Die Natur und Physik des biogenen Potentials von Elementen, die während der Kalten Kernfusion gewonnen werden.

Artikel vom Projektleiter des Synthestech Projektes, V. Karabanov.
Diese Kraft kann man mit keiner anderen Kombination aus Elementen und Formeln vergleichen, da es die Basis des Lebens ist.
Wir würden gerne von vornherein verdeutlichen, dass sich sehr viel außerhalb des derzeitigen Wissens befindet. Trotzdessen, finden Sie hiermit einen Überblick biogener Wirkweisen von Substanzen die während der Kalten Kernfusion* gewonnen werden*

*(Kalte Kernfusion ist ein relativer Begriff der im Zusammenhang mit heißer Kernfusion steht. Der Vorgang der heißen Kernfusion bedarf extrem hohe Temperaturen, Radiation und eine künstliche Umgebung - Partikelbeschleunigung, usw. Kalte Kernfusion findet ohne ionisierende Strahlung statt und mit stabilen Elementen, bei Minustemperaturen bis zu Temperaturen von 6000 bis 7000 Grad Celsius. Bei beiden Vorgängen findet eine Transmutation der Elemente statt.)

Notum est

If we delve into the study of facts the proponents of Cold Nuclear Fusion speak about, then there is no doubt that this is the same phenomenon in nature as hot thermonuclear fusion. It is difficult to observe, since it flows slowly and the released energy, as a rule, is dissipated without causing heating of the surrounding space.

The science spoke about the cold nuclear fusion possibility in the second half of the last century. Over the past period, many hypotheses and assumptions were proposed, some evidence was given. The efforts of enthusiastic scientists were not in vain. At a meeting of the Permanent Scientific Seminar at the Institute of General Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences named by A. M. Prokhorov this issue was discussed.

V. Kashcheev, director of the radioactive waste recycling STO of the A. A. Bochvar Inorganic Materials Research Institute, announced that he passed the state examination of the technology for the decontamination of nuclear waste. This technology is accelerated processing of radioactive materials using technologies of cold nuclear fusion.
The processes take place at room temperature.

Since the processes of cold fusion take place on the Earth, they are included in the cycle of substances, including biological. It is possible that recently transformed matter has some effect on living organisms, carries a positive potential that has been studied by science a little.
The hypothesis on the method of incorporating transformed matter into the biological cycle in nature and the effect it exerts on living
There is a fact that agricultural land near volcanoes is characterized by increased fertility. Volcanic emissions have a positive effect on soil quality. Territories with such soils, due to their fertility, are populated by people with a high density of rural population. On the island of Bali, which is of volcanic origin, the population density is approaching the rate of 1000 people per 1 square kilometer, in some similar places this rate is higher than 1100. This density is record-breaking not only for rural settlements, but also for urban areas.

For example, Egypt. The country of sand. The population is 80-100 million people, 5% of the territories are suitable for agriculture, the rest is desert. The Nile River gives not only water, but also silt. Precipitation in the upper Nile, where the mountains of Tanzania and Sudan are located, wash out volcanic rock and carry it to the Nile basin. As a result, the silt of the Nile includes ash and volcanic lava. Water contains soluble salts from the headwaters. This explains the high fertility of the Egypt land.

The issue of volcanic soil fertility has been haunting minds for a long time. But a scientific theory is needed. It all came down to a favorable combination of minerals in the soil. Volcanic ash (tephra) has a rich set of minerals and trace elements. In the process of chemical and biological erosion, aqueous solutions of mineral salts are washed out of tephra, with a high concentration of nutrients important for plants. Volcanic ash can absorb large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere.

With the improvement of chemical analysis methods, it turned out that the mineral composition of soils cannot be the cause of the phenomenal fertility of volcanic soils. In volcanic ash and magma, the chemical composition is approximately the following:

· Silicon dioxide - 36% -73%;
· Iron oxide - 4% -13%;
· Magnesium oxide - 0.2% -13%;
· Calcium oxide - 0.8% -13%;
· Sodium oxide - 3.8% -4.3%;
· Potassium oxide - 1% -4.8%;
· Phosphorus oxide - 0.1% -1%;
· Trace elements - nickel, chromium, zinc, copper, gallium, vanadium, strontium, uranium, barium, cobalt.

