Is it possible to forget about digestive problems in older age?
Yes. The product has already been invented
Most people have digestive problems that usually start to show up in their adolescent years. By older age, some people have several diagnoses, which they gradually get used to and learn how to live with them. Digestive enzymes, heartburn remedies, painkillers - all of this is reliably included in the collection of drugs most people spend the rest of their lives with. Spring and autumn exacerbations, dependence on food choices, and numerous restrictions significantly spoil the quality of life. Undoubtedly, extra medications, an additional stress factor and the general toxicity of digestive problems significantly burden the body, reduce immunity, consume vital energy and shorten life expectancy.

In 2019, a discovery was made – Synthesit was invented. A natural product that helps restore the functions of organs and tissues, starting from the cellular level. People who take Synthesit improve their digestion, stop worrying about heartburn and gastritis, restore liver and kidney functions – their health is getting better.

Most importantly, Synthesit is not a medicine, but it helps restore the very essence of our life – the system from which new cells of organs and tissues (hematopoietic system) appear. In addition, Synthesit has a blood thinning effect and helps to fully supply all organs and tissues with oxygen and transfer nutrients.
What is the secret of Synthesit™?
Why does it restore the digestive function?
A person who takes Synthesit helps the hematopoietic system get more healthy cells to repair damaged organs and tissues. As a result, regeneration processes are accelerated up to 3 times. Micro skin cracks are healed, injuries cicatrize, organs restore their functions and are able to perform their work as in their younger days.
In addition, people who take Synthesit note their improved mood, gained confidence and calmness. This psychological factor allows you to get out of the stress-illness-stress cyclic chain and eliminate the negative impact of stress on internal body organs spasms.
What does Synthesit™ consist of?
How is it obtained?
The product is based on an innovative form of bioactive iron. Synthesit is produced as a result of multi-stage complex reactions of electrochemical and high-temperature reactions on non-heme raw materials of mineral origin. This is the result of a long-term research and experiments in collaboration with outstanding scientists.
The research work was performed from 2015 to 2019. In 2019, we received the first grams of Synthesit. At the end of 2019 the research was completed. Sales started in early 2020.
Synthesit is a broad-spectrum bioactive product. It helps to restore vital functions of the body, normalize biochemical parameters of blood, increase vitality and energy. Synthesit has no analogues and does not have a toxic effect.

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To date, Synthesit is shipped out worldwide and the results of the mineral intake show more than 70 biological properties that are useful for health, rejuvenation and beauty.
Over the past year, three scientific studies of Synthesit™ have been carried out which have proven:
Synthesit™ has no side effects.
Today, thousands of people around the world use Synthesit as a complex product that is able to help not only normalize digestion, improve mood and improve performance, but also give the body strength to fight diseases and preserve youth.
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