How to take Synthesit™?
Synthesit is an absolutely unique product. It has no analogues. There is nothing parallel to its effect on the body. Synthesit triggers powerful restorative biochemical processes in the body that no other medicine can perform. Scientifically proven that Synthesit intake increases the number of stem cells in the hematopoietic bone marrow and, at the same time, there is a steep decline in cholesterol level and age-related enzymes in the blood. Also, the inhibition of colon and lung cancer cell growth in vitro by Synthesit has been scientifically proven. In addition, there are hundreds of pieces of evidence regarding the effects of Synthesit on the human body based on the customers' feedback and video interviews:

From increased work performance and body weight correction to disappeared varicose veins, sinusitis, psoriasis, hair loss, gray hair, dry skin, and so on - Synthesit helps to get rid of many ailments. The full list of improvements that you can experience when taking Synthesit is published on our website
Along with this, the consumers often keep wondering about Synthesit intake recommendations. Timing, intake duration, dosage, precautions for use and so on. Also, people sometimes describe their experience or, on the contrary, doubt it, and ask for help to comprehend it. Therefore, we decided to focus a little more on the recommendations for taking Synthesit and share our combined experience in evaluating its positive effect on the body.
Does it have any side effects?
First and foremost, Synthesit is completely non-toxic. It's an iron-based product, and iron is an essential element for blood production. The truth is, Synthesit has a powerful bioactivity as it is produced in a very complex and time-consuming process.

Therefore, if the recommended doses are followed, any disorder or deteriorating condition are impossible. At the same time, we know that Synthesit helps to remove toxins, waste products from the body and from the liver, activates all internal body systems. And when some consumers tell us that sometimes they experience upset stomachs at the beginning of the intake - this is the result of the body cleansing - a very important process for general body recovery. These symptoms disappear in the first 2 days.

Some people notice that their old injuries or diseases of internal body organs make themselves felt again. For example, if a person has a sick stomach or a liver, they may feel as if "something is happening inside". After a few days, this sensation is smoothed, the organ is restored and begins to function as in younger days.
When is the best time to take Synthesit?
It is better to take Synthesit on an empty stomach. Why is this? Apparently, when taken with food or with coffee, and especially with dairy products, part of Synthesit can bind to these components. But if it's taken in the morning half an hour before meals, then each Synthesit ingredient is absorbed, and you will feel it. (If you have a meal 16 hours before Synthesit intake, then after taking it you may feel a certain sensation of vibration in the stomach). Some consumers take the capsule right before bedtime. However, you should not take Synthesit in the evening. Since it boosts your activity and provides energy, therefore going to sleep time may be delayed.
How many capsules should be taken per day?
Currently, packages with two types of capsules are produced. The first type is produced in Russia and contains 800 mcg of active iron in a capsule with 20 capsules in a jar, the second type contains 300 mcg of active iron in a capsule with 60 capsules in a jar, which is produced in Switzerland. Therefore, in this article we will review the number of capsules according to the Russian packaging, and indicate the Swiss one with the mark (Ch) in parentheses.

The number of capsules per supplement intake depends on individual characteristics of a person, general physical condition, lifestyle and diseases in the body.
The recommended dose corresponds to the body weight as following:
For people with weight up to 60 kg - 1 capsule per day (3 Ch) is sufficient.
For people of weight over 60 kg - 2 capsules (5 Ch).
In case of chronic diseases or faster onset of the effect, the recommended dose - 3 capsules (8 Ch) during 4-7 days. Then you can reduce the dose and switch to 1-2 capsules (3-6 Ch) per day.

During the intake of Synthesit alcohol consumption should be avoided. Our product helps to quickly eliminate alcohol from the liver and neutralize it. It turns out to be a meaningless waste of Synthesit and alcohol.
How does Synthesit effect feel?
Synthesit has a noticeable effect on every body, except the case, when the specific gastric microflora prevents the absorption of the iron. In this particular case, after a consumer started taking medicine that restores the microflora, Synthesit began to be absorbed and they felt its effect.

The majority of our consumers clearly understand what they want to get from Synthesit and these people are careful about their body health. They are aware of the evaluation criteria and therefore they see the changes and feel a powerful restorative effect of Synthesit. Based on a variety of responses and scientific research findings, we have identified more than 70 properties of Synthesit.

Sometimes our consumers describe their experience of not feeling a strong effect of Synthesit, for example:

.... everything is fine, so far I have not observed a noticeable effect, but the feeling of thirst has increased as well as the water consumption + the sleep mode has shifted a little !

