The secret of eternal youth and "young" elements

Extending human life is a task that has been addressed to more than one generation of scientists. Biologists, gerontologists, immunologists, physiologists, and other narrow specialists are trying to understand why human organs are getting old. What hinders their eternal youth? What should be done to prevent their functions from fading? Answers to these questions appear periodically, but none of them solve the problem. Various religions represented by representatives of the Church and ordinary parishioners do not remain aloof from knowing the causes of aging.

About the life of the patriarchs

Those for whom the old Testament is the source of knowledge of the world, could not ignore the length of life of the patriarchs. The book says that the first human on earth, Adam, had 930 years of life, after which he died. His son, Seth, lived 912 years, and his grandson 905. However, such a long life path is not the maximum. Methuselah, a descendant of Seth, lived for 969 years and is considered the longest-lived record holder. This is where the origins of the expression lie: the Methuselah age.

Adam's great-great-grandson Jared was 962 years old, and Noah was 950.

On average, the period before the flood is characterized by a life expectancy of 912 years. This is a feature of the nine generations described in the old Testament. There was a tenth generation, but Enoch-his representative-was taken to heaven at the age of 365. His son is Methuselah.

Throughout their lives, the patriarchs conceived children, but the number of years they were allowed to live does not appear in the Book. There are no references to eve's life. It is only known that women have always occupied their assigned places with a certain man.

Descriptions of the activities of Noah's descendants indicate that their life expectancy gradually decreased. Eber lived 504 years, and Abraham's share was even less – 175 years.

For today's realities, even this figure is unattainable.

Interesting: published interviews with famous gerontologists of the country, in which they give their explanations of such unusual facts. Some respondents claim that at the time of writing the Bible, there was an incorrect interpretation of time space: the month was considered a year. Others insist on an incorrect translation of the term "lunar month", which was equated to a year.

About other traditions

The old Testament is not the only source from which you can get information about the life expectancy of the progenitors of mankind. Similar historical facts are given in the materials of the history of many peoples.

In 1900 BC, the first man of the Chinese nation, Peng zu, was born. His life was 834 years, during which he formulated the Taoist theory of longevity. In the history of his life there are many myths and fantasies, but one thing is certain: the fundamental factor affecting longevity, he considered breathing exercises. Today, there are beautiful legends about the reasons for the longevity of the Chinese ancestor. The poet qu yuan wrote the work "Questions to the sky", in which he told that once Peng zu treated the Heavenly Emperor with pheasant soup, for which he received gratitude - a long life.

1-ая страница 9-ой главы "Баопу-Цзы"
The theory of Taoism contains several gymnastic techniques based on the recommendations of Peng Tzu. To modern man, the term "Tao" is associated with the theory of the creation of the universe, the natural laws that underlie the integrity of life. Ancient Chinese mythology presents the essence of life with the Yin-Yang symbolism. It is a creative interaction and unity of opposites: the white and dark half. Two contrasting points on each half are evidence that each of them plays the role of the germ of the opposite beginning. The dark and light parts are not dead, they are in constant motion. Its direction is towards each other. At the moment when the peak of the movement is reached, there is a meeting with the opposite, and one of the beginnings temporarily recedes.

By translating this theory into everyday language, Chinese wisdom teaches that the soul and body are mutually complementary halves. Similarly, improving them, a person prolongs his life.

The secret of eternal youth and "young" elements

Yin-Yang harmony is not the only ancient Chinese theory of life extension. However, they talk about it more and more openly. In Taoism, the concept of immortality is often associated with the use of pills, recipes that go back centuries. They are indicated by legends about the search for longevity of the emperors, for example, the famous person Qin shihuang. The Han Emperor Wu-di also wanted to achieve longevity. In an attempt to achieve his goal, he fulfilled the Feng Shang-a request for immortality, promising to leave his children and wives.

There were other theories of immortality. The Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu represented it as a constant cycle of qi energy. It, after the death of one owner, passes into another. According to his theory, Immortals live in another dimension – on the island of Peng-Lai. They feed on the heavenly dew and fortify themselves with an elixir prepared in a special way.

Indications of the ancient Sciences on the possibility of human longevity and even immortality have always had a direct impact on the development of Chinese medicine and pharmacology. That is why today there are so many ancient Chinese recipes aimed at the acquisition of longevity by the body.

During the Tang and song periods, internal alchemy was actively developed. It was based on the theory of immortality, due to the processes occurring in the body, spurred by meditation and physical activities. You can direct them yourself, coordinating with natural rhythms and regulating the flow of qi energy in the body. As a result, numerous chemical melts occur in the internal environment with the formation of an immortal embryo (just below the navel). As it develops, it leaves the body through the top of the head.
It is important that such cultivation becomes effective, you can not waste your energy aimlessly. You should always eat right and manage your emotions. It is also not recommended to waste Jing-seed and saliva.

