How can Synthesit help your immune system fight off viruses?
Over the past two years we have received a phenomenal number of customer reviews proving the fact that Synthesit intake promotes a boost of the immune system and quicker recovery from various diseases. This is related to the well-known disease going around. However, until recently there were no independent scientific studies that could give an unambiguous answer – why people taking Synthesit have a mild form of the disease or do not get sick with it at all.
Scientific studies have previously shown that the use of Synthesit contributes to an increase in the number of bone marrow stem cells which give rise to new immune cells. The experiments showed that Synthesit use can help suppress the cytokine storm (the leading cause of death from covid). As proven by studies, Synthesit intake helps thin the blood and improve blood oxygen levels, protect cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals and reduce age-related enzyme levels (Alt, Ast, cholesterol).

All these data undoubtedly indirectly explained why Synthesit helps the body resist coronavirus infection more successfully. However, progressive scientists from China contributed to a more comprehensive understanding.
A new scientific study by scientists from Peking University, also called Beijing University, published on December 22, 2021 at explains how the body fights the virus using the incredible potential of immunity. The same study - and the scientific results we obtained earlier allows us to explain exactly how Synthesit helps fight coronavirus in more detail. A concise and informative article about this study was published by the RIA agency here
Therefore, scientists from China have proved that T-lymphocytes, or T-cells, play the most important role in resisting coronavirus infection. The white blood cells are the key players in the immune system which make it trigger the processes of recognition and destruction of cells carrying foreign antigens. According to the study, it is T-cells that destroy up to 96.5 percent of viral particles in patients who have suffered a mild form of coronavirus infection as a result.
If the number of T-lymphocytes was not sufficient enough, then there was a deterioration of T-cell immunity, which reduced the antiviral response and anti-inflammatory regulation. As a result, this made up the vast majority of cases with severe form of the disease.

Fig. (a) shows the percentage of patients having mild form of covid with the help of T-cells, close to 100 (colored in blue), whereas Fig. (b) shows this percentage close to zero.

Figure 3. An overall statistic of the fraction of virus killed by T cells (a) and antibodies (6) for all cases. Solid markers are individual data, and hollow markers are group data. Error bars represent standard errors.
Moreover, this study performed at Peking University showed that anti-inflammatory reactions, inhibition (suppression) of cytokines and the speed of tissue repair are directly related to the number of T-cells. It is important that a sufficient number of T-lymphocytes even before the disease was a key component ensuring the successful recovery of the patient. In patients whose T-cell production was significantly suppressed, the disease ended with a fatal outcome.
As a result of mathematical modeling, based on a huge array of data on the disease, it was unequivocally proved that a lack of T-cells leads to inflammation and the development of a cytokine storm — one of the major causes of death from COVID-19.

According to scientific research conducted in 2019 at the Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology Synthesit administered orally in mouse experiments promoted an increase in number (proliferation) of undifferentiated bone marrow stem cells by 2.45 times. These cells are the prothymocytes, the precursor cells of T–lymphocytes. Thus, an increase in the number of lymphocytes under the action of Synthesit allows the body to obtain a powerful reserve of new cells of acquired immunity and respond to the threat in time.

Furthermore, back in 2020, the effect of Synthesit use on macrophages, innate immune cells which actively produce cytokines, was studied . It was found that Synthesit use helps significantly reduce the amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which further prevents the cytokine storm and promotes the natural regulation of the immune system.

According to the studies performed by the scientists from Peking University, T-cell immunity and cytokine regulation are the exact two factors essential for the survival of the body when infected with coronavirus infection. Synthesit contributes to both conditions, which largely explains having the disease in a mild form and rapid recovery after covid in people taking Synthesit.
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