The elemental composition of such soils little differs from loam. The explanation of the fertility of volcanic soils by the mineral composition turned out to be untenable. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that the introduction of mineral fertilizers into volcanic and other soils gives an incomparable effect. And here volcanic soils turn with a large increase in productivity.

The mineral composition of volcanic soils is variable from place to place, analyzes sometimes revealed an insufficient content of chemical elements necessary for plant growth. The application of mineral fertilizers to volcanic soils and loams gives a different increase in the yield of agricultural plants. In the fields near the volcanoes, there is a high yield of products with high quality. In addition to a great taste, they contain healthy, healing, recently transformed elements.
Among enophiles, wine from Spain's vineyards growing on the slopes of the volcanic mountains of Vesuvius and Etna is valued. This wine is called volcanic. The famous Pétrus wine originates from the vineyards of the vents of the oldest volcano. The mineral composition of the soils where these famous vineyards are located does not fundamentally differ from the loams.
Traditional science is not able to find a source of high fertility of volcanic soils. No wonder, it is based on the foundation of the academic views of the early 20th century. Although the nature of the phenomenon is inexplicable, it is associated with emissions of matter from the bowels of the Earth. Let ask the question why volcanic activity takes place. Volcanologists cannot give a clear justification. Where is the heat source that is able to locally transform the basalt layer and mantle into a liquid state? This process on a global scale is not a large amount. In the process of studying our planet bowels, there the speed measurements of the seismic waves passage were made, and the results showed that the crust of the Earth and the upper mantle, as a rule, are in a solid state.

One of the versions of the local heating reasons was given by geochemist V. Krivitsky. In his work "The Paradoxes of Transmutation and the Development of the Earth. Non-obvious evidence", he substantiated the version of the influence of cold nuclear fusion processes occurring in the earth bowels on volcanic activity. These processes occur locally, with a large release of thermal energy.

Taking into account the fact that the matter of the earth bowels is not completely covered by the process of cold nuclear fusion, the renewal of chemical elements is slow, and their share in the total mass is negligible. Therefore, in volcanic emissions renewed matter is only in microscopic concentrations. Even such a low concentration has a strong biogenic effect on the plant world.

The geochemist Krivitsky in his book proving the existence of the cold nuclear fusion processes in volcanoes, cited the following evidence:
«The water found in droplets of volcanic glass has a special origin, it is the end product of the processes of nuclear dissociation of chemical elements that make up regolith.»
V. Krivitsky. Paradoxes of transmutation and evolution of the Earth. Evident evidence.
Moscow 2016

* He replaces the term Cold Transmutation with his own - nuclear dissociation.
The main thing is that new atoms of matter appear as a result of volcanic activity. This is of particular importance for soil biogeocenosis.

The appearance of the matter "fresh" atoms, as a result of volcanic activity, explains the fertility of volcanic soils. The new substance has a high biogenic potential, affects the productivity of plants. Agricultural crops cultivated on these lands are high-yielding and tasty. Human taste buds are biochemical analyzers created by nature that provide information to the human brain about the usefulness of a product.
Is there life on Mars…
During the beginning period of the space exploration, against the backdrop of optimism of the opening prospects for humanity, people reflected on the presence of complex life forms on Mars, not even excluding the possibility of intelligent life there. As a result of sending automatic stations to Mars and research conducted there, it became clear that there was no talk of any variety. Life can only be present in the form of viruses, as on the surface of meteorites.
Mars is called the red planet not by chance. In this color, the surface of the planet was painted with ferric oxide. To oxidize iron in such volumes, a lot of oxygen is needed. So, on Mars there was once an atmosphere with a high oxygen content. It was developed by bacteria and plants. After all, studies of the rocks on the Earth showed that during the origin of life, there was a low oxygen content in the atmosphere too. The simplest forms saturated the atmosphere with oxygen, and life became possible in the form that we are observing now.

