting (a starvation diet). If you undertake water fasting for two weeks, and he undertakes this 2 week water fasting regularly, and feels himself great at the same time, his name is Yuri Gushko. He wrote a book, please note, "12 keys to the safe of longevity", where he showed how longevity is justified, how to maintain it, with what aspects of human life: nutrition, physical activity, breathing, behavior, education, medical care, all social aspects. And he himself is now working and studying the possibility of increasing the number of stem cells with the help of fasting, and you with the help of iron. I don't even want to say the word "iron", but a unique product that is based on iron, Fe (from Lat. Ferrum), but not just water-soluble, but also easily absorbed by a human body. Of course, it is unique to prepare iron in such a way that after it's taken it doesn't transform into sediment but is well absorbed in order to help strengthen the bones and all other most durable structures of the body.

- Yes, and that's not all. Nikolay, sorry to interrupt you. I had an interview with our customer the day before yesterday...

- You don't interrupt me, you add details.

- Right, I'll add some. You said about bones and organism, but in fact we have evidence that it has a great impact on mental health. So, the day before yesterday I had an interview with a man who used to serve in Afghanistan, he's 56 y.o. now and as far as I remember, but I may be mistaken, he served for 2 years there, had multiple injuries and got a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since then. After he finished the 3 jars of Synthesit intake he says: I consider everything in this world as something given, nothing bothers me, I mean I don't react aggressively as I used to, for example if someone gives me a cut eye and it used to trigger a conflict and provoke me to beat that person up. Now, he says, all my problems have gone. It's needless to say that his health has improved, I'll upload that video talk on our channel later and send you the link for sure as that man has plenty of health improvements. The most important thing for me is that I know that the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is chronic, i.e. a person is bound to a therapist and antidepressant, some tranquilizers. After the war he has to live with this terror all his life and he can do nothing about it.

- I have something to add here. Thank god these are more or less solitary cases in our country, but what happens with those who served in Vietnam, those American soldiers. So many movies were made about it, the Vietnam Syndrome, after they witnessed all the cruelty that time. Do you remember when Agent Orange...killing entire villages of local people and brutally burning them all down, mass shootings, and then they came back and started doing the same thing in America. So we also have solitary cases and the fact that people can be treated with the help of Synthesit is great.

- Help the body for it can restore all the processes itself, the neural connections, perhaps, I don't know. Something is restored.

- I've been taking Synthesit for 2 months already and 1 month left, the course is 3 months and I'll check my joints. I have had several injuries since my childhood: frequent falls as I was bursting with curiosity and it let me down all the time, you go that way but look the other and fall. I fell from my bicycle and broke my knee, I slipped and fell on ice and broke some bones in my shoulder, somewhere in the mountains I failed to jump over and cracked my breastbone, wrists, collarbone, shoulder and spine. Frankly speaking, once I was hit by a car and got into an accident which I reckon to be fortunate. In cases like that, you always remember God, he helped: an old Soviet car (Moskvitch 412) bumped into me from the back, as I remember now, and they were driving without engaging brakes, some teenagers perhaps took a dad's car. So, they hit me in my back, and if I fell under the car - it was not high enough, then I would be dragged there in pieces right on the road if they slammed on the brakes. And they didn't slow down because they didn't notice me because of the bus, it was already dusk, I fell on the hood, knocked out the windshield but I did not stick in the car entirely, but flew over the roof and fell on the road on the other side. The guys stopped and ran up to me: "Where did you come from?". I said: "Don't pick me up, drag me away, my briefcase is over there." I have plenty of adventures with fractures like this. So, now we have 2 months passed, and December is about to come. The end of December will be 3 months, and there will be more of sunshine. My joints still ache, but the main thing that I noticed is that I don't experience any drowsiness, I used to sit and talk but 3 seconds later and I'm asleep, especially when I talk, then my companion, and there is nothing like that anymore. And I used to have it for a year, half a year before taking Synthesit, I was just sleepy, so inconveniently. Even when I was talking on the phone it happened that at some moment it fell from my hands down on the floor. Now there is no such thing, it's all gone. I've gained vivacity.

- Yes, Nikolay, I remember that the first time I called you, when we talked on the phone, after probably 5-6 minutes of our conversation, your speech little by little became rather quieter and could hardly hear you, but literally after two or three weeks of the intake later, when I gave you a call you had no longer that decline of energy. We have been talking for about an hour already and no decay on tone of your voice was noticed, it never became quieter - this is a significant result.

- Nikolay, one more question. You say you don't feel drowsy and no nid-nod anymore, right?

- Not only the daytime drowsiness. For example, my wife came up to me and asked: "What time will you wake up tomorrow?" And I always used to wake up at an uncertain time, now I wake up at 6 or 7 a.m. and the whole day I'm active. I don't feel tired. Even yesterday at work we were filming till 8 p.m. and they asked me if I was worn out. I said that I'd rather got tired of idling away than working. While I'm occupied I can't get tired.

- Synthesit provides great work performance, I agree. As for the mood: is it better?

- Of course, more optimistic when you're not drowsy so you can wake up in the morning and do more things upbeat. I didn't have it before, and I'm grateful to you for these psychosomatic changes. As for the physical changes for e.g. my joints so I should continue the intake 1 month more, I guess.

- Look, speaking about joints. I've told you before that I'm 39 y.o. now and I started taking Synthesit in the end of October 2019. I used to have pain in my elbow joints of my both hands and occasional pain in my left leg, the knee joint and my neck.

- Have you ever fallen down?

- Never, it seems like some changes began to happen, perhaps, I don't know the reason, but they occurred and it took me 1.5 month for all that pain to stop and my neck not to become numb during my sleep or cause me pain so I could wake up in the morning with full-body mobility. I can turn my head approximately 190 degrees now not feeling any discomfort and that happened 1.5 month after the intake. But I was 38 that time. I guess, you're a bit older than me, so it'll take a little longer for changes to accumulate.

- Twice and a bit more older than you. That's why I await... physical, psychological and energy changes are clearly already going for the better, we will still expect some physical changes, I think in a month there will be relief in my joints and all that. Everything is ahead, not everything to be axact, something has already been achieved, it's great, drowsiness is gone, I get up early, 7 hours of sleep is enough for me, or even 6 is enough. I wake up without any laziness or despondency, I get out of the bed and start doing something at once. I didn't experience it before taking Synthesit.

- Well, Nikolay, I hope that the number of your improvements will only grow, increase, optimize, the body will accept it with gratitude and, finally, in a month, maybe a little later or even earlier, you will have some really good and wonderful results, and we will meet again or even come to visit you.

- With pleasure, I'll give you my CD with songs then to listen.

- Thank you, goodbye!

- All the best! Take care.
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