Synthesit™ has helped to get rid of sand in the kidneys and uric acid diathesis - the causes of gout.
According to the results of taking the biogenic mineral Synthesit, a significant decrease in the level of uric acid in the blood serum of Valery was officially recorded. The joints stopped hurting, and the kidneys cleared of sand.
For 28 days, Valery got rid of the diagnosis of uric acid diathesis, which was confirmed by the tests of the attending physician. Read about this phenomenal discovery and other beneficial changes.
What are gout and uric acid diathesis?
Increased uric acid in the blood inevitably causes gout. This is a chronic disease caused and characterized by the deposition of crystals of uric acid salts (urates) in various body tissues: kidneys, joints, ligaments, and skin.

Clinically, it is manifested by impaired renal function, the appearance of sand and kidney stones, recurring arthritis and the formation of gouty nodules under the skin.

Most often, men suffer. Gout and pain attacks are usually triggered by malnutrition, the presence of a large number of purine bases (fatty meats, offal, strong broths) in the diet or alcohol abuse.

A prolonged increase in uric acid in the blood serum is a big burden on the kidneys, whose function is impaired, the excretion of urates from the body is reduced. This leads to an even greater concentration of uric acid in the blood and its fixation in the joints, walls of blood vessels of the kidneys, heart and other organs. In the end, the most serious complications develop: arthritis, uric acid diathesis, urolithiasis and other pathologies.
The effect of Synthesit on gout, sand in the kidneys and uric acid diathesis
The mechanism of Synthesit action on the level of uric acid can be explained by several reasons.

Since uric acid crystallization is more active at lower temperatures, deposits of urate form in areas with insufficient blood supply (ligaments, joints). Synthesit due to the stimulation of hematopoiesis (hematopoiesis) processes improves blood supply to the entire body, kidneys, ligaments and joints, which, in turn, prevents the accumulation of urate crystals in the joints and helps the body to efficiently remove uric acid.

In addition, the metabolic processes in the liver are normalized by the cleavage of purines in uric acid.

The functioning of the kidneys improves - the filtration in the renal glomeruli is enhanced to quickly remove excess lactic acid from the body.

Based on the analyzes that you can see below, we can conclude that the tested Valery had asymptomatic hyperuricemia. This condition can be described as a pre-gout period, when a steady increase in uric acid levels is already observed, but without characteristic clinical emergence.

Taking Synthesit by reducing the concentration of uric acid in the blood serum prevented the transition of the latent preclinical phase of the disease into the obvious phase with typical symptoms in the form of arthritis attacks.
Information about the positive effects of Synthesit
The interest in Synthesit as an alternative agent that normalizes the level of uric acid in blood plasma, as a remedy for sand removal from the kidneys and ridding of the gout, is explained by the wide distribution and unsatisfactory treatment results.

The disease is difficult to treat, patients quickly lose their ability to work and become disabled. There is no specific treatment. The duration of anti-inflammatory therapy in the acute period lasts up to 6 months and longer, and the patient takes anti-gout drugs throughout his life. In addition, medications that are part of the basic therapy for gout: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid hormones have serious side effects and often cause complications such as stomach ulcers, bleeding, allergic reactions.

Based on the video report with the tested person and the analysis of the survey results, the following conclusions are made.

Schedule of Synthesit receiving: a total of 28 capsules were taken; on the first day - 1 capsule, on the second day - 2 capsules, morning and evening; on other days - 1 capsule at night. At the same time with Synthesit, the testing person took Ursolysin by 2 capsules per day irregularly on the recommendation of a doctor. In addition, he received 16 injections of vitamin B12 intramuscularly and took 600 mg effervescent vitamin C 16 times.

Features of the regime and nutrition. The subject did not adhere to a special diet: he only refused flour and did not eat dinner for 2 weeks. During the observation period, twice allowed excesses in food (holiday meals), alcohol 1 time. Along with taking Synthesit, he visited the gym.
Subjective data. After taking Synthesit, the subject noted the following changes for the better in his health:
· Passed pains in the heart that have been bothering him for the last 2 years.
· Free nasal breathing recovered, snoring stopped.
· Hands stopped flowing after a night's sleep.
· The facial wrinkles around the eyes smoothed out, the complexion changed for the better, the white stripes on the nails disappeared.
· The back was very sick, difficulties were noted when changing the position of the body. After taking Synthesit, the pain is gone, but there are still residual effects as a lower back discomfort.
· After the start of intensive training, muscle pains disappeared after 3-4 days, although usually after a long break in training, muscle soreness lasted up to two weeks.
· The time of night sleep was reduced to 5-6 hours, but this was enough to feel good.

Tested person taking Synthesit noted a significant increase in strength and energy.

Objective data
· Weight decreased by 7 kg without following a strict diet.
· Decreased upper and lower blood pressure.
· The level of uric acid decreased to normal values (it was 390, it became 257.5 with the norm to 339.5)
· Immunoglobulins - antibodies to parasitic diseases such as opisthorchiasis, toxocariasis, decreased several times, which indicates Valery's cure from these diseases.
· The titer of the gastric bacterium Helicobacter pylori decreased.
· There are no signs of fatty hepatosis, which was previously observed on ultrasound.
Synthesit and Stem Cells
Numerous studies have proved that the human body is capable of self-healing, and stem cells play the main role in these processes. The main function of stem cells is the ability to transform into a specific type of cell, repairing damaged organs.

The experimental data obtained in experiments on animals clearly showed the growth under the influence of Synthesit of stem cells in the red bone marrow more than 2 times in comparison with the control group.

Biogenic iron, that is comprised Synthesit, set off the biochemical processes of regeneration in the body, activates reserve capabilities by increasing stem cells.

The main advantage of Synthesit is the fact that it eliminates not one specific disease, but serves as a universal way to optimize and restore the body's internal reserves. As a result, amazing changes occur at the cellular level in the body that cannot be achieved by any other means.

The proof of the positive effect of Synthesit is the state of health of Valery, who, after taking the remedy for a month, got rid of many diseases.

Taking Synthesit can help people with asymptomatic hyperuricemia. The insidiousness of the disease lies in the fact that if you do not take any measures to reduce the concentration of uric acid in the body, then the pathology will go into a clear clinical stage. Conventional methods (diets, medications) often stop the high uric acid levels.

Due to its unique regenerative properties, the biogenic mineral Synthesit can be used for gout and uric acid diathesis as a bioeffective supplement that can play the main role in helping the body.
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