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Synthesit is a new product with a unique mechanism of action
Hypertension, or high blood pressure, causes a lot of harm around the world. High blood pressure develops slowly over time and can be related to many causes. Many people have it for years without even knowing it. Hypertension is defined as a sustained blood pressure when appropriately taken blood pressure exceeds 140 mm Hg systolic and 90 mm Hg diastolic.
High blood pressure is often called the "silent killer" which manifests with symptoms such as:

  • chest pain,
  • headaches,
  • extreme fatigue,
  • tinnitus, or ringing in the ears,
  • loss of consciousness,
  • anxiety and insomnia,
  • flushing (skin turning red and hot),
  • shortness of breath.
Many people just ignore all these symptoms - they don't have enough time, they don't want to see a doctor, and learning the diagnosis can feel overwhelming and scary. What's more, neglecting your health can lead to serious health complications such as blindness, heart attack, stroke and kidney disorder.
A comprehensive approach to the prevention and treatment of hypertension shows a positive effect. Simple steps can prevent high blood pressure or keep your hypertension under control.
  • swap high-calorie foods for lower calorie options.keep your nervous system healthy (by giving it a break);
  • quit smoking and cut down alcohol intake;
  • reduce salt consumption;
  • include moderate intensity physical activity into your daily routine (biking, walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, etc.);
  • swap high-calorie foods for lower calorie options.

Medication therapy is an important step here. Modern antihypertensive drugs of different classes help fight against high blood pressure:

  • calcium channel blockers (diltiazem, verapamil);
  • beta-blockers (concor);
  • diuretics (hypothiazid);
  • avapro and edarbi, angiotensin II receptor blockers;
  • ACE inhibitors (captopril, benazepril).
Unfortunately, medications of all these groups have side effects – headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, constant fatigue, dizziness.
Are there safe ways to lower blood pressure?
Thanks to innovative technologies, a bioactive dietary supplement of a new generation has been created - Synthesit.

According to the customers' reviews who have been taking Synthesit on a regular basis from 2019 till 2021, they managed to control their high blood pressure, and in some cases, reduce the dose of blood pressure medication or stop taking conventional antihypertensive drugs completely.

All changes in medication administration were under the continuous supervision of licensed physicians. This is related to vascular lesions and regulatory disorders related to hypertension.
The cause of vasoconstriction and subsequent atherosclerosis may be plaques (fatty deposits). Due to a decrease in the capacity of the arteries to carry blood, blood circulation in organs and tissues worsens. Brain cells are particularly affected. In order to ensure the necessary blood flow, the body turns on its compensatory mechanism by increasing blood pressure since more force is required to push blood through your smaller arteries and veins.
One of the common causes of vasoconstriction is a blood clot, or "thrombus". Tissues are deprived of the necessary nutrition, which leads to strokes and heart attacks. To prevent plaques on the walls of the arteries, it is necessary to reduce the excessive viscosity of the blood, to maintain biochemical parameters at normal range.

A huge practice of the intake in all countries of the world (tens of thousands of people) has confirmed the ability of Synthesit to thin the blood and saturate cells with oxygen. Moreover, this result is visible under a microscope and it differs from the action of aspirin and other drugs. It is the disaggregation of red blood cells that occurs.
This effect has no analogs. Regular intake of this mineral supplement helps improve blood viscosity, blood flow and blood pressure.

It works by decreasing the thickness (viscosity) of blood. This change allows your blood to flow more easily in arteries, veins and capillaries, supplying all organs and tissues of the body with oxygen and nutrients.

The causes of high blood pressure can be high blood cholesterol and adrenaline levels, elevated protein in blood, kidney problems, hangover. Regular intake of Synthesit has a healing effect on the whole body that is confirmed by the reviews of numerous patients.
Biologically active supplement helps to rehabilitate after coronavirus:
Gulsina had a severe form of Covid. The disease aggravated her chronic hypertension, which led to the development of tachycardia. The woman was experiencing a decline in strength, depression. When the medications did not help, and the condition was constantly deteriorating, the patient decided to take Synthesit after consulting with a doctor. From the very first days of taking the dietary supplement, Gulnara felt a boost of strength and vitality. The bioactive mineral helped to stabilize blood pressure, relieve meteosensitivity and heart palpitations. After the course of Synthesit, the woman felt a taste for life again and returned to her favorite work.
The course of treatment with Synthesit helped an elderly person restore blood supply to the brain:
Nikolai is 80 years old. The man could not move normally for 2.5 years – persistent hypertension caused serious visual eye disturbance. He suffered from fluctuations in vision, the appearance of a curtain or veil appearing in and crossing vision. His doctor recommended him taking Synthesit. He didn't feel any changes during the first week. On Day 8 there were the first improvements. Partially restored vision, blood pressure gradually returned to normal. Though he didn't manage to cut down on traditional antihypertensive drugs yet, his overall health has improved greatly.
The bioactive iron has improved the quality of life of a 72-year-old retiree Yuri Anvarovich:
The coronavirus caused serious complications – joint pain and dermatosis. Moreover, the man had been suffering from chronic hypertension for many years. He followed his son's advice and started taking Synthesit. First of all, joint mobility has improved. It became easier to walk, the pain in the knees went away. He managed to get rid of psoriasis. Normal blood pressure has been restored. Hypertensive crises occur less frequently.
Bioactive supplement Synthesit helped to reduce kidney cyst in size and relieve allergies:
Ayman from Kazakhstan has a non-cancerous (benign) tumour of the kidney. Medications prescribed by doctors hardly helped her. She followed her friends' advice and started taking Synthesit on a regular basis. After a month of the supplement intake, Ayman felt improvements in her body's functions that was later confirmed by blood test results.
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Bioactive Dietary Supplement.

Consult a healthcare specialist before use.

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