Iron oxides are present in the solar system only on Earth and Mars. The remoteness of Mars from the Sun in the presence of a dense atmosphere allows us to maintain a favorable temperature regime for life on the surface of the planet. This is confirmed by the presence of river on the surface of Mars, which means a large amount of water. Indeed, water at a low temperature is in a solid state, and at a low atmospheric pressure or high temperature it quickly boils and turns into a gaseous form. Therefore, it can be argued that life was on Mars, but in the distant past.

At one time, atmospheric oxygen oxidized iron on Mars, and the atmosphere then disappeared. Experts suggest that this happened about three billion years ago. In the course of these processes, both water and life disappeared. Even now, at the equator of Mars, the upper layers of the soil warm up to 35 C.

Why this happened, it will become clear if we compare the mass of Earth and Mars. The red planet is much lighter, the available "fuel" for thermonuclear reactions in the bowels of the planet quickly exhausted. Volcanic activity ceased. "Fresh" elements ceased to come to the surface of the planet. As a result, due to the lack of such elements, life gradually died out. It is possible that the processes of Cold Nuclear Fusion are taking place there now, but the released thermal energy is not enough to release lava mass to the surface. Now it becomes clear the reason for the extinction of life on Mars in the distant past. Earth will also repeat the fate of its neighbor, but in the distant future. Although humanity can save itself and all life on the planet, having mastered the artificial synthesis of transformed matter and introducing it into the biosphere of the Earth.

The cessation of volcanic activity on Mars and the insignificant activity of volcanoes on Earth lead us to the conclusion that a combination of many conditions is necessary for the emergence and intensive occurrence of cold nuclear fusion processes in the geological structures of planets. Due to the lack of such conditions and substance emissions to the planet's surface, life on Mars died out with the cessation of volcanic activity.
The healing power of volcanic waters
The usefulness of volcanoes is expressed not only in the high soil fertility. For a long time, mankind has been using geothermal sources for healing. This is characteristic of ancient people from a geographical point of view.

In every place such sources are present. The thermal springs of Wiesbaden in Germany, Matsesta in Sochi, Angseri in Bali, Onsen in Japan, Monroe in the USA, this is not a complete list of places where people use the volcanic activity of the bowels of the planet for healing. It is characteristically that not only people, but also animals visit such places. Local monkeys in Japan regularly arrange water treatments in geothermal ponds.
It is clear that healing power is not in the temperature of the water. People have been able to heat water to take a bath long time ago. Nevertheless, sometimes thousands of kilometers are overcome for treatment, and not a small amount of money is spent. It is clear that the secret is in the special composition of water. Not the mineral composition, but the presence of particles in the water renewed by thermonuclear synthesis from the bowels of the planet. This particles have such a beneficial healing effect on the body of an animal or person. Given the poor development of medicine in the past, for many people, thermal waters were the only way to cure their diseases. Thermal waters saved people.

It should be considered that the mass of "fresh" matter in thermal waters is too little. These sources contain unhealthy chemical compounds. But the impact in the complex on the human body is extremely favorable. It will be appropriate to remind the US nuclear attack on Japan. Despite the harmful effects of radiation, and its prolonged effects on future generations of people, Japan is now one of the highest life expectancies. This is due to the presence of an increased amount of "updated" substance.
Hudson's research and discoveries
An unusual example is a phenomenon on the lands of the American landowner D. Hudson. In 1976, he reclaimed his land. The soil had an increased alkaline reaction and needed the introduction of acids. Hudson treated them with sulfuric acid. The result was an unexplained phenomenon. An unusual spot with special properties and chemical composition appeared on the ground. How this happened can only be assumed - intense solar radiation, acid and other factors contributed to this incomprehensible reaction.

As a result of the research of this substance, it turned out that it has unusual properties and it is difficult to determine its chemical composition. Remembering, this is 1976, it is no longer a problem for chemists to determine the chemical composition of substances. In the initial analysis, the presence of titanium, iron, aluminum and magnesium was determined. The use of more advanced techniques allowed us to determine the presence of a large proportion of six platinoids. Instrumental fixation is hampered by the fact that these elements possessed the properties of other elements of the Mendeleev periodic table of the chemical elements.

