Synthesit has helped to restore the lost part of the finger
The amazing properties of SYNTHESIT are constantly confirmed by new evidence. The mineral, which increases the number of stem cells for maximum health, helped Vladimir's body to restore the lost part of the finger. There was a regeneration of the amputated pad for the shortest time. All tissues recovered. The hand regained working capacity and sensitivity.
Please note that Vladimir is 66 years old. At this age, the processes of tissue repair and regeneration are very difficult. This is a real miracle that yesterday seemed impossible.
We offer to view photos and a chronology of these phenomenal events.


We ask especially-sensitive and pregnant women to refrain from further viewing and reading the article.

photo from 11.02.2020
The 19th day since the injury. The injury has happened on 24.01.2020. The soft part of the middle finger pad was completely cut off. For 19 days, the finger was constantly bleeding and badly hurt. With every hour, the risk of finger amputation increased due to possible gangrene. Five days before this photo (05.02.2020) Vladimir began taking Synthesit. On 04.02.2020 (4 days after the start of Synthesit receiving) the pains sharply decreased and the bleeding was greatly reduced.
photo from 16.02.2020
photo from 19.02.2020
photo from 24.02.2020
photo from 26.02.2020
photo from 09.03.2020
Vladimir's comment to the last photo

"I felt good, I worked hard in the country and dropsy formed on fresh skin, too sharply decided to recover. Sending a photo".
The first interview with Vladimir
(recorded in the middle of the regeneration process)
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Synthestech project expresses its joy in the recovery of Vladimir from Krasnodar, and expresses gratitude for the assistance to the Project in the form of a responsible attitude to documenting recording about taking SYNTHESIT.

Synthesit is a biogenic mineral. Synthesit is a "living", fresh element that we obtained in the process of cold nuclear fusion. Therefore, its effect on the body is so phenomenal. Synthesit helps the body in the shortest possible time to normalize the hematopoietic system and increase stem cell production. As a result, the body tunes in to a rapid increase in defenses, increases regeneration, strengthens the immune system, and achieves the many favorable changes that people taking Synthesit talk about.
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