Or: While significant changes in my body are not particularly noticed, but now I clench my fists with ease, before I could not completely squeeze them because of joint damage with arthritis, and I don't have any muscular cramp in my legs while sleeping that I used to have quite often before, and in my opinion there were changes in the genitourinary system function in a positive way.

Or this one, the latest feedback:

I'm finishing the first jar, and I haven't noticed anything but the increase in stamina and better mood, but this is also ambiguous.

Here we can observe the problem regarding the perception of changes in the absence of a supervising physician who would comment on these "minor" changes.

The first customer experiences the process of restoring lost water (dehydration), i.e. normalization of metabolism, blood is no longer thick but it's thinner, restored biorhythms, that caused earlier falling asleep and earlier wake-ups. Reduced risk of stroke. This is a huge move in the health state of the body. In order to get it, you need to at least go to a good resort, have proper nutrition and take comfort. We are sure that there were other changes which our consumer didn't notice. But the consumer can't understand this without expert comments. It seems to him that these are minor and unimportant changes. But in fact, this is a huge and positive improvement in the body.

The same factor in the effect perception is observed in the second consumer. He has arthritis, that admits to go on disability since it's hardly treated, and the arthritis began to recede. He also got rid of muscular cramps, and apparently, the microelements were brought into balance. There are great improvements in the basic parameters of the body, which resulted from taking a few capsules of Synthesit.

As a matter of fact both consumers had actually a rollback in their age. But without a physician's comments, the person believes that these all are "minor" changes. And the third comment is the most telling example of such an objective assessment of one's health state.
Intake duration
The indicated 20-day intake with 1 capsule (3 Ch) per day, and 10-day break is stated in our suggested use. Subject to a normal state of health. Again, weight, lifestyle, and specific goals and desires should be considered. If there are health problems and the use of Synthesit is carried out to treat them, then perhaps you should not take the break. Specialists allow the intake without interruption. Practice has also shown that taking Synthesit is akin to ingestion of food, as its constant use does not harm the health state, but only makes it more stable, and well-being more comfortable.
What are intake recommendations for athletes?
Special recommendations are intended for those who take Synthesit to increase their athletic achievements. According to the data and the research findings, Synthesit intake can increase endurance by 20-30%, and strength parameters by 10-30%. But the amount and frequency of the intake depend on the individual characteristics of a person and their physical exercise. For athletes who require competitive aggression and adrenaline, we recommend to reduce the dosage of Synthesit on the day of competition, as an increased dosage can reduce the level of fear and adrenaline release.
Can children take Synthesit?
Many consumers of Synthesit think it's possible to give it to their children. The results of childrens' use confirm the favorable changes that occur when taking Synthesit by an adult. Wounds and scratches heal faster, as well as dermatitis, eczema, and allergies. The recovery process after infectious and viral diseases goes quickly. The instruction for use of Synthesit states as following: "for adults over 18 years old". So whether you give Synthesit to children or not is your personal decision only. Of course, in case of a positive decision, the dosage should be calculated according to the weight of a child. It should be kept in mind that metabolism in children is faster than in adults, and therefore the dosage may be different.
Can pregnant and breastfeeding women take Synthesit?
We know many cases of taking Synthesit during pregnancy and lactation. We get only positive feedback. Labor is easier, and the mother's postnatal injuries heal several times faster. In our instructions, pregnancy and lactation are in the contraindications section. We can not take on the responsibility for taking Synthesit by pregnant and breastfeeding women during this period, however, many users of Synthesit, being aware that Synthesit is a bioactive iron-based product, which does not have any toxic effects, unlike most other iron supplements and medicines, so they decide in favor of this intake.
Synthesit intake together with medications
If you are prescribed some medications, we recommend that you consult a trusted physician who will be able to comprehend the bioactive effect of Synthesit. For example, many people note a gradual normalization of blood pressure, which means that the dosage of other medications should be gradually reduced. Synthesit has a very powerful restorative effect on all body systems, which means the reduced dosage of certain medications up to their withdrawal is possible.
Synthesit intake together with vitamins
Here we refer again to the experience of those consumers who have taken Synthesit. B vitamins enhance the effect of Synthesit, but as practice has shown, vitamins should be taken according to their deficiency in the body, and without any overloading the body with them. At the same time, as practice shows, Synthesit does not overload the body at all. And it is also one of the phenomena of Synthesit. With it, the state of the body is approaching to a comfortable one. The quality of life is improving.
How to leave feedback about beneficial effects?
Every day, we get a lot of feedback and we are always glad to receive your letters and reviews. This allows us to systematize all the data, as well as show other people a favorable experience of using the bioactive mineral. We are waiting for your responses to our mail:
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