Is it possible to live long and stay young?

Yes. The product was created and brought to the market
Longevity in today's world is the most desired goal for a modern person. This goal has always attracted people. However, material resources used to be quite limited previously. Today is a different era. There is enough of everything, but the lifespan remains to be the same. Judging on physical parameters, lifespan is a little longer, but in a weak and tired body.

At the same time, the complicacy of the modern world is that the learning process in it ends only by the age of 50. The problem is that after 50 years, a person begins to fade away. Dilemma. Only just beginning to comprehend this world, to settle in it, and then old age is approaching. This problem is vividly reflected in the modeling business. Models that show themselves in the media have become massively popular, proving that they are well preserved after 50 years. This is the main trend of life today. The problem is that there is a trend, but there were no recipes for staying young yet.

Should these recipes for preserving youth be considered as proper ones: "Face: gymnastics for tightening contours" or "Makeup: lighter and more natural". Exercise, make-up and even yoga along with vegetarian food may slow down aging, but just a little.
At the same time, we know that the potential of an active human life is at least 140 years. This conclusion was made by modern scientists as a result of deep and comprehensive research. Historical evidence confirms this conclusion. Chinese tradition, which has come down to us, speaks of people who lived 180, 250 and 280 years. Jewish sources report that Moses died at the age of 120, being a strong and active man until the end of his days.

A treatment system called Rasayana is well known in ancient Indian medicine. Al-Biruni, in his book «India», writes: "Thanks to the Rasayana principles, the desperately ill people had their health restored, the aging old men had their youth back, so that they became the same as they were during their age of puberty; white hair turns black again, feelings become so acute, activity of adolescents, potency is restored, and the lifespan of a person in this world is prolonged for quite a long period." This action of Rasayana was based on the technology of preparing minerals that underwent complex processing, known to the ancient Indians, but later on it was lost.
However, as is known, the old and firmly forgotten can often return to the world as new. In 2019, a bioactive mineral called Synthesit was presented to the public in Geneva, which was created as part of Synthestech project under the direction of Vladislav Karabanov. Regarding its effect, Synthesit is very similar to the action of the minerals described in ancient Indian and Chinese treatises, which prolong life. The base of Synthesit is the iron which is obtained in the multistage electro - chemical process. And iron is known to be the basis of the human hematopoietic system.

Studies at the Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology have shown phenomenal data. Mice that received Synthesit for a month had 2.45 times more stem cells in their bone marrow than mice that did not receive it. And stem cells are the basis of youth. These are the cells of the hematopoietic system that replace the old cells of all organs. A young person has one stem cell per 100,000 normal cells, while an elderly person has only 500,000. Accordingly, cell replacement is 5 times slower. Thus, in general, how the body ages.

Before the invention of Synthesit there were no substances known to increase the number of stem cells in the body. Today, there is such a product. This means that due to Synthesit the hematopoietic system of the body is enhanced. The number of stem cells increases. The quality of blood is improved. This is what keeps you young.
Currently, Synthesit was produced in not big amounts, but people who were able to try it gave lots of feedback reviews concerning its beneficial effect. Numerous interviews of those who wanted to talk about it are presented on the video channel of Synthesit Better skin, hair loss stops, new hair begins to grow, eyesight improves, papillomas disappear and various diseases go away. Gray hair darkens. Just like Al-Biruni's. And there is energy, sleep improvement, no depression and much more. A professional doctor from Hungary calls Synthesit as the elixir of youth.
Synthesit is non – toxic and has no harmful side effects, since it is iron - the basis of our blood. At the same time, Synthesit iron has a high biological activity that has a positive effect on the body.

Today it is obvious that Synthesit is a revolutionary product. It can change the world and give people an extension of active life.

People who started taking Synthesit felt its beneficial effects. More and more of them are switching to its regular intake, trying to preserve the energy of youth. The sooner you begin to take Synthesit, the better to preserve your youth.
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Also news about new methods of taking Synthesit and its help for various disorders of the body are regularly published there.
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