About miracle pills

Maturation of the immortal embryo, according to the theory, should be accompanied by the consumption of immortality pills-Jindan (translated as "Golden pill", "Golden ball"). There are conflicting facts about them. So, the brother of the alchemist GE Hong, finding the left pill, drank it and received immortality. However, the eighth-century Emperor Xuanzang, after swallowing a similar pill, quickly died, as did the dog of the alchemist who prepared it.

The Taoists were supposed to prepare the pill in two ways: by internal alchemical processes (inside the body) or in crucibles (mortars, other pharmaceutical utensils).

The external method is based on the use of heavy metals. According to the Chinese, there are 10 thousand elements of the Universe in the human body. Of these, 4 thousand are "immortal" and 6 thousand are "mortal". The essence of the chemical processes necessary for longevity when taking pills is reduced to the need to replace the " mortal "elements with" immortal " ones. Many famous people have tried this. For example, the Taoist Patriarch Wang Li-ping, after taking a pill, became bald, his skin was covered with spots, and his body twice experienced clinical death.

There is no indication of the method of synthesis in the descriptions of making pills. However, we can only talk about cold fusion, since the ancients hardly had the skills to produce Hot nuclear fusion.

It should be given credit that, according to the old masters, taking a pill can prolong life up to 700-800 years. At the same time, a person acquires new skills and, consequently, new problems.

Those who take the pills may have hallucinations, new abilities that are still unknown. Some sources point to the body's ability to fly (this is how light it becomes). In imagination or in reality, jade maidens come for such immortalized individuals.
The source of information about the acquisition of immortality with the help of pills is the treatise of the famous ancient Chinese Taoist scholar GE Hong "Baopu-Tzu". It focuses on the existence of several cinnabars. However, to become immortal, you don't have to accept everything, just choose the one that you like best.

The treatise emphasizes that substances of natural origin are not suitable for immortality, it is necessary to use their naturally synthesized analogues. The drugs described have several manifestations of their action. So, according to the statement, the blind can begin to see, gray hair will restore the natural color of hair, and new teeth will grow in place of fallen teeth.

Facsimile of Ge Hong's Biography

GE Hong knew the subject he was writing about: his family had long been associated with the esotericism of Taoism and supported the practical views of the early Han era.

In this vein, the legend of his death is interesting. As he was dying, GE Hong invited his friend Guangzhou to say goodbye. However, he died without waiting for the meeting. At the funeral, the fact of the extraordinary lightness of the coffin with the deceased surfaced. When it was opened, GE hung's body was not found by those present. Then an explanation was given about the acquisition of immortality by the scientist and his release from his own corpse.

Ancient Chinese history is full of such legends. Some are inclined to believe them, some are not. But they exist and excite the minds of those who strive for longevity. In fairness, it should be noted that over time, some of the ancient Chinese knowledge can be transformed and completely lost. They may be misrepresented by unscrupulous reporters. One thing remains certain: in ancient times, people were very practical, did not consider it necessary to deal with meaningless problems. Therefore, humanity today tends to trust their discoveries.

About the Baopu-Tzu treatise

Since ancient times, the possession of information has been the greatest asset of smart people. At the most secret level of the Tao, the compositions of the elixirs of immortality, the peculiarities of transmutations and the synthesis of the desired artificial elements were discussed. Those who possessed such knowledge were called "teachers". They sought to pass on their knowledge only by inheritance, surrounding their intellectual property with complete secrecy.

The source from which modern scientists and ordinary people can draw information about the Tao is the encyclopedic treatise Baopu-Tzu (kit. 抱朴子). The name is consonant with the author's literary pseudonym - GE Hoon-and in translation means "the Sage who embraces simplicity". The treatise is written in a free form and is available for understanding, which increases its value in the circle of educated people.
The theme of immortality in Baopu-Tzu is given a lot of space (chapters 2, 3, 5). In a dispute with opinions about its impossibility, GE hung relies on concrete examples and provides supporting arguments. The author also has an answer to the most important question of his opponents: why has no one ever seen an immortal person? Because they live on different principles, as if in parallel worlds. Their interests do not include everyday problems and the desire for wealth. And, if by chance such a long-lived person gets into the modern world, no one will pay attention to him, because his appearance is inconspicuous. That's why the emperors can't meet such a person: the principles and interests of life are too different, there are no points of contact for communication.

At the same time, not all Immortals live the same way. Those who are lucky live in the sky, holding good positions in the celestial office. When all the places are occupied, the new owners of immortality have to stay on earth. There are also those who want to stay among people on their own. To do this, they must take a half dose of the drug.

