Flight commission.
SYNTHESIT™ will help prepare the body!
It is not a secret that for a number of professions fairly stringent health requirements have been established.

And these are not just the whim of the selection system in certain areas: serious deviations from the norm could have unpleasant consequences and not only for the pilot ( we are talking exactly about this profession now), but also for the passengers of the aircraft.

The flight Commission issues a permit to conduct work activities for commercial and private pilots.

You will not be allowed to fly without expert conclusion.

Medical Flight Expert Commission can't be passed in any clinic, but only medical institutions have the appropriate permission.

Even for courageous and brave pilots, the medical-flight commission turns into a real test - people with perfect health are rarely found nowadays

Let's look in more details how the Medical Commission procedure goes.
The Main stages of Medical Commission
The medical Commission could take from 1 to 14 days.

It depends on requirements of the organization that sent you to the commission

The Main requirements:

• Conclusion of the therapist based on the medical records

• References from a narcologist and psychiatrist;

• Fluorography;

• General blood and urine analysis;

• Motion artifacts from an electrocardiogram (ECG)

• Conclusion of an ophthalmologist, surgeon, neurologist, otolaryngologist.

Additional examinations are for the pilots over 40 years old:

• Biochemical blood analysis

• Fibrogastroscopy

• Abdominal ultrasonography

• Pelvic ultrasound

• Thyroid ultrasound

In case everything is well, the Commission issues a flight permit.

If the health problems have been identified – access to the flight would be closed.

Many people try to hide their problems by artificially improving their bad performance with a single dose of powerful medicine, but it can't change the situation.

And the consequences could be disastrous.

There is simple and clear way to pass the Medical Flight Expert Commission and to continue do favorite work without making risk of your health and even regenerate it.

Do you think it is impossible?

We will tell the story about an ordinary person, for whom the sky is a part of life he can't live without.

Draw your own conclusions.
Is it possible to return the pilot's wings?
Meet Sergey Ivanovich. The man is 52 years old, twenty of which he gave to aviation – in particular, to sports aerobatics.

A healthy strong man, who has never known any health problems. He regularly passed the flight Commission every two years and annual scheduled examinations. However, age takes what it owns, even pilots can't avoid it.

The survey results over the past two years have shown changes in the following parameters:

- It becomes the problems with arterial pressure

- Tinnitus and dizziness were observed during the flights

- Overweight

Sergey Ivanovich is not of those people who are afraid of the difficulties.

In the process of searching for the health-restoring method he drew attention to a new and unique product - SYNTHESIT.

It seemed to be interesting for him and Sergey Ivanovich has started to read the ingredients, nature of product and expected result.

The new development seriously interested an experienced pilot, who are not going to finish his professional career in the near future. As soon as the product has been released on market, Sergey Ivanovich immediately ordered it on the the official website of manufacturer.
The unique PROPERTIES of the Synthesit
A few words about the product will give you an understanding about this man's choice

That was not just a simple desire to improve his health, but he wanted to rejuvenate and restore his body in order to confirm his professional aptitude at the Commission.

Why Synthesit?

This product contains bio-effective iron that is absolutely safe for human health. The active substance normalizes the production of new healthy stem cells which have a beneficial effect on the blood system and help metabolic processes in the body


• Helps to restore skin elasticity

• Blood thinning and circulates faster

• Normalization of biochemistry

• Increase in physical endurance, motivation and working capacity

In fact, there is no magic – the body is restored by multiplying its own resources, which are triggered by stem cells.

Sergey Ivanovich has taken one capsule of Synthesit every morning during couple of months.

The results are impressive, to tell you more about them.
SYNTHESIT™ in action
Please note: the results of previous and recent examinations are documented by official forms of medical institutions (for more information, see the video):
What amazing changes in health were identified as a result of the use of the "elixir of youth":

• Weight loss by 12 kg (5.5 kg of them during the period of taking SYNTHESIT) ;

• Increase in physical endurance and working capacity, practically: 40 PUSH-UPS against 15-20 times before taking the product

• Hair is thicker and softer;

• Sleeping returned to normal;

• Normalized all the system functions;

Sergey honestly admits that initially he had a task – to pass the upcoming flight medical examination. However, he was completely surprised for such a dramatic change in less than two months

And it was surprise not only for him but also for the medical staff of the medical institution where Sergey was passed commission

The cardiovascular system has returned to normal, the pulse and blood pressure have normalized. Doctors literally shake the shoulders – a real miracle, such progress for a man of age over 50.

The flight Commission does not scare those who care about their health and take SYNTHESIT – it has been proven in practice.

It gives the pilots not only the youth, stamina, performance and health, but also their wings!
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