Hudson began to study the phenomenon, so he involved the specialists of General Electric, spent a lot of time and money on this. He began to adhere the version that the studying substance is in an intermediate state, not completely formed. The substance was in a monoatomic state, Hudson came up with the definition of these chemical elements ORME (ORMUS) - orbitally rearranged monatomic elements. This state of matter called the "m-state." These substances possessed superconductivity, special magnetic properties, etc.

In the process of studying the biogenic properties of these substances, their persistent positive effect on the body was discovered. First, experiments were conducted on a hopelessly sick dog, which was soon to die. It became healthy, its abscesses, sore throat and the effects of tick bites disappeared. A hopeless animal, no veterinarian wanted to treat, recovered after injecting ORMUS substance 1 ml per day.

Success in treating the dog became an occasion to test the effect of the substance on the sick person. The subject was quickly found; this is a terminally ill person who was waiting for death in a serious condition under the droppers. After 10 days of using ORMUS, he no longer needed droppers and ate, dressed and walked on his own. Then there were many cases of people recovering with the use of ORME substances.

Hudson argued that this substance is not a cure for the list of incurable diseases, but the very consistency of life and spirit. This is not a treatment, but a reformatting of the diseased body into a healthy one, as it should be. Obviously, these elements activate internal forces, energy and healing occurs.

Hudson, because of his passion for research, might not be objective, too enthusiastic about the conclusions, so there is a need to be critical of the information. Note the fact that Hudson was very rich person, he spent a fortune on his research, at today's prices it is about $ 20 million, so the version of quackery for enrichment should be excluded.

The ORMUS substances Phenomenon is directly related to the topic of this article. The same reactions of Cold nuclear fusion, the same positive effects on the body of a living creature. The biogenic properties of such substances give additional strength to all living beings. There is no doubt that the Cold Nuclear Fusion occurred at the Hudson site. Otherwise, the appearance of ORMUS substances cannot be explained. It is only a pity that science cannot master the technology and repeat the experiment.

Hudson and his followers searched for natural sources of ORMUS substances, and noticed that they are in the air and soil near volcanoes. Therefore, volcanic mountains are favorable for the treatment of diseases and the overall strengthening of the body.
The World Ocean and Cold Fusion Products
The waters of the World Ocean also contain "fresh" elements, as they wash the sources of Cold Nuclear Fusion in the form of volcanoes located at the bottom.

The impact of "fresh" elements on a person, energy sources of cells
Biological organisms remain poorly studied sphere, discoveries still take place. In 2018, scientists discovered a whole organ in the human body. This is a network of microscopic channels in the connective tissue, performs a cushioning function and protects internal organs from mechanical influences. The essence of biochemical processes within the body is not fully understood. For example, the role of trace elements. They are present in the body in the amount of one millionth of a percent. However, science recognizes their need for normal health.

The importance of the chemical elements for health was understood by the ancient healers, but modern medicine has come to such conclusions not so long time ago. There is a statement of this fact, but there is no understanding and description of the entire chain of biochemical reactions in which trace elements are involved. There is not even an accurate assessment of the digestibility of iron from food, the value varies from 3% to 30%. The theoretical basis is not sufficient, there is empirical evidence. If the ancient healers are right about the role of trace elements, why do we dismiss the assertion that not only the element itself is important, but the element obtained in the transmutation process is important?
Medical use of transmutation-derived elements in the past
The information about ancient medicine is very valuable. This is an accumulated practical experience, rooted deep into the millennia. At that time, people were not burdened with the dogmas of science, they were observant. Not surprisingly, they also noticed the benefits of the changed elements. They explored the possibility of such artificially creating substances. Historical information suggests that in the ancient world - in Egypt, India, China, as well as in medieval Europe people were dealt with transmutation.

In those ancient times, healers used the biogenic properties of the "young" elements in the pharmacopeia. The secret of obtaining such substances was available only for the elite. The ancient Chinese Taoist philosopher, chemist, and physician Ge Hong in his treatise "Baopu Tzu", written in 317-320 CE, wrote:
"To bring effect, gold must be "made". The "made" gold is better than natural gold".

"... who takes ten pills the size of hemp seeds will rejuvenate in less than a year".