Important: to become immortal, a person needs to have a decent "list of good things". The book of Destinies, which records all his actions, must contain at least 300 points of good deeds. Otherwise, you should not even try to take a magic potion.

About creating useful artificial elements for an elixir

Recipes for elixirs are concentrated in the fourth Chapter of Baopu-Tzu. In the 11-th set out the pharmacology of the compositions, and in the 16-th-recommendations for the production of gold.

The author of the treatise explains why plant and organic components are not suitable for making the elixir of immortality: they are subject to rot, and therefore short-lived. Only minerals are ideal. The "Golden elixir" is nothing more than a combination of gold and cinnabar. It is the guarantee of achieving results. Cinnabar as a result of chemical transformations synthesizes mercury (called liquid silver) and, in reverse order, returns the mineral back.

These recipes include various minerals, so the onset of immortality occurs in different time intervals (from a few days to several months). Attention is also paid to the interaction of the body with poisons, which are converted into compounds with arsenic, mercury, sulfur, and lead included in them. According to the author, often such chemical poisons have a beneficial effect on a person, for example, they clear the mind, give a feeling of lightness, and counteract diseases.

Mandatory condition: substances must necessarily be purified, processed by fire, which for a certain time is maintained in one state.

GE Hong in his recipes does not exclude the use of a wide range of additional components, such as realgar, mica, silver, natural jade. Various fossils, stalactites, and resins can be useful. A certain criterion for the possibility of using such additives is their ability to not decompose for a long time (for thousands of years). Only then can such a component be recommended for inclusion in the recipe of the elixir of immortality.

Anyone who takes up the study of recipes for longevity from the treatise "Baopu-Tzu", there is a risk of encountering an inaccurate translation. However, if there is a link to Hot transmutation somewhere, then this is an error. In the Tao, we are only talking about Cold transmutation of chemical elements.

Another important point that draws the attention of readers of "Baopu-Tzu" is that, in addition to chemical elements, the properties of the "Golden solution" are affected by the Great Primordial " (tai Yi). Literally, it is one of the stars in the constellation Sivaoan. The metaphorical translation means the same immortal germ maturing in the body.

Talismans from the book "Baopu Tzu"
Taking into account all the features of the elixir of immortality, it becomes predictable that the process of its creation is secret. At the same time, you need to make sacrifices to the spirits in order to enlist their support and help. The only suitable place to work on the composition is high mountains, where there are no prying eyes, but there are spirits who can help.
Chickens, dogs, children and women should not be witnesses to the process. Violation of the cooking rules will lead to a negative result. Thus, the 17th Chapter of "Baopu-Tzu" gives an idea of the life of a Taoist hermit who went to the mountains to practice various practices. However, he was prevented from doing this by werewolves and spirits, which also need to be able to recognize. It also reveals the features of the action of amulets and talismans. In addition, the treatise points to the need to possess survival skills in the wild nature of the mountains.

Is It realistic to use Taoist recipes today

Today, no one disputes the great success of the ancient Taoists in extending life. At the same time, how realistic is it to apply their secrets today? The discovery of the causes of diseases and, consequently, shortening of life, the definition of risk factors for aging is not a complete list of what can be put on the second side of the scale. However, their achievements have not sunk into the abyss of centuries, they are still alive today. Another thing is that it is necessary to form a correct judgment about the proposed options, so as not to go into the world of illusions.

After all, none of the Chinese emperors could boast of a long life, even while practicing qigong. This is only possible for Taoist hermits, whom the same emperors tried to please in order to prolong their lives. Despite the fact that the personal doctors of the emperors were Taoist scholars, those who grew up in the Palace and set themselves tasks not only to achieve longevity, could not overcome the barrier of life expectancy.

Nevertheless, the possibility of using Taoist recipes is widely discussed today. Moreover, Cold nuclear fusion, which is involved in the transmutation of chemicals, is developing today. Confirmation of this is the production of Synthetech. The company implements technological developments in cold nuclear transmutation of chemical elements. The main activity is the synthesis of bio-effective minerals that can affect stem cells. In 2018, the company achieved some success. They got the first tangible results in working with volumes of matter. In 2019, construction of the world's first industrial system for the artificial synthesis of bio-efficient minerals using the "cold" nuclear method was started.

Will such artificially created minerals get the properties of those substances that ancient Chinese ingredients should have in pill recipes? Today, this issue needs to be studied. Although today's data reception by the people of Sintashta Iron, the first such product already gave phenomenal results. In some things, the human mind refuses to believe, and emotions Express their disagreement. After all, humanity did not immediately realize that the Wright brothers ' plane is a prototype of modern Airliners, and the discovery of radio signals will lead to the appearance of such a "normal" thing as a cell phone.

Perhaps eternal youth will cease to be an unattainable dream, and the extension of one's own life will be done by one, taking" live", young microelements of Synthesit.

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