Hearing and eyesight - the easy way to treat without medicine.
Blood vessels are treated with biogenic iron Synthesit™
Earlier, hearing and eyesight get worse with age due to natural involution processes, but today there is a real trend of deterioration young's people sense organs functions.

The main reason for this phenomenon experts call increasing huge strain on hearing and eyesight and as a result of uncontrolled large-scale of using devices by young people (including children): smartphones, headphones, tablets, computers.

Long motionless sitting in front of monitors, loud music in ear-flaps provokes the pathological processes in the body: osteochondrosis, symptoms of atherosclerosis, which causes damage to blood vessels.

Reasonably that the human blood system is compared to the transport system.
Because there is the circulation carrying food, oxygen and other useful elements (hormones, ferments) to all organs and tissues of the body that support their vital functions.
The condition of the vessels mostly depends on how well they function.
The slightest failure in the blood system processes would be the reason of the cells underdrawal of nutrients and oxygen and insufficient elimination of toxins from the body.

Often, problems with hearing and poor eyesight coming as a result of poor blood circulation to these organs.

There are an increased tendency to thrombosis, narrowing of the vascular lumen due to atherosclerotic plaques, a decrease in the speed of bloodstream, changes in the morphological structure of platelets and red blood cells – all this causes hypoxia (lack of oxygen supply) and hypotrophy of the cellular structures of the hearing and vision organs.

It is necessary to treat blood vessels for a long time, often for term of life, so it is not surprising that the body accumulates negative effects by using medicine.

As an example, we present number of negative effects when taking Statins-drugs that reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Long-term use of these medications causes:

- level decrease of the enzyme coenzyme Q10, a deficiency of it is a reason of heart problems, pain in muscles, generalized weakness and rapid fatigability;
- sexual dysfunction due to reduced synthesis of reproductive hormones;
- increased risk of diabetes and cancer;

And this is only one of the medicines that is included in the treatment of blood vessels.
Antiplatelet agents are also actively used – that are blood thinners.
Aspirin is used as the main medication.

But according to a large-scale study recently conducted in the United States, was detected that taking even minimal doses of Aspirin and other aspirin-containing drugs (Cardiomagnil) significantly increases the risk of gastritis, stomach ulcers, and serious complications in the form of massive internal bleeding.

Physiotherapy methods of treatment also do not bring expected results and using different kinds of additional procedures is another way to get money from patients.
But now there is no need to pay a lot of money anymore and be treated for a life.
Synthesit appeared on the market.
Summary about Synthesit:
Synthesit is a highly active biological product containing iron citrate obtained by a complex electrochemical reaction.

Testing of Synthesit in the Federal State Scientific Institution of Primatology showed the unique properties of the product which normalizes the activity of all hematopoietic sprouts and the number of healthy stem cells is restored and increased more than 2 times.
Similar elements can be found in healing hot springs.
Even low concentrations of these substances can help people and mammals in a wide spectrum of health issues.
After the product was released to the market, we have continued our research activities, and we have still studying the properties and possibilities of positive impact of Synthesit on the human body.

We get a lot of information from Synthesit customers after they tried the product.
All this information are systematized and analyzed and showed that after taking product they got rid of the diseases that had troubled them for many years.

Most of these reviews can be viewed on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/synthesit
In particular, many reports about the positive effect of Synthesit for hearing and eyesight.

Just a few examples:
A man with a diagnosis: mild hearing loss – he was woken by the sound of water drops falling in the bathroom after four days of taking Synthesit.
A woman has been suffering from mild-degree short-sightedness of both eyes (myopia) since childhood. She wore 1.5 diopter corrective glasses all the time. She started to feel discomfort from glasses on the 5th day taking Synthesit and she noticed that could see better without them.
How does it work? Using Synthesit with hearing and vision disorders
Retinas, the ocular nerve and the internal structures of the hearing organ are extremely sensitive to a lack of blood supply. Therefore, the first step of treatment of these pathologies should be the restoration of normal blood circulation.

- Synthesis provides recovery to restore the energy balance in the body, the maintenance of which is very important for the normalization of blood system;
- Synthesit does not allow the bonding of red blood cells and platelets to large conglomerates that prevent blood flow;
- Synthesit helps with resorption microthrombi and atheromatous plaques;
- Improves metabolic processes at the cellular level;
- It helps to expand the capillary system and increase the number of capillaries;
- New stem cells act as building blocks for repairing blood vessels and capillaries;

We continue to observe new possibilities of Synthesit and new data obtained that product really helps, gives hope for millions of people suffering from hearing and vision pathologies.
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