"The body will lose its senile dryness, and the muscles will become stronger. The person received this pills will not get old, and the old will again become a young and gain immortality".
The great Chinese doctor of the 6-7 centuries Sun Si-miao, revered in China as the "King of medicines", also known as the inventor of gunpowder, used elements obtained as a result of transmutation in his elixirs. He wrote a book on these methods: "Tai Qing Tribute to Jing Yao Jue" ("The Main Secrets of the Great Purity Cinnabar Elixir canons"). The doctor lived more than 100 years. It was quite unusual in that time.

Since ancient times, China has been dealing with transmutation of elements. This is reflected in the concept of Tao. It is not so important to obtain a transmuted substance as its qi energy. The treatise of the medieval (X century) Taoist Zhen I-tzu "Tao zana" ("Treasure of Tao") "Seven letters of the cloud storage" ("Yun chi chien") contains such information:
It is deprived of quality physicality, but has pneuma. This is the innermost mysterious, truly single spermatic essence (jing), the mother of Heaven and Earth, the root of the Yin-Yang, the progenitor of the sun and moon, the root of water and fire, the forefather of the five primary elements, the beginning of the universal triad (san tai)...
(Quoted by E. A. Torchinov "Taoism and Alchemy in Traditional China." Petersburg Oriental Studies. Almanac. Issue 2. St. Petersburg, 1992, pp. 272–315)
Transmutation technologies have always been a big secret; they have never been available to many people. Chinese treatments, such as acupuncture, are recognized worldwide. Therefore, information about the transmutation of elements should be taken seriously, without too much skepticism. After all, acupuncture, despite its effectiveness, is not entirely clear on what principles it acts on the human body. Effective qigong, which is used to treat psychosomatic diseases.

Chinese knowledge of "fresh" elements is based on long-standing practical traditions like qigong and acupuncture. We cannot judge this, since this is rare knowledge, and perhaps already lost in the course of catastrophes and upheavals. There were knowledges about the transmutation of elements existed in Tibet, India. The differences are not fundamental, like between qigong and yoga. In Indian medicine, a treatment technique based on the use of "fresh" elements was called rasayana. Al-Biruni (10th century) expressed the idea that with the help of these substances it is possible to restore lost health and restore youth.
In Europe, people also dealed with this issue. The famous Paracelsus, being a chemist, philosopher, doctor, naturalist, used minerals in medicine. He also pointed out the special beneficial properties of transmuted elements, especially gold. Paracelsus considered it possible to transmute not only chemical elements, but also the human body.
The principles of "fresh" elements acting
The unusual properties of stable isotopes formed during the transmutation of Cold Nuclear Fusion can be explained by the fact that there can be something in the structure of their atoms that has some kind of energy, which eventually dissipates in space. On the Earth, the most of the matter formed billions of years ago. All additional energy is dispersed, so such old matter does not have a biogenic effect on organisms. For "fresh" elements this energy is not dissipated.

Paracelsus in Basel demonstrated the effectiveness of treatment using transmutation technologies, he cured people with organic damages. In ancient times and the Middle Ages, knowledgeable people could transmute chemical elements.
Why do "fresh" elements have biogenic effects?
For the body, all the chemical elements of the periodic table are important. The body consists of four basic elements - carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen. The share of the other is much smaller. Each element is important and necessary for the normal action of more than 50,000 biochemical processes.

V. Krivitsky in his book substantiated the version that "fresh" elements are constantly formed. The genetic similarity of all organisms on the planet indicates that in the past there was some kind of life from which the whole variety of flora and fauna further developed. Life originated in the Archean period, more than 3 billion years ago. At that time, there was strong volcanic activity on the Earth.

2 billion years ago cyanobacteria and archaea appeared. They existed without oxygen in the atmosphere. For their nutrition they used sulfur, iron, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc. In the process of their life, they intensively released oxygen. Water appeared on the Earth in enormous volumes. Further, life transforms from a simple form to more complex one. The processes occur against the background of tectonic and volcanic activity. Mountains were formed, continents were moved. A large number of "fresh" atoms of matter enter the surface.

