Oncology and experiments on monkeys. Reports of scientific researches of Synthesit action
In the last week of September 2020 the research results regarding Synthesit effects were obtained at two research centers.

As a result of these research works,a strong scientific confirmation data proved a powerful positive effect of Synthesit on the whole body and on cellular structures in particular.
Now we can say that the overall mechanism of rejuvenation that Synthesit triggers is clear in general. And it is also clear that it is able to suppress pathological processes in the body at the cellular level, including cancer.

Below is a link to research data and a video with the Creator of Synthesit Vladislav Karabanov
Research #1
The first report is a research work that was conducted at the Federal research Institute of medical Primatology in Sochi city under the guidance of the head of the laboratory of preclinical and clinical research Gina Jinarovna Karal-ogly.

The research was conducted with a group of adult primates rhesus macaques aged 21-25 years, which corresponds with the human age of 50-70 years

Below is a summary of the results:

- The research has revealed significant positive changes in a number of age-related physiological indicators of the body in primates who have received Synthesit.

- Reduced cholesterol by more than 10% and in some individuals up to 40%, which is a completely phenomenal result.

- Decreased indicators in the body of alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) by more than 10%, and in some individuals by more than 30%. Which are exceptional indicators.

As is well known, high values of ALT and AST indicate various diseases. These indicators increase with age.

Decrease in these indicators in a short time means that positive changes occurred in the animals bodies during taking Synthesit.

- Reduced primate weight by around 5%.

The primates began to consume less food. (This effect of Synthesit is also confirmed by information from people who have taken Synthesit. Despite the preservation of appetite the need for food decreases and satiety comes from less food, which causes a reduction in overweight).

In addition, the analysis showed that the use of Synthesit balanced and normalized a number of other biochemical parameters of the blood of the old monkeys experimental group.

Summarizing these research results of Synthesit effect on a group of adult primates, it can be argued that Synthesit contributed to the significant improvement of their organisms and brought the organism of old primates to the indicators typical at a younger age.

Also, the report applied the earlier research data on the influence of taking Synthesit on the cellular parameters of the bone marrow in mice.These data reliably indicate that the use of Synthesit increases hematopoiesis and accelerates reparative processes in the red bone marrow by increasing the number of mononuclear (stem cells). This means that Synthesit actually starts the process of rejuvenation and recovery of the body.
This report was translated from Russian.
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Research #2
The scientific work was carried out under the supervision of Marina Dukhinova, candidate of Biological Sciences.

Conducted a series of experiments using Synthesit. The aim of this research was to study the effect of Synthesit on normal and tumor cells in humans.

- Experiments were conducted with tumor cells adenocarcinoma (cancer) and lung carcinoma (cancer) of the intestine.

It was found that the tumor cells are very sensitive to Synthesit and are suppressed by its action.

The survival rate of tumor cells was 12% and 16%. While normal cells were well tolerated by the effects of Synthesit.

This means that Synthesit has a significant potential to be used in the development of a drug for antitumor prevention.

- Also, experiments were conducted to research the anti - inflammatory effect of Synthesit. It was discovered that Synthesit reduces the production of cytokines and has anti-inflammatory potential. As is known, the production of excessive amounts of cytokines accompanies the disease Covid-19. Exactly this excess amount of cytokines is a factor that complicates the process of the disease Covid-19.
This report was translated from Russian.
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Therefore, Synthesit is a breakthrough product in the sphere of human health. It provides support to the human body both in the prevention and control of diseases, and regeneration of the body. At the same time, Synthesit is not a cure. This is a dietary supplement – a mineral that has no contraindications and it is absolutely safe for health.
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