Hemorrhoids went away in 2 days
Among the diseases of the rectum, hemorrhoids takes the leading position. The feeling of false shame that often occurs in patients with hemorrhoids does not allow them to consult a doctor in time. But hemorrhoids are not just itching, soreness and bleeding during the act of defecation in the anus. In advanced cases this is a massive bleeding, thrombosis of hemorrhoids with subsequent necrosis, anal fissures, rectal fistulas. Such complications require long-term expensive, also surgical treatment, which for a long time knocks a person out of the usual rhythm of life.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the increased interest was caused by the report of the respondent Roman, who had an exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids and after 2 days taking Synthesit capsules it was gone. There are other unpublished data on the positive effect of Synthesit on the course of hemorrhoids, but consider the intimate area of pathology, few people dare to speak out.
Innovative product of cold nuclear fusion Synthesit
Synthesit includes biogenic mineral which is iron. Experimental studies conducted at the Research Institute of Medical Primatology in Sochi proved the participation of this modified iron in the intensification of hematopoiesis in the red bone marrow and in increasing reparative processes in the body by increasing the number of stem cells. In addition, scientific tests have established the fact that there is no toxic effect of Synthesit on the internal organs and tissues of experimental animals during prolonged peroral administration of the product.

It should be understood that Synthesit is not a medicine in the usual sense of the word, but a regulator of all biochemical processes occurring in the body. Bioactive Synthesit sends a stimulating impulse to the cellular structures of the body, and the restoration of lost functions of organs and systems occurs at the expense of internal reserves. Due to the systemic effect itself the revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on the body as a whole is explained.
The influence of Synthesit on hemorrhoids
After the launch of Synthesit on the market, there was a period of accumulation of information from consumers, which help to reveal new properties and capabilities of the product. Especially valuable is that this is not just abstract experimental data, but real stories of people who have experienced the miraculous power of Synthesit.

Roman had an exacerbation of hemorrhoids after physical overexertion (summer cottage works). At that time, Roman was taking Synthesit for the purpose of health recovery. Right in the second week of taking, he noticed positive changes in his health: sleep was normalized, he felt a fit of energy, and fatigue decreased at the end of the working day. Usually in cases of acute hemorrhoid symptoms, Roman took Detralex, but this time there was no medication with him. Roman has decided to increase the dose of Synthesit up to 2 capsules per day. After 2 days, he was surprised to find out that all the signs of hemorrhoids such as inflamed hemorrhoids, pain and other unpleasant symptoms disappeared.

The mechanism of Synthesit action on the expanded venous plexuses of the rectum is its ability to thin the blood preventing thrombosis. This reduces inflammation and increases regeneration of the damaged venous wall.

Hemorrhoids are reduced in size, drawn inside the ampoule of the rectum, no longer interfering with the act of defecation.

In addition, the respondent pointed out the high efficiency of Synthesit in the healing burn wound. The 1-2 degree burn with epidermis detachment and blisters healed on the 5th day without scars.

Taking Synthesit helps to build the right biorhythms, increases the body's tone, increases a person's endurance to physical exertion, improves mood. People feel younger, healthier, and more energetic.

The action potential of Synthesit has not fully evolved. Further study of its properties will occur as information accumulates about its positive administration in various sections of medicine and in medical cosmetology.
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