Biochemical processes occurring in the human body are a consequence of all stages of the life development on the Earth. In the past geological epochs there was active volcanic activity. Therefore, living organisms were received a large amount of updated transmuted substance. Currently, this component of biogeocenosis enters the body in insufficient quantities.
Physical basis of the "new" substance biogenic potential
"Fresh" elements give energy to life. In the Chinese tradition this energy is called Qi, in the Indian - prana. In these schools of spiritual development, attention is paid to obtaining and accumulating some kind of energy of the Universe. This energy is necessary both for spiritual growth and for maintaining good health and ensuring longevity.

The vital energy of qi is present in all living things on the planet. Its flows circulate in plants and animals, it is necessary for the existence of the body. Qi is present in water and air, our whole world is filled with it. This is an ultrahigh-frequency vibrational flow that manifests itself at the level of molecules and smaller particles.
Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, with the leadership of L. Turin, proposed the hypothesis that the smell of a substance is caused not by the chemical formula, but by the peculiarities of atomic vibrations. Vibrational processes are explained not by the static nature of molecular structures. Electrons move in orbits, the distance between atoms of matter also changes. Under the influence of balancing forces, the structure of the atom and molecule is maintained in a relatively stable state.

Scientists made an interesting experience. They synthesized 2 variants of acetophenone. The first contained hydrogen, the other - deuterium. Both variants smell the same, but the molecule of the chemical compound with deuterium has a large mass. It can be assumed that a change in the mass of the molecule will change the frequency spectrum of the substance vibrations.

As the experiment showed, the version about the frequency component of the smell is correct. Insects who love the smell of acetophenone actively filled the space with a hydrogen-based compound and practically did not react to the smell of a compound with deuterium. Therefore, it can be argued that the aroma of a substance is not responsible for the chemical composition, but for vibrational processes.

In the process of Cold nuclear fusion, a part of the energy is spent on increasing the amplitude of the substance vibrations, therefore, compared with hot thermonuclear fusion, there is less emission of radiation into the external environment. Entering the body, these "new" atoms of matter gradually give up their vibrational energy and have a beneficial effect on biological metabolic processes. The new element gives Qi energy and activates the vibrational processes of the surrounding molecules, the body is transcoded.

For living creatures, it is important to ensure the supply of "fresh" elements. It supplies the internal reserves of Qi vital energy. In the Chinese tradition, Qi energy is divided into 3 types. One of them is the original stock of such energy, it is finite and can be exhausted. Perhaps the maternal organism, giving all the most valuable to the developing fetus, gives up a larger supply of its transmuted elements, while itself being depleted.

Transmutation of substances occurs inside the body. It was proved by numerous experiments by scientists:

· Baron Albrecht von Hercele (from 1875 to 1883) from Hanover. The Origin of Inorganic Substances, 1873, proved the possibility of plants turning phosphorus into sulfur;
· Professor Pierre Baranger (from 1950 to 1970), the head of the organic chemistry laboratory at the Paris Polytechnic Institute. Experiments with germinating seeds. There was a change in the amount of minerals, which could only be explained by transmutation, since no substances came from outside (the seeds were irrigated with bidistillate). No one has yet been able to challenge the results of the experiment.
· French scientist Louis Cervrand (1960-1980). In his book, "Arguments in the Biology of Transmutation at Low Energies", he described his experiments on birds and crustaceans and proved the transmutation of potassium into calcium inside living cells of organisms.
· Alla Kornilova from Russia (candidate of physical and mathematical sciences), and Vladimir Vysotsky from Ukraine (doctor of physical and mathematical sciences) during the experiments proved the occurrence of transmutation of chemical elements in living organisms. They wrote about this in their book, published in 2003, "Nuclear synthesis and transmutation of isotopes in biological systems." Vysotsky V.I., Kornilova A.A. Mir, Moscow;
· The Japanese scientist Hizatoki, on the Cold Nuclear Fusion International Conference, confirmed the correctness of the experiments and conclusions of L. Curvran.

The experiments of scientists substantiated the possibility of biological transmutation of matter; they showed that it requires external additional energy. The process of "fresh" substances consumption by organisms is permanent, along all food chains in wildlife. These substances deliver with food, with mineral salts in water, from breathing, and from the consumption of various biological additives, such as mummies and others.
The use of artificially synthesized products of cold nuclear fusion
The biogenic effect on biological organisms is beneficial and common in nature. It was understood in different ways by people of different cultures and eras, but it was effectively used both for healing in geothermal waters and in complex alchemical practices in China, Tibet, India, Europe. After a scientific justification it begins to be introduced into modern medical practice.

Artificial synthesis is a complex of scientific and engineering tasks. The staff of the Synthestech project developed a technology for producing a transmuted substance. This is not a repeat of ancient methods, but the end product is similar. Artificially obtained elements in Synthesit are similar in their effects on the organism to their natural analogues and have a high content of Qi energy.
Modern understanding of radioactivity, atom, microparticles
The obtained in the process of cold nuclear fusion atoms have a stable isotopic composition, they do not decay with the release of radioactive radiation. Radioactive elements are not stable, each of them has its own half-life. Radioactive elements have an energetically unstable structure. It is such that even in the absence of external influence, the destruction of an atom can occur at any time. The shorter the half-life of a substance isotope, the less perfect and stable atomic design. Some isotopes have a half-life of hundreds and thousands of years, others are destroyed almost immediately after their appearance. In laboratories there is a very little time to study them after synthesis.

The radioactivity is explained by the nature of the atom vibrations in the substances. If there are distortion, mismatch between the atomic structure and vibrational flows, then the element breaks up sooner or later. Radioactive isotopes have an insufficient frequency of vibrational energy; there is no necessary resonance for a stable state of matter. Stable isotopes are always stable and they fill all around with the "Qi transcoder", but as known, passing the time, the amplitude of these vortex oscillations decreases.

Radioactive isotopes are kind of "freak" atoms, they are produced by external influence, for example, by bombardment with elementary particles, or if they are "born" from the same "parents of freaks" - by the decay of radioactive atoms of uranium, plutonium and others. Cold synthesis is distinguished by the fact that the conversion of elements occurs without a radioactive component. The result is atoms of matter that are stable and non-radioactive.
Radioactive elements have qi energy with insufficient vibration frequency.

During their decay, they emit harmful radioactive radiation. Knowing the power of this destructive radiation, the energy potential of a chemical element stable isotope can be estimated. This is already the energy of life, the value of which is comparable with the energy of the radioactive decay of unstable isotopes of chemical elements. Do not forget that as radioactive elements have a half-life, so stable elements disperse and lose their energy over time.
Medical use of cold fusion products
The ability to supply the internal Qi energy reserves using the artificial product of Cold Nuclear Fusion is a unique chance to restore health and ensure longevity. This is an effective technique for human health formation. That's right - the formation. The natural intake of "fresh" atoms of matter is not enough, this is due to a decrease in volcanic activity and the general "aging" of the planet's matter. Billionths of a gram of the "new" substance enter the human body, even when an extinct volcano is in the center of the crater.

The incoming quantity is sufficient to maintain life at the current level - poor health, illness, rapid aging and withering. The average life expectancy of a person, depending on the place of residence, varies from 60 to 90 years. But the biological potential of the human body is designed for a period of more than 140 years. With a lack of Qi energy entering the body, it is getting old quickly, brain activity decreases, a person dies, as a rule, not overcoming even half his life time.

The Synthestech project has technologies for producing a product obtained by Cold Nuclear Fusion. The techniques are unique and expensive. Considering that the doses of "fresh" substance required for the human organism are negligible, now it is financially available for everyone to supply their Qi energy and start healing processes in their body. The product of secret alchemical methods of matter transmutation, available for only Chosen of the ancient world, is now available for everyone. The use of transmuted elements is a new era in medicine. Soon, this will become the basis of human activity and longevity.


This material is not intended to be complete. We are not engaged in the scientific confirmation of our data obtained in the practical experiments and observations. At present, we have only slightly opened the veil; something needs to be corrected and supplemented. With this article we designated the Way and gave a new understanding of the manifest matter structure in this world.

Sincerely, Vladislav Karabanov, Project Manager, Synthestech.
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