Hair growth and its strengthening.
Synthesit™ and strong hair
The structure of hair
Hair is an appendage of the skin, consisting of a shaft - the outer part protruding above the surface of the skin and the root (follicle), immersed in the dermis. The shaft or hair itself consists of dead keratin cells, which do not receive blood and there are no nerve endings. That is why when we have our hair cut there's no bleeding and a person does not experience any pain.

90% of hair is in constant growth, and 10% in reserve. If this balance is disturbed, so hair loss occurs. Hair growth is carried out by dividing cells in the hair follicle.

Hair loss is a natural process of hair renewal, a person loses about 100 hairs per day. Normally, the number of growing hair corresponds to the number of fallen out.

Every day, the human scalp undergoes various tests in the form of adverse environmental conditions (frost, sun), and in women, of additionally negative affection by cosmetic procedures (coloring, perming). As a result, there is a loss of elasticity and accelerated hair loss, split ends and the structure becomes porous.

The hair look can tell a lot about your health as a whole. Dull lifeless hair is not always the result of poor care, more often the reason for such a deplorable sight of the hair is hidden inside the body.

Increased hair loss related to weaken hair follicles is a sign of many pathologies:

* Genetic inheritance.

* Increased levels of male sex hormones.

* Endocrine diseases: hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus.

* Chronic stress, depression, and neurosis.

* Iron, zinc, protein, and amino acids deficiency.

* Impaired intestinal absorption of nutrients disorders.

Signs of iron deficiency in the body with anemia, along with other symptoms in the form of muscle weakness, tachycardia, are skin changes and its appendages: hair, nails

The usual treatment regimen includes the use of therapeutic hair strengthening masks, shampoos and other cosmetics.

A huge mass of cosmetics, unfortunately, are not able to dramatically affect the processes of hair restoration and they play a secondary role.

The main role of shampoos is hygienic hair care and cleaning it from sebum, dust and any oily deposits. Although the composition of shampoos includes vitamins, antioxidants, plant extracts, they do not have any therapeutic effects on the hair, since they do not reach the core. Therefore, all strengthening hair shampoos are another manufacturers' advertising move. It is proved that shampoos do not strengthen the hair, do not restore its structure, do not give nutrition to damaged hair.
Characteristics of Synthesit dietary supplement
Active Synthesit substance is iron citrate, obtained in the cold fusion process.

The unique properties found in this modified mineral are confirmed by both scientific research and numerous testimonies – reviews of users who took Synthesit for the body improving purpose.
What happens in the body when taking Synthesit?
The bioactive product Synthesit supply in the body triggers:

* Activation of red blood cell synthesis by embedding iron in the structure of hemoglobin.

* Saturation of iron depot in the liver and muscles.

* Enhancing production and restoring of a healthy number of stem cells in the red bone marrow.

* Strengthening the immune system.
How does Synthesit™ affect the growth and strengthening of hair
Even for people far from medicine it becomes clear that to get rid of hair problems: strengthen them, prevent excessive hair loss is impossible only with the help of local application of shampoos, gels, masks. For a comprehensive solution of restoring and strengthening hair, you need a product that can thus rebuild and normalize the metabolic processes in the body, so they occur in a normal functional rhythm.

And such product was found – this is Synthesit, which has a huge biogenic potential.

When taking it:

* Increases mitosis - cell division in hair follicles.

* Improves blood viscosity, which contributes to a good blood supply to the scalp

* Increases blood supply to the hair follicle growth zone.

The results of the actions of Synthesit are striking:

* Faster hair growth.

* Strengthens the structure – the hair becomes elastic, does not split at the ends.

* The natural loss of hair fits into the physiological norms.

With the help of Synthesit you may strengthen your hair at home without visiting expensive beauty salons.

Consumers call Synthesit as "elixir of youth" for its ability to increase vital energy, increase activity at any age, for excellent health and the effect of rejuvenation, which makes the skin toned, hair lush and shiny and